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Hello, is it possible to use this theme outside wordpress? I would like to implement it in a Typo3 CMS . Would be happy to get an answer at

Best Regards

Well if you want to convert it by yourself, I don’t mind at all.

Hi There,

I love the theme.

I’m trying to add the recent projects to the bottom of the page.

I would like it to display only 3 projects at a time so that it only shows one row.

The shortcode I am using is:

[projects_slider title=”3projects” count=”3”] or title=”3 projects” count=”3”][/raw]

and the result is:

Can you tell me where I am going wrong?

Well that’s odd. Have you created these shortcodes with Shortcode Generator?

Hi Smuliii, Yep, I used the generator.

Also – When I try to install the Google Maps made Simple plug in i get the following error:

Install package not available.

The plugin does not have a valid header.

Return to Required Plugins Installer

Here’s alternative download link:

And I’ll answer your other questions tomorrow.

Sorry, one other thing… 5 months ago there was a post by walkinonwat3r :

“Hey, I’ve purchased your theme (and it /is/ indeed awesome =D ). I was wondering about child theme support, though. The usual method of creating a new theme folder and referring the style.css to your theme isn’t working in a straightforward manner. Any thoughts? I’d like to avoid editing the base files, to take advantage of all the updates that you’re releasing.”

I have the same problem.

Smuliii’s response was to import style.php to the child theme but I’m still stuck. I stupidly activated my child theme without previewing it and now I just get a blank white screen.

So my question is two-fold.

a) how do I get back to the regular awesome theme? b) how do I create a child thee using style.php

Any advice would be great.


Can anyone tell me what I need to do to the style.php

OK, I restored the awesome theme. CAn anyone help me with the child theme?

Thanks Smuliii, Can you help me with the question about the child theme too?

Well I really can’t think anything else than what I’ve told before at the moment.

Hi i found a little conflict between your “Grayscale Image Hover Effect” and your “JQuery Cycle Plugin” for ie9.

The Slideshow on the Blog Overview Page for your post type “image gallery” has a space on the top of the second until the last image. (

I found a inline-block attribute in your custom-js.php on line 223 When i change it to “display:block” it works fine.

Thanks for your great work!!!!! best regards robert

Okay, thanks!

Hi, I have an issue with the breadcrumb on the blog and I’m not sure where the problem comes from, maybe you have encountered this before.

In a blog post it doubles the title name, for example: Home > Post Title > Post Title or Home > Post Title > Category

Here’s an example: and


Hmm… that is quite strange.

If you can give me your site admin credentials, I could take a look at it.

Hi i found another minor defect in your shortcodes.php.

When i add the projects_slider shortcode with the count attribute nothing happens. You only have to add a “LIMIT $count” on the end of your sql query on Line 294 and 302 in your shortcodes.php.

Thanks again for your great theme… i learned a lot about structuring theme code!

best regards robert

Oh, you’re absolutely right!

And that’s great to hear if you’ve learnt something by using this theme!



Are you going to add support for WordPress 3.4?

I accidental updated to 3.4, and the Project Manager is gone :(

Fantastic that worked!

Thank you!


I also just released a new update which fixed this bug.


Any quick way to have the Blog Post Carousel shortcode to display posts in two rows?

One of my favourite Wordpress themes BTW . Great job!


Sorry but I don’t think that it possible, without doing some modifications to the code.

Here’s the carousel documentation:


Hi again,

I noticed that when the portfolio carousel shortcode has one row with 3 items, the first two items are visible, but the third one is on the “second row”. I think someone else noted about it earlier too.

The mystical thing is that when clicking ””all” on category filter, the items are aligned perfectly. Then when you load the page again, the third one slips down/other row.

I’ve tried the [raw] thing, but just get the tags ([raw] & [/raw]) displayed around the project carousel on the website.


EDIT . So I’m posting with the wrong account, sorry about that. I’ve indeed purchased, so if proof is needed, I’ll happily provide it.

Okay, I’ll trust you this time. ;)

Can you give me your site URL so I can take a look at it?

I bought this when it was in static version… However, you removed the static version before I could download the update with the “Category Switcher” for sorting web, logos, print, etc. Would you be so kind as to provide me with the last “static” version of this with that category switcher? I can provide proof of purchase.

Just email me from my profile page and I’ll send it to you:


Thanks, I’ve e-mailed you.

Hi Unfortunately the password function does not work in the projects. Asks for the password, I write the password, but back home page and continues to ask for password…

I need this function to keep some private projects.

Okay, I’ll take a look at it when I have some free time.

Thanks for reporting.

Anything new?

Hi Smuliii

This is a great theme, any chance you will release this as a responsive theme in the near future?.



I’m sorry but I won’t be doing that.

But in case you want a responsive theme, you could check my latest release:


HEY! WHY DO YOU DELETE SMARTSTART WORDPRESS THEME????? NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 3.5? Not give any explanation? That sucks! This is inconceivable!

Ever since WordPress 3.4 we’ve experienced issues with the Projects manager. First it wouldn’t appear, but then we updated the theme to the latest version and that fixed the issue.

Now we can’t add another image to a Project. When we click “Add New Slide” it simply refreshes the page without adding a new form.

Any tips? Thanks!