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Hello – thanks for a great theme. I’ve added a custom logo, but can’t seem to find the right CSS element to tweak to adjust the height of the header and to then allow the navigation to line up properly. Any help would be most appreciated:

This may not be exactly the way you want be it’s one solution.

So use these styles:
#nav { margin-top: 21px; }
#nav li a { padding: 40px 15px; }
#nav ul { top: 79px; }


Worked well – thank you!

Hello – I’m using the video thumbnail, however youtube video files aren’t fitting in properly:

Here’s my post:

[thumb_video] <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”560” height=”315”></iframe> [/thumb_video]

[full_video] <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”560” height=”315”></iframe> [/full_video]


Any idea?

[thumb_video] and [full_video] shortcodes won’t do anything to players itself, they just show the correct player in a correct page (so blog listing or single post).

So you need to set width and height by yourself, like so:
[thumb_video] <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="280" height="157"></iframe> [/thumb_video]

[full_video] <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="590" height="331"></iframe>  [/full_video]

Hi Smuliii,

Quick Question for you: I have the projects slider on my homepage and I am trying to link one element in the slider to a “page” formatted page on my site, rather than the default project.

I have a refresh command in the head tag right now but it’s really slow. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


- Jerry

Could give me your site url so I could check it, and maybe understand the problem a little bit better?


Sure thing: the site url is

When you click the Coca-cola item in the slider it takes you to this project page—

I want it to take you directly to here instead, if possible. —


Okay, I think I understand it now.

Open functions/shortcodes.php file, go to line 327 and replace it with this:

$output .= '<a href="'.( $project->ID == '999' ? get_bloginfo('url') . '/coca-cola-full-case-study/' : get_permalink($project->ID) ).'">

The new code will check if project id is 999 (replace with the correct one) and if it is, it will link directly to custom page.

And just in case you don’t know how to find correct ID:

Hi, is there a way to get rid of the Date, Icon and Comments count in the Blog slider? Thanks a lot!

Well there is two ways to do this.

1) Either you remove the <span class="icon">& nbsp;</span> part from every theme file which start with format.

2) Or you open style.php file, go to line 1278 and change display to none.


Hi, Love the theme…

Can you help me with something, I want to make the <!-nextpage-> in a post when I split the post into pages, look more like how you have the (page #’s with arrows) at the bottom of the blog page can this be done…


Well you could then just copy styles from the blog navigation and use them in in-post navigation (you may need to edit some PHP code as well).


Is there anymore information that you can give me, I am not sure what you mean, what styles, where would I put it, what php might I have to edit…

I appreciate your help,


Are there any plugins that could help make this simple that you know of…

I haven’t ever tried to style it so I really can’t give you any advices in this case.

But this should help you to get started:


Hey man! I’m loving the theme.

My first and only real issue so far is imbedding an mp4. Everything seems to work okay in Safari and Firefox, but Chrome doesn’t handle the Divx very well. It leaves the DivX logo up there, and then plays two videos on top of themselves…

Any suggestions?

It is indeed in the raw shortcode. Still doesn’t function properly in chrome for mac.

I’m sorry but I really can’t take a closer look at this problem since I don’t have Mac.

That’s also quite odd because you seems to be the only one with this issue.

Well, it does occur on all of my mac computers using Chrome. I guess i’m the only mac-user with chrome & video. :)

No… is that as simple as it sounds?? :)

Yes… what? :)

Hi, When I open a project in the project slider, I don’t want the screen to autoscroll down. Is there a way to turn autoscroll off? Can I find this in custom-js.php? Hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance!

You can change some of the projects slider settings straight from the theme options page, in wp admin.


Thanks for you comment, but I think you misunderstood me. ;) What I mean is, when you open a project, the whole screen automatically goes down and you don’t see the site menu anymore. Is there a way to adjust that value? Thanks.

Great theme! I like to change the look of the Portfolio filter buttons on the front page. They are automatically hiding right now and I want them to be separate buttons for ease of use.



They are just basic list items so it should be pretty task.

So the styles can be found from style.php at lines 646-693, and scripts in js/custom-js.php file at lines 144-184.


I worked it out, thanks though!!

Ok, good!

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Yep, thanks for reporting!

Awesome theme! No pun intended. Do you know what needs to be changed from lines 144-184 of js/custom-js.php to fix the project categories sorter in the open position? Thanks!

Open js/custom-js.php file and replace lines 145-153 with this single line:


Thanks! That save me a lot of guess and check.

No problem!

Btw, don’t forget to rate this theme. ;)

I know you can add the carousel on multiple pages, but can you tell it to have multiple items on different pages (e.g. page1: 1 row, page2: 3 rows)?

make sense?


Sorry but no. :P

You can configure the carousels to show posts only from specific categories and limit the post count.


Great theme!

I would like to link the projects on the homepage directly to a “page”, is this possible?

Right now it goes – click > project > page

I want it to be: click > page

Each project will lead to a different page. I am trying to run it similar to an e-commerce site with different products as projects.



I think that’s not possible without editing some of the theme’s functionalities, still I’m not sure.


Tabs Smartcode dosn’t seem to work with AJAX portfolio items. When I preview the post it works just fine. Using Chrome.



Yes, unfortunately AJAX strips all existing JavaScript, so they may not work.

Hi – I bought the WP version of this and LOVE the file.
Is it still possible for me to pay you for the HTML version (it seems to have gone from your portfolio?!).
Would be great if there was anyway to get that version too. Thanks and look forward to your new files.

I replied your email.

Hi, once again – great theme. I’ve converted our flash banners to videos for mobile viewing. But for some reason, the project slideshows with self-hosted videos won’t load on mobile devices, causing our site to freeze. I have included all fallback formats and specified device dropdown as ‘none.’ Any ideas? Most of the videos are less than 1MB. Or is there a way to use vimeo videos in slideshow format? Thanks.



Are you sure those videos are web optimized? Here’s some info how to convert your videos easily:

And yes, you can embed flash videos:


Great! I didn’t see the ‘custom html’ option the first time. Works great with vimeo. Thanks.

Great to hear!