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I really like this theme and something I am looking for. One question. It seems really laggy at times. Is anyone else seeing this? I think with the AJAX with the page, it is slowing things down.

It’s most likely because I’m on shared hosting at the moment. Whenever I release a new theme I seem to get bogged down with traffic and loading times do suffer. It tested great, even on my 1Mbs internet connection only took a couple seconds to load.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hi, this theme is truly excellent work! Very attractive. Two questions—

1) I agree with cdh2585 that it seems very laggy and unresponsive at times. Is that your server or the theme?

2) Is there a way to create a dedicated Portfolio page with the portfolio tiles? Not just on the homepage.


1) It’s most likely due to the fact that I’m on shared hosting. It did test great, even with some throttling tests.

2) Not at the moment, however this is coming in an early update within the next week or so.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!



First of all, I love this theme!! Love the design and the way how the portfolio show the details.

But unfortunately it’s slow…the portfolio take too much time to appear.

And on my iphone i can’t see the pictures from the portftolio.

If you could solve these problems, i’ll buy it directly!

Hi Attiz,

Slowness is most likely due to the fact that I’m on shared hosting and I’m getting slammed with traffic at the moment. What iphone issue are you seeing exactly? Iphone tested great on my end. Any additional information you can give me would help!



this is what i ve got on my iphone:


and when i click on another categorie, it’s still the same

Thanks for sending. Are you running ios4 or 5?


Ios3, that’s an antiquity (the first iphone). It’s stuck at this update…. So it’s maybe the reason why i can’t see the pictures, thanks.

Hmm.. I haven’t been able to test with ios3, the browser is just probably lacking in javascript functionality. I’ll see what I can do about conditional functionality for those users (Thumbnails would just appear as thumbs and not mini slideshows)

Thanks again, Andre

Nice theme dude!

Thanks ThemeProvince!



I have another question before buying.

How many projects can we have in the portfolio, and how many pictures can we have in a slideshow?

Hi Attiz,

You can have as many projects in the portfolio as you’d like. Each portfolio can contain up to 6 slides out of the box.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Any chance you might include a traditional home page layout…Say Static image with call to action at top, or possibly a slider.

This is really great work, but I want to use it for something other than a portfolio.

Sure, in fact you may be able to just create one using column shortcodes in the Homepage WYSIWYG , and commenting out the portfolio items. I’ll see what I can do about including something like that in the next update – thanks for the suggestion.


Good work. Very slow to load though. I read your response to comment#1 above. The lag is kind of big even for shared hosting. This is just a feedback to let you check out things at your end. Good luck with the sales.

Hmmm.. I’ll look into it. It had been testing fine before it went live. AJAX does have a lot of impact on servers (a request is made each time ajax is called). I’m currently in the process of migrating servers which should hopefully fix the issue.


I would like to purchase this but I am wondering if this is compatible with wordpress 3.3 which just came out.

Have you tested it on the latest version?

Yes Mashur, it’s fully compatible with wordpress 3.3. I actually tested it right before the theme was released (see the admin screenshots are in 3.3).

Let me know if you have any additional questions,


Congrats Andre ;)

Thanks Lipruva :)

Nice work!!

One question… is the only place to show the work on the home page or is the home page only featured work?

Can you load the categories into a Wordpress menu and show the work through the menu navigation?

Thanks, Leyden

Hi Leyden,

Good Question. You can easily load the categories into a wordpress menu to show it through menu navigation. Here’s an example of a page for illustration:


Let me know if you have any additional questions.


how do i get this to work with jquery 1.6?

yea i tried it before i had the admin bar as well

It looks like your “fap-wrapper” has a class=”clear” which the theme also uses. The theme’s “clear” class has overflow: hidden; visibility: hidden; for column clears so it’s hiding. You’ll have to open up jquery.fullwidthAudioPlayer.css and change the .clear to a more specific css.


#fap-wrapper .clear {
clear: both;
overflow: hidden;
visibility: visible;

I don’t know why the audio player would use such a generic class (because a lot of themes use that one) but that should fix it.


you literally just saved the world with that one lol. thanks it fixed it!

Love the theme. Any ideas why lightboxes wouldn’t be working for me? Don’t work in your demo and don’t work on my new install of the theme.

Check it. http://www.endloop.ca/portfolio/reactine-iphone/

Love any help you can provide.

Hi Morriske,

They seem to be working fine for me? What seems to be the problem on your end exactly?


Hello, first let me say that this theme is beautiful!! Currently my site is working with your theme Bookcase and I am very interested switch to this new theme. But first, let me take some questions:

1. This gallery on the homepage is limited to 10 thumbs, or can be added more than 10 projects on the homepage?

2. Up to how many images can be added on the slider?

3. I can disable the latest blog posts on the homepage?

My wish was that the theme had only the “header”, a gallery with thumbs and 50 “footer.”

This is possibly want?

I look forward to your reply. =)

Hi Aline,

1. The homepage gallery can hold as many thumbs as you like (unlimited).

2. Up to 6 slides can be added to each project out of the box.

3. Latest blog posts is just an option you can check in the theme’s options panel. If you don’t choose to check that option box, it won’t appear on your homepage.

A header, thumbs and footer is very doable!

Let me know if you have any additional questions,



I was wondering if… it could be possible to delete “read more” in the portfolio details? and maybe add instead a like boutton (facebook)

Hi Attiz,

Absolutely. The “read more” button is just a “more” tag inserted into your post. If you chose not to insert a “more” tag, the button won’t show up. You can put a facebook “like” button at the end of your content as instead.


Just bought this! Perfect for my portfolio and great job on the documentation!

Question: I could REALLY use more than 6 slides per item? You mention it is set to 6 maximum “out of the box”....is there an easy way to change that so I could have say 10-15?

Question: Right now,...when you click on a gallery item it opens up the slider window on top…...is it possible for it to instead open up a page with ALL the slides vertical?.....

Thanks again for any insight,...and for creating a great theme!

Hi Doc,

Adding more slides is possible. If you have a basic understanding of php, it’s just adding more of the same. In functions.php, you’ll need to add more post thumbnail instances:

    new MultiPostThumbnails( 
            'label' => ''Seventh Slide', 
            'id' => 'seventh-slide', 
            'post_type' => 'portfolio' 

Then you’ll need to add more slides in template-home.php, ajax-open.php and taxonomy-sort.php.

What exactly do you mean by all slides vertical? I’m having trouble picturing what you’re talking about. Could you explain that better? Thanks Jim!



To elaborate: Right now…if you click a gallery thumbnail the larger image appears at the top and you can click left<>right to see the additional slides.

Instead can you click a gallery thumbnail and see a page with ALL the slides stacked vertically on the page. So you can essentially see all the slides at once (might have to use scrollbar on browser). SO instead of having to click left<> right and see each associated slide 1 at a time…...you can see ALL of them on a page;

I hope that makes sense,.....not a big deal ofcourse! But an interesting option…..as I am not much of a WP expert just curious if that was doable and I just didn’t know how.

Thanks again!

Oh sure, that’s super easy. Open up ajax-open.php and change the wmu slider class. Change this:

to this:


Has anyone had the issue of not having the portfolio grid appear on the site. I can’t seem to troubleshoot this issue.


Hi Jeff,

I just shot you an email, but I’ll respond here as well. It looks like you’re adding images to your items incorrectly. Instead, add a “featured image” to your item (located in the bottom right). You can also add your slide images that way too (Set Second Slide, etc.. In other words, you shouldn’t have to put images in the content section of your site. Does that make sense?

Let me know if you’re still having issues, Andre

hmmmmm Thanks! BUT …..that works great,...except that it sorta doesnt work :-\

It DOES open properly, showing all the slides (one over the other in a vertical row…looks great) THEN it closes right back up to the gallery.

It opens! then “poof” closes. I also notice that the “featured” type does this as well?

? Thoughts?


Working fine now? Maybe something was cached or otherwise needed to be ‘refreshed’


Ha, cool. That’s usually the case. Just let me know if you run into any other issues!