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Hi again,

quickly, how can i disable comments from any pages ?

thanks !!

Sorry, but i have some more issues … In the homepage, where the project slider is, I removed the post carousel, since that, the image of project slider are not line up anymore… i don’t get it at all and i really need help on that one. thanks !

ps: don’t forget the other questions above please : )

1) Can you give me the url of your site so I can take a look of it?

2) Sorry but I’m quite sure this isn’t possible.

3) Check FAQ : ;)

1) just send you an email to check

2) no probs, just asking

3) works great ! thank you !!


Also i would like to ask you how to remove the lines under the portfolio. Now it show three lines, because i have deleted the carousel.


To summ up my questions:

How to remove the lines under my recent projects?

How to add a slider/slideshow under the slogan above the recent projects? (now you see a image of an shoe i created.

Please inform. GReetings,

1) This seems to be quite common issue so I added it to FAQ page:

2) Well this isn’t possible “out of the box”, so you either need to install plugin to handle it or you can check custom-js.php file (Blog Post Carousel, Slider & Masonry section) and see how I’ve created blog post gallery slider.

Great work, thank you


I’m glad you like it! :)

update done ! great job !! thanks !

Thanks! :)

Hi. First of all, I really like the theme. Beyond the fact that it’s clean, it’s actually up there in usability department. Great job and thanks.

There’s one thing I would really like to change, though… as a personal preference. Can you please help me change the current filtering UI (the one that expands all categories and then hides them once one is chosen) to one that functions like this. (In action here: ). Note: I don’t care for it to show the number of projects in each category.

I’ve seen a number of templates use this, so I imagine there’s a piece of code somewhere, but I have no idea where to look or how to replace within the template. PLEASE help. :) Thank you!

Thanks for your kind words and great that you find it useful! :)

It seems that both of these “sorters” have same markup so it would be just matter of restyling it. And you possible need to edit some Javascript also to remove that current sliding effect.

You can find the correct location from style.php starting at line 640.

Btw, I’m currently available for customizations, so if you need some help, you can contact me from my profile page.

Sorry, one more:

How can I add another device type, say an Android Phone. I can create the assets no problem, but how do I get the theme to recognize them and show them in the device type dropdown?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t do that from the backend because it requires some much new code, so it has be done by hand.

In the single project view, the auto-rotate of screenshots seems to work sometimes and not other times. I suspect this might have something to do with the position of the cursor, but I’m not sure.

As a way to give users some more control I’d like to enable “go to next slide” action by clicking anywhere on the example image.

  • <?php echo $image; ?>
  • Thanks in advance!

    You are partly right. The slider will pause on hover and stops when user clicks navigation buttons. Of course if you feel that this is unwanted, you can disable this feature easily by removing lines 470-478 from js/custom-js.php file.

    And to allow users to browse slides by clicking anywhere in the slider itself, add this code after line 468, in the same file:

    $('li', $slider).click(function() { $(this).parent().cycle('next'); });

    Thank you very much. That worked. My biggest issue is that since the cursor doesn’t change when you roll over the screenshot there’s no way to know that clicking it would do anything.

    I see two solutions here: 1. On roll over, change the cursor into a hand and add an alt=”Click for next example” 2. Remove the on click functionality and replace with “tap keyboard left or right arrows to go to next/previous”.

    I prefer #2 for a number of reasons. If it’s not a lot of work, can you please help me with that.

    Also: If I read lines 470-478 correctly, the scrolling is supposed to resume when you mouse out of the image, but it doesn’t seem to work. I even checked your sample site, and it’s happening there as well. Any clues to what might be going on.

    While we’re here (sorry!) I noticed that making a project “Password Protected” or even “Private” doesn’t work – in both instances the project just shows up and becomes accessible to everyone. Is this fixable?

    Thank you in advance for being so very helpful. ~ Alex

    If you want to show user that slider is clickable, you could add cursor: pointer; property to #single-project .slider li.

    If you want to do something else, you can check slider documentation from here:

    And slider seems to have a little problem with mouse hover so I’ll need to take a closer look of it.

    At least for me, if I change project visibility to private, I can’t see the project unless I’m logged in. But there is a small problem with password protected projects so I have to fix that.


    Hi there, Would it be possible to add more post “preview” under the [post_carousel] in the homepage ? I think that now, only 12 are allowed

    thanks for your help

    You should be able to increase the count (if it doesn’t show all posts for some reason) with count attribute. Like so: [post_carousel count="20"]

    Hi, Great theme! One question: is there a way to use the portfolio shortcode on a page separate from the homepage, but set the options for that shortcode individually? For example, on the homepage I have the portfolio with 1 row and short timing. Can I use the portfolio shortcode on a different page and have it display in two rows with longer timing? If not in the shortcode, is there a way to hardcode it into the page?


    Hi again, I already asked the question, but wondering if you changed your mind, or if you could tell me how to do the following:

    Would it be possible to have something (like a menu) to sort blog posts in the same way you have a category filter/ and menu, for the Projects slider.

    IN other words, in the blog section, we could search blog (( according to their ‘categories’

    Does that make sense?

    I think this could be a nice feature and it should be feasible since something like this already exist with the widget ‘category’ .. I guess it would just be a matter of making it into a menu

    Would that be feasible?

    It would just be for style :o)... so instead of having the categories as a widget in the sidebar, it could be just above the carousel of posts…

    If you really want this I could do it for you custom made, but for now I won’t be adding it to the theme.

    If the code is easy and does not require much work, why not. If not, don’t bother

    Hi, I need to translate ‘Recent Projects’ on the front page. It should say ‘Projekt’. Can’t figure out were I do that. I’ve searched for projects-slider in the folder, but nothing found. Thanks!

    You can easily change its title by using title attribute.

    So in your case it would be: [projects_slider title="Projekt"]

    Okey, thanks! But where do I put the code? In the body?

    In Wordpress admin, go to edit the homepage and there you should already have this shortcode so now you just need to give it custom title.

    Hi. I’m considering purchasing this template. Looks fantastic – well done!

    If I purchase the Wordpress version, does that also include a clean copy of the HTML /CSS markup sans the Wordpress code? Or if I’d like both, should I go ahead and purchase both the WP version and the HTML version?


    You will only get the version you are buying. So if you want both WP and plain HTML versions, you will need to buy them both separately.



    Nice theme, looking to purchase but 2 questions.

    1. Is it possible to always have the filter (All Misc Photos…) to always be open?

    2. Can the cycling of the images on the home page be changed so they do not cycle?

    Kind Regards Richard

    1) Not by default by with a little modification it can be done (I can give you very simple instructions if you need).

    2) You can disable both projects slider and single project slider autoscroll feature.


    When Gravity Forms plugin is installed, the menu item Projects disappears from the Admin menu. When I deactivate Gravity Forms it comes back again.

    Any way to fix this?

    You could try to change menu_position parameter to 35 in functions.php file at line 590.


    i see in the WP-admin that there is an update of this theme. will i lost all the modification i made in translating this theme if i updated, or the update will not affect the php files?

    on the other hand, suddenly, the top menu dont look as it was before. it appear like a normal list. knowing that it was working very good and i didnot change any thing in the theme since i upload it.

    did you link any part of the theme with your web, so it changed if you change any thing?

    how can i solve this issue?

    You can find all updated files from the theme documentation (changelog section).

    The latest update was released few weeks ago and it didn’t affect in navigation in any way, so you must have done something which has messed up your site navigation.


    I just love your theme, but i have slight issue. Im currently working on my site, but i cannot find a solution for my problem.

    I have included a slideshow under the quote, that works fine, but as soon as you click on a portfolio-item, the anchor lowers the whole page a little bit. I want it to start as the original, exactly on the line.

    Please help where i can adjust this.


    I would change the #single-project margin-top value to 20px or something like that. Try if it would fix it.


    Hi Smuliii, Can you tell me wich file i need to adjust? And where i can find it?

    Thank you

    Hi, I allready found it, thanks a million. greetings

    That’s great!

    Hi! Nice theme!

    I have a question: why if you change a project published date (from WP published attributes), it doesn’t change the order in the project page?

    I created a project in November and changed the publishing date to January, but it’s not on the first position of my projects list.


    The projects are sorted by ID, but I added reorder functionality in version 1.08 which allows you to reorder all projects by drag&drop.


    Great! I’ll upgrade to the new one. Thank you so much :)