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Is possible to place more than three columns in the carousel? I would have about 5 columns is this possible?

I guess you mean the projects slider? You have option to change row count from the theme options but you can’t change column count without heavily editing the CSS code.

Hello. In projects slider is possible to change the order of images?

Theme has reorder functionality, which allows you to reorder all projects by drag&drop. You can also change order of single project’s slider images.

Great theme, couple of questions

I think I already know the answer but I’ll ask anyway. The permalinks for the projects posts aren’t changeable to post-title because of the reorder function, right?

Second, I’ll be pulling in fonts via the typekit plugin. Will it play nice with your google fonts integration or is there a way in the functions to turn it off.


1) Infact I’m not totally sure why you projects’ permalinks aren’t changeable.

2) It really depends how the plugin works but if it just add inline css to the page, then there shouldn’t be any problems.


Hi, Is it possible to remove the slideshow on the projects page? I just want to insert my images into the page without using the slideshow.


If you leave the first slide totally empty, the slider won’t be created in project page.

Can you help with the drop down menu?

I’ve got a logo that is taller than the demo here. Where is the styling and code for the menu?


All styles can be found from style.php file, and the header part starts at line 325.

One way would be to have enough content on every page, but of course that’s not always possible.

So here is two possible solutions: (CSS version) (jQuery version)

If either one won’t work for you, check what Google has to offer:

Hi, On the Project Slider can you embed videos in it and if so does it appear as a playable video when you click on it? Or can you change the Project Slider to simply act as a clicakable grid to the individual posts.

Thanks (Nice theme by the way!)

You can only use images in the actual projects slider thumbs. And you have option to disable Ajax feature, so thumbs will act like a normal links (redirect to single page).


Hi Smuliii,

This is a great theme, I have just come across one issue that I am struggling to rectify.

I have come across an issue when using shortcodes within the content tab shortcode, they do not work as seen here –

Do you know what the corrected code should be under content tabs in the shortcodes.php file. Or is there a filter I can add to the functions.php?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


Open functions/shortcodes.php file, go to line 220 and replace $tab['content'] part with this: do_shortcode( $tab['content'] ).


Hi there,

How do I make my blog page appears like yours?

Hi there,

I couldn’t post the vimeo video like how you did it in your blog.

I paste the embed code and it went outside the box.

How did you do it?


it’s alrite i’ve managed it already, to everyone else, download the updated file, he has updated the help file

Good to hear that you solved it on your own!

Is there a way to add a captcha form to the contact page? I’ve installed “really simple captcha” plugin and it is not showing up.


If you are using Contact Form 7 plugin, it should be quite easy to use CAPTCHA with it:

That’s what I have is the really simple captcha that is sanctioned by contact form 7 and it is still not showing up.

Ah okay, sorry but I don’t have any advices for you since I haven’t ever tried it by myself.

This could possible help you:

Is using page templates out of the question with this theme? been trying now all day and it wont use a simple wordpress template tag.


Althought theme doesn’t have any custom page templates by default, you can create them as many you need to. I have done few customizations with page templates and at least they have worked just fine.


I am 99% there with the template but I am getting a slight jump/bounce by about 5pixels when opening and closing the popup slider, any idea what it could be?

test site is here

You can see when clicking on the image it moves up a bit too much.

Kind Regards Richard

I don’t if I was looking the right spot, but I didn’t see any jumping.

But I checked the source code and I would suggest you to wrap [project_slider] shortcode inside of [raw] shortcode to disable Wordpress editor’s auto formatting.

Like so: [raw][projects_slider][/raw]

Hi, Is it possible to have comments on a Project page. By default it is created with comments closed so without hacking through I can’t get comments enabled. Where is this default set when creating a new project as happy to enable for all projects?

Its OK. Found it. For anyone else looking you need to edit the functions.php to enable comments

Line 584 change ‘supports’ => array(‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’), to ‘supports’ => array(‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’, ‘comments’),

Yep, this is the right way.

Does not work with the bbpress plugin at all. This is what happens when you make a theme control to much. The theme wont show the correct title, navigation or use custom templates at all for the forum page. I have tried about 5 other themes and they all work perfect. Not sure why your theme will not let bbpress use a custom template. When the page is in “draft” and you preview it, it works fine. When you publish it it stops using the template and goes back to default though it still says template.

Sorry to hear that, but I don’t have any experience with bbPress so I really don’t have any ideas why it doesn’t work.

Whats controlling the page? you may not have any experience with BBPress but im sure you do with your own theme? Something is not letting the page itself control the template and the title of the page so that means that the theme itself is trying to control these things itself. This works on every other theme so its an issue with this theme i just need to know what is in pace to control these factors.

This theme uses the basic WP theme file structure, so I would assume that the issue is in the page.php or index.php file.

Why does this happen? In firefox the font appears more beautiful than the other browsers.
Different browsers (and FWIW , different OSes) use different font rendering engines, and their results are not meant to be identical. As already pointed out, you can’t do anything about it (unless, obviously, you can replace text with images or flash or implement your own renderer using javascript+canvas – the latter being a bit overboard if you ask me).

Love it – great work!!—but just a few questions before purchase:

1.) It says light and dark color options, but beyond those two skins can the colors be easily edited in the back end options without digging into the CSS ? Basically can you define a custom skin, rather than just “light” or dark”?

2.) The top and bottom grey bars that contains the logo, navigation, and copyright info’—can a texture be added there in place of the swatch, and will that bar slightly expand vertically to hold a larger, more vertical logo? If no textures are supported, can the grey bars be turned into a new color?

3.) No footer on the demo – but can that be expanded to hold widgets?

4.) Finally - extensive font list, but can all the typefaces be substituted - or just the headers?

1) Unfortunately no. You can only change font color without digging into the CSS file, but all other colors need to be changed straight from stylesheet file.

2) You can change header or footer background color/image and height, but like I said this can’t be done straight from the backend.

3) I can’t see why not. Of course not out of the box, but it should be possible with a little modification.

4) You have two “heading font” options:
  • Font for logo, page titles, slogan, blockquote, pagination and infoboxes
  • Font for all headings and forms. (<h1>, <h2> etc.).


Wp Responsive version please. Very nice/functional theme! Congrats!

I’m working on my next TF theme at the moment, which will be responsive, and I’ve learnt that it would take so much extra time that it just isn’t worth it.