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@marcomix, that doesn’t work even with the latest version of Wordpress. I’m having this issue plus everything detailed above. It’s been a month since I raised these issues and was hoping for a faster response, as these do appear to be bugs. Great theme, maybe the best I’ve ever worked with… needs better support, unfortunately.

We made an update for theme and now it is working on newest Wordpress version 4.2.

Hi, I bought your awesome template. How can I activate a poll widget please ?

Hi! You need to add it on Sidebar – you can do it here: Apperence > Widgets. Just drag and drop Polls box.

Hi, I’m interested to buy this theme.

Please tell me can we use different color options in this theme? I’ve a website active, with featured images on all my blog posts. Will installing this theme affect my featured images or anything else that I’ll have to fix later?

And Is the support still open for this theme?


Hi! Yes, support is still open. You can change colors – there is easy editable css file that you can easaly upload via loveit option panel. It shouldnt lost your images.

Hi, how can i do to put the buttom of “I Like” and google+ in my posts? Is there any option in the theme to do authomatic?


@tgaydos Did you download the latest version? Everything works fine latest Wordpress.

This is a good theme, but the javascript or jquery on the site is not working. The slides are not sliding,the to the top botton at the bottom is not working, Please what do i have to do, I have even download jquery from the internet and copied it into the folder, still it does not work, Please help me out.

I purchased a template of this WordPress .
Sliders and other slider does not work.
I do not know what the cause.
Is it possible to modify the design?

Good afternoon, I am completely disappointed by this issue that I could receive my money back? has absolutely nothing to do with the demo waste of money

Good morning, I am unable to track down our documentation and have a question on selecting the file for the big sliders on the homepage. Currently when choosing ‘choose file’ I am not given an option to pull from the WP media files. In the media section I don’t see an option to select a file as big slider 1/ 2/ 3 etc.

how do I get to the uploaded files and add to the big slider?


I bought and installed this theme at Wordpress version 3.4.2. I need to update to the latest version 3.7.1.

Has anyone tried this?

I see some people had problems previously with just upgrading to 3.5, and a new set of theme files were developed for it, so I’m very wary. I have added some bits and pieces to the theme so it’d be impossible to just blanket overwrite the existing theme + plugins with a new set.

Will 3.4.2 -> 3.7.1 work? If not, is there a list of individual files that need to be updated?

We made an update for theme and now it is working on newest Wordpress version 4.2.