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Love the template and I have my colors customized, but I would like to have the main page have 2 columns in the main section and the slideshow about 1/2 the width. What is the easiest way to do so?

Hi, just purchased and I’m new to Word Press. I’ve uploaded the files the pre-installed Word Press login area under themes, but it’s not recognizing the styles sheet at all. Is there a step by step on how to install this theme? Please advise. Thanks!

The is a really nice template. We’ve been using it for a few months now, and it looks really great. Thanks so much.

We do have an issue with the contact form though…. Seems we get a ‘blank’ email from the website every couple of weeks. Can’t figure this out, as usually a form won’t be allowed to sent if it isn’t actuallly FILLED IN . But we still get an ‘empty’ or ‘blank’ email.

Any clues on what may be happening? Appreciate it!

Thanks so much!!!


I have the same problem as Carol007!

The drop down menus are not working correctly in IE 7 . If you click on the “Live Preview” you will see that the menu gets cut off.

To see this (using IE) hover over “About Us” go to the last “Drop Down Link” then you will see that the fly outs get cut off. It works on Firefox though. How do I fix this for IE7 ?

Very nice work, Sirat! I was very easily able to customize this and convert it into a Concrete5 theme without having to rebuild the markup or do much to the CSS . My client LOVES the look! I will be watching for more of your work. Thanks very much.

Any chance to see this theme coded for WordPress?

Virus found in the Online Demo…