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Hi! I was wondering if is there any way I can insert pictures, images or text before the portfolio items. e.g. http://focalrhythmsound.com/ As you see I can only add content only at the bottom of the portfolio, but I would like it to be at the top. Is it possible at all? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Squarty,

You’d need to make some modifications to the theme to change where the content outputs. Unfortunately, customizations go beyond the scope of support for the theme, so you’d need to seek the help of a developer for something like this.

You’ll likely want to make a child theme, then copy template-home.php into your child theme folder and move the content above the grid there.

Also, did you know we have a dedicated support system? It’s the fastest way to get support.


Hi Andre, I am a dev doing some work on an existing WP using Aware v1.3.1. I am attempting to contact the original developer who purchased the theme, but I do not want to rely on that avenue as time is a factor. I’m doubtful—but is there a license key hidden somewhere in the theme files I can provide you to gain access to an updated version, or any way you can provide authorization to update?

Thanks, Michael Lee Wise www.mleewise.com

Hi Michael,

The only way to update is to either login to the original account and download the theme, or connect to the update api using the original account. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to distribute the theme outside of Themeforest, so I cannot send you a copy, unfortunately.


Greetings! Great theme! What is the level of difficulty especially working the portfolio on the homepage? Also, how many posts can be visible on the homepage? Infinite scrolling or pages? or both? Thanks!

Wonderful! Got it! And I have one more question regarding how items appear on the homepage. The second half where the articles are… I didn’t see that in the document. I did see how to set up a blog and followed the instructions but it is not appearing on the homepage as your demo does. Please advise.

Hi Ebony,

You can find that under Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage:


You can set the category, intro, etc. :)


Great! Thank you, that issue has been resolved.

Buenos dias! Podemos comunicarnos en español? :) Estoy interesada en comprar Aware. Me surgen las siguientes consultas antes de comprar:

1) Cuando instalamos la plantilla ¿se instala con “contenido demo”?

2) En Home, cuando seleccionamos un proyecto, se abre por encima el proyecto, de manera parcial (y debemos presionar Read More). Es factible, que al seleccionar un proyecto se abra directamente su página, para verlo completo, de un solo click?

3) Existe la posibilidad de cambiar color de background? Los textos y footer en color negro se pueden cambiar a otro color?

4) En vez de los últimos tweets, se puede configurar el ultimo post de Facebook?

Esto es todo por ahora. Desde ya muchas gracias por su asesoramiento. Saludos


Hola Gisela,

Respecto a la consulta Nº3. Significa que no hay opción para cambiar de colores a través de algun panel de control? Pero se podría personalizar modificando el código? (alguien que entienda del asunto) Es asi?

Si. Lo que se necesita para personalizar el código para cambiar el color a algo que no sea negro o blanco.

Otra consulta, esta plantilla no es para mi, sino es para un cliente. Lo puedo comprar yo, y registrar a nombre del cliente?

Usted tendrá que comprar desde la cuenta que va a utilizar en el sistema de apoyo. Supongo que es usted?


Hello Andrew! I’ve already bought the template. ;) I need to load the demo content. Following the instructions, I imported the xml from the WP panel (tools / import). Then, I deleted the contents of the database from the phpMyAdmin c-panel hosting, and loaded the new sql, in the way the instructive recommended. But now, when I update the page it asks me to install the WP again. Can this modification of the sql affect that? How can I solve the problem? I hope you can help me. Thank you! Gisela

Hi Gisela,

You’ll need to confirm a few things to make sure you’re doing this properly.

Are you sure you’re importing on the correct database? You the database name should match what you have in wp-config.php. If you have nothing set in wp-config.php then when you run through the WordPress installation you’ll need to specify the database name you imported the sql file.

Additionally, make sure after you’ve imported the sql file you’ve changed the site url and wordpress url in the database (as noted in the documentation).

Also, did you know we have a dedicated Support System? It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions.


Hello! I purchased this theme in 2012 and have had such a great experience with it. However, with the latest update I have lost the slideshow that accompanies the portfolio images. I don’t want to purchase additional support for something that was working seamlessly before. Can you advise which plugin is used for the slideshow so I can maybe update that? Or can you advise how to turn off the slideshow and I can just keep one image for each portfolio project. Thanks!

Hi Btyler,

I’m not sure what the issue is – it sounds like a javascript error could be occuring on your site. Unfortunately, you’d have to renew support to receive help. In the meantime, you could try some of these troubleshooting steps to see if they fix the issue!



I will take a look! I fixed the homepage image slideshow – and “all projects” by updating my permalink… but when I have selected a category/skill the feature images/slideshow do not show. ... yours: http://themewich.com/previews/?product=aware mine: http://breannadesigns.com/sort/logo-design/

Hi Btyler,

It looks like there a javascript error from a script on your site that’s preventing the theme’s javascript from loading. It looks like some kind of link tracker script in your footer that looks like this:


If you added this yourself, you’ll want to remove it to fix the error. If you didn’t add this yourself, it’s likely a problematic plugin is causing the issue, so you’ll want to try deactivating all plugins momentarily to find the culprit.


Hi there, I purchased this theme a few years ago… I think in 2012? For some reason I am having trouble posting on the support forum, but I have three questions.

I was first wondering if there was any way I could change the style of the drop down menu on mobile/how I would do this?

Second, I was wondering if there is any way to make the home page portfolio thumbnails appear larger (on desktop).

And finally, is there any way to bold some of the words in my site tagline.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Here is my site link: tylerpina.com

Hi Tyler!

It may be that you’ve purchased through another account which could be why you can’t get on the forum. Also, it’s likely your support has expired for the theme. Support lasts from 6 months after you purchase the theme. You’ll need to renew your support license for the theme in order to receive help. To extend your support, follow this link while logged in to Themeforest.net with your user name that you originally used to purchase the theme:


Keep in mind customizations aren’t covered under the scope of the Support Policy, so changing the style of the mobile dropdown and making the thumbnails larger would involve some customizations to the theme.



Hi, I was wondering why all of the sudden my vimeo links are no longer showing a fullscreen option on my website with this theme. Is there a workaround here? Thanks so much!

Hi Tyler,

Can you contact me via the contact form on my profile page with a link to your site so I can see the issue?



Hello! I have a question about translations. I use Poedit to generate new .po and .mo files, then upload them to the server, and it has translated almost everything I need. With the exception of some words, especially in the buttons of the footer and others. How can I change those words into my language? I hope you can help me. Thank you!

Hi Gisela,

The buttons are actually read more tags, which you can customize to say whatever you like:


Which other buttons are you having issues with?

Did you know we have a dedicated support system?


It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions.


Greetings, it appears as though the theme has a malfunction in it…can you advise how to correct this? brotherjesse.com

Nevermind, I deleted the existing template, re-downloaded the template and uploaded it back to ‘themes’. That fixed the issue!

Okay great! Let me know if you find any other issues.


No he podido instalar el tema. Da un error “El tema no tiene la hoja de estilos style.css”

Hi Jeronimo,

Hi Jeve, ​ ​It sounds like you’re installing the wrong zip file: ​ https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error ​ ​When you download the theme from Themeforest, be sure you’re selecting “Installable WordPress File Only”. This is the file you’ll need to install the theme. The package you’re trying to install is the entire themeforest download (which includes documentation, etc) and it’s an installable WordPress file. ​ ​Let me know if you’re still having issues.


greetings, when will the update for this theme be released? There seems to be an issue with how it appears now…I switched to a different theme and it looks fine, however when I activated the AWARE them it doesn’t look as it should indicating that it’s a theme issue. The website is brotherjesse.com

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Hi EbonySafiyyah,

Could you explain the issue a little more? I just took a look at your site and everything seems to look great. Or perhaps I’m not seeing the issue?


Hello, Is it possible to select/ filter the portfolio categories that appear on the menu (under projects in your demo) ? or all portfolio categories have to appear? Thank you

Hi Pactolon,

The top menu of the site can be completely customized using WordPress’ built-in menu system, which means you can add, drag and drop the menu items and dropdowns however you like.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Dkenn Purchased

Hello (-:

Please assist. In panic mode! I had changed my portfolio grid items from 15 to 10 and in doing so I can no longer see my portfolio grid on the home page at darrylbkennedy.com

Is there something I did wrong or correct so it can be visible asap?

Thanks for your time and help on this urgent matter.

Got it. Thanks!


Dkenn Purchased

Thanks for the EXCELLENT Support and fix on my portfolio site. Its working again now.

Glad I could help! :)


Ashiado Purchased

Hello – Two quick questions: 1) could you tell me what the version number of the most recent release of the Aware theme is? ...and 2) will the most recent version of the Aware theme be compatible with Wordpress v. 5.x ?? Thanks!!!

Hi Ahshiado!

Sure! It’s 1.5.4:


Currently we are monitoring the 5.0 release, but because it’s currently in beta, I wouldn’t recommended updating to 5.0 with Aware. Typically there are changes before the beta release and final release that may alter some compatibility.


Ashiado Purchased

Hi and thanks for the quick response! When the final WP 5.0 release gets released could you tell me, will Aware get updated for compatibility with it? (FYI I’m not planning on installing any beta versions ;)

Hi Ashiado!

That’s the plan! We’re monitoring the Beta at this time. There is not yet a release date for even the beta versions of this release:

https://make.wordpress.org/core/5-0/ So we’ll have to wait for these beta releases before beginning testing.



Ashiado Purchased

Hello again – just checking again on the status of WP 5.0 compatibility. Will you be issuing an update soon for the Aware theme? Thanks very much!

Hi Ashiado!

Still working on this – 5.0 isn’t yet released and has been delayed until next week!


I hope you are running the current version of WordPress, because I’ve been looking for such a theme for months, which is simple but spectacular.

My question: I would migrate posts from Google blogspot. There are over 1000 entries in the blog. Some of the entries are not visible on the ‘show more’ section. What are the limitations on this topic?

Hi Nessie!

Typically, index pages aren’t indexed by google – each post has an individual page. It’s these pages that google uses to index all your posts. Let me know if this makes sense!