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Wow, very very nice.

Thanks sunlife

Through black and white color combination, this theme gives unique look, good luck for success of this theme.

Thanks a lot webinane!

Glad you like it ;-)

Congratulations Great work. Good luck dude!

Hi Vickystudio, Thanks a lot for posting :-)

Hi, very good job, bravo.
Do you think Aziza would work for a cinema website? Apart from introducing each movie through post, I would need to setup a calendar presentation of the week for the film projections. Can you kindly advise and give me your opinion, please?
Many thanks and good luck with sales.

Hi oligo11,

Sure! Aziza can be used for a cinema website. We made Aziza super flexible including ‘all the bells’ you can think of.

You can customize every category separate, change the header image or slider, full width or a sidebar, footer yes/ no and up to 6 columns.

We have built-in a shortcode for your calendar presentation as you can see Use that one and insert it into the sections, for example the latest post shortcode, That way, when a new video is uploaded it will be automatically on your calendar page too.

If you want some more features for a calendar presentation, look around for examples on codecanyon, you will find great events plugins out there. No advice on that right now, but will test in a few weeks some events plugins as a client of mine wants to have this asap and built in on Aziza too.

If you have any questions setting up please go to our support forums our Support Ninja Kevin will help you out.

Thank you very much, I’ll might go and ask Kevin.

Hi ThemeDutch

Just got your email 2 hours ago re your new Aziza theme and spent some time looking around it. As a previous customer and beta tester for your MikMag theme I expect to find some great features and functionality under the covers of this superb looking theme. I wish you all the best with sales on this theme.

This theme may be what I need to redesign an existing website of mine and whilst I like the current theme it is not responsive so I need to update it.

It will need a lot more colour though for this project – being to do with Christmas – and I just wanted to check with you first that Aziza can be used with full colour imagery and not just monochrome. Can you confirm this for me please.

Another question I have for you – Can administrators add review ratings to posts or products?

Final question – relating to theme improvements – do you have any plans to add / rich snippets to posts / products / authors please for improved SEO?

Oh and one more question i nearly forgot – I see you have BBPress integration – but does it work with BuddyPress as well?

Thanks for your response in advance and if I can have all the images in full colour then I could be buying this theme from you very soon!

Best Regards


Hi Gailstorm,

Long time no see, hope all is fine and thank you for your kind words. We spent a lot of hours and a bucket of coffee, we think the result is there though.

Aziza is extreme flexible. So yes, any color you may like can be used. For almost every element you will have a color picker. This time I used mostly black and white images but you can use colors ones too.

You will find an option as admin to place reviews and star ratings with ease for products in the woocommerce section. To have reviews on posts, you can rely on the basic features of wordpress. If that’s not enough (maybe you want a specific feature) you may need to add a plugin.

Regarding the, I will look into that and discuss with our developer on Monday if we can add it, and within what frame. At this moment I have no idea how much work this is etc.

We did not included Buddypress this time, but it depends on sales and requests, Maybe will included it in the future though.

Regards Mike

G’Day Helen and the ThemeDutch team.

Congratulations on another great theme design. I also was a Beta Tester for your Mikmag v2 theme (which I’ve had since v1) and love its adaptability. And am looking at the same options with this new theme.

And a question: I’m assuming that the Home Pages are created using the various ShortCodes. I ask this as I’m interested in purchasing the theme but am not looking to have a Slider as the main focal point on the Home Page or subsequent pages.

Also, does the theme support all the Post Formats (standard, video, aside, quote, etc.) within the theme ?

And further to the previous post by Gailstorm, I am assuming that the theme can be set up with vibrant colors rather than the straight black and white. Correct ?


Hello Michael,

How are you? You will find a lot of features which are also included in Mikmag , and we added a few? and removed some. We made extremely flexible, so you don’t have to use a slider. You can if you like though, and also on every page or post. It’s all up to your creativity. Believe me when I say’ The sky is the limit’.

Yes the theme supports the post formats. And yes! Sure you can use vibrant colors. ( I think, I was totally into black when I designed aziza ? )

Thanks Michael, Greetz Mike

Incredible! This site is everything! Couple of concerns I want to address first though: 1) Id like to add a lot more color to the site. Are the colors customizable easily through, say, Theme Options? 2) For the portfolio (the tabbed portfolio), a) is just just a shortcode? and b) can one create multiple portofolios with different content, and c) does the portfolio support video in modal view mode? 3) Lastly, I’d like to use WePay and a Pay-per-view plugin for view/buying videos (this one: Does the theme support those plugins? 4)Does it come with BBPress already install out of the box?

Thanks so much! Excited to hear back!

Hi tbatson,

Thanks for your kind words ?

(1) All colors are easily controlled by Colorpickers, just a few examples: Headings, Breadcrumb, paragraphs, links + hover, content background, buttons with gradient settings, menu main background + Opacity by Colorpicker, submenus, text, hover effect color. Footer, TD folio tabs etc

(2) The TD Folio are custom post, so no shortcode and you can create unlimited portfolios / categories. You will have total control of colors and layout.

- You can set Folio tabs up to 5 - Insert a Tab name + icon - Set the layout - add footer or no footer - add a slider to the overview page - there is no video support, the modal view uses the featured image. But you can insert a video into the tabs.

(3) Not tested WePay and a Pay-per-view plugins but don’t think it’s a problem, it looks like the plugins works out of the box without the need of a theme customization.

(4) BBpress, when you activate Aziza it will ask you to install for example bbpress, click on the install link and all is ready.

- From the aziza panel you will see a bbpress section where you can change the layout: sidebar left (big or small), sidebar right (big or small),, double sidebar left, right and a full width layout. Add a header slider or image.

Hope thats helps, Mike

Themedutch, I wished I was the FIRST to buy this amazing theme! This is a WINNER!

I was about buying another Woocommerce theme, but seeing the demo of Aziza. This is brilliant!

Thanks so much!!

Thank you g7submit

This really does look awesome but I have a common (for me) and slightly complicated question. I am a Photo Artist and therefore show different client works as examples but want to keep them in client groups online so individual clients can view (without other people able to view complete works). But then also use the same data (rather than duplicate them) for promotional display, it’s photographic so space can be prohibitive if I’m not careful.

I’ll have to break down my query a so little please bare with me.

1. Can categories have Parent/Child?
2. If yes here’s the complicated bit…are the Children unique to the Parent or global.

(Daft) example
Parent1 – Ball Bearings
(P1)Child 1 – Large
(P1)Child 2 – Small
Parent2 – Raincoats
(P2)Child 1 – Large
(P2)Child 2 – Small

If I choose (P2)Child 1 – Large will I see just Large Raincoats or will I see Large Ball Bearings as well?

Has that explained my predicament because at the moment there is nothing around that fits the bill.


Hello Lacket,

Do you mean for the TD-Folio or the woocommerce products?


Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply

I do offer items for sale but that’s a separate issue so it’s really the TD-Folio that’s more relevant.

I would like casual viewers to be able to see selected ‘clients’ work as examples of what I do (or can do). Because I provide similar work to different clients – the style is the same but the substance is different. So I don’t really want to have to have 300(?) different categories to display this publicly if possible.

Hello Lacket,

Well let me explain what you can do with the TD-Folio.

From the Aziza panel you will find the section TD-Folio with settings for: Folio pages, Folio colors and the folio description tabs.

All categories ( parent + child) if you created more will have the same layout, color settings and Folio tabs descriptions. You will have one uniform style for all your TD-folio categories.

- You can have sidebars or full width. - You can have up to 5 Folio tabs. - Custom Tabs description + icon. - You can have a footer up to 6 columns. - You can have a header image or slider. - You can place a subtitle.

Hope that’s works for you,



This looks awesome! Seems exactly what I need. I have 2 presale questions… 1. Does the theme have a print stylesheet in it? I would like to add recipes. And, 2. Is it possible to add a larger logo or am I restricted to certain measurements? If so, what are those?

Many thanks!

Good morning Mike, Thanks for your quick reply.

Regarding the print stylesheet, I’m planning to add some recipes on the site and if my visitors like the recipes they probably would want to print these out. In some occasions a theme has an extra css, which makes sure that if a page is being printed, only the content (text and images) is printed and not sidebars, menu, etc..


Hi Chantal,

Ahhhaaaa, nope sorry that’s is something we did not built in. You need a plugin for that just look at you will find several.

No problem, thanks!

Good job! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks a lot for posting AirTheme :-)


Since I’ve bought the theme, I’ve been working almost non-stop on it. I love it!

I have two requests:
1. Would it be possible to add some basic widgets for TD-folio, such as categories, tags, latest folio posts?
2. Would it be possible to have both facebook comments as well as regular wordpress comments?

Also I have some questions:
1. Regarding the TD-folio and posts, which image sizes are best to use?
2. Is it possible to have a movie as a slider?
3. I noticed on my categories page that if you have movies and image posts, a sidebar is overlapping the movie posts. How can I solve this?

Thanks! Chantal

Hello Chantal,

Thanks for loving our theme :-) Please take the effort to subscribe to our AZIZA-forum via Then login to access the forum and post all your queries there. Our support-staff is very willing to help you from there. Thanks a lot in advance, Theme Dutch

Hi! First, let me give you my congratulations for the awesome theme. I have just one question: Is it possible to add a social login button (facebook, twitter) into the login area? Good luck with the sales.

Hi Avionet,

Yes its possible. The login is running via shortcode

P.s. Thanks for your compliments on our theme

Hello, I just bought your theme nice work; By cons not load: Aziza-dummy-content.xml following error message: Fatal error: Out of memory (Allocated 51904512) (tried to allocate 10400 bytes) in / homepages/28/d355461874/htdocs/A/demo/wp-includes/media.php on line 1227 I increase the upload size to 1GB via php.ini and Still can not load file. Caitaines page is loaded, but not the images (this is not serious for the picture) but against the blog page of the possible demo assets.

Thank you in advance for your response

Thank you again for your response the best slider “The Azia slide show” does not work in ie9 you know why?

No idea at this moment, I’m a Mac lover but will test on Monday. Maybe you could send me a screenshot

the location of the slide show is empty (the part is white) no picture or text thank you

Hi, I am thinking about buying this theme ,but as the website I would be building would be image heavy , I want to keep all the images on Amazon S3 server and also use amazon Cloudfront. Can you tell that your theme would support such a configuration.

Hi uddav, Well I think every theme will work, because I don’t think it’s theme related if you want to use a Amazon server to store your images.

Not familiar though with this setup but if you point the image path to your amazon server all should work fine.

Best Mike

Hi uddav, Well I think every theme will work, because I don’t think it’s theme related if you want to use a Amazon server to store your images.

Not familiar though with this setup but if you point the image path to your amazon server all should work fine.

Best Mike

I am thinking about purchasing this theme. It looks awesome! One question – Can a use the Buddypress plugin and create a page for members. Just like the forum page in your preview?

No sorry not at this moment.

hello, please I would like to ask some prebuy questions -is this theme translation ready? -Is there a coluums portfolio page ? -It is possible to have a header tht does not cover the photo? I mean like a black bar

Thanks a lot for your help, this theme looks prowerfull

Ahaa oke I understand. The menu can be in any color and you can set even the opacity of the background color. (How cool is that). But there is more, you can set the submenu background, font and hover also. We made it in a way that you can 100% customize the menu to your liking.

Thanks Mike

Thanks, that´s a really cool feature. so the menu is always going to cover the top part of the photo?

best regards

Yes in combination with opacity if you like.

Hi from your first customer! ADORING the theme, can not put it in words! If you guys would be so nice to help with few customization issues, it would be greatly appreciated!

1. I would like to remove the key/login icon from the social icons menu, if you can please tell me where in the code or css is that part located so i can remove it!

2. Is there any way that the post title and page title can be in different font, and not the whole entire heading? Example i just wanted the post title and page title in certain font, not every heading on the site. How could i achieve that?

3. I noticed even though i created the setting in the layout customization area for every category to be set on – blog with wide sidebar right with 4 footer widget area – the change does not happen unless i go into every single post and set that setting! Now since i have over 100 posts i can not be doing that for every single post, so if you’d be so kind to tell me is there a way to set up the same setting for every post present and future?

4. And last, and my most important question for you guys – i need to set up my blog page to grid view of posts, now i see you guys have a shortcode for that in your latest-post dummy page, but on there, the blog posts are lined up in grid view yes, BUT they are laid out one under another, and not 3 or 4 in a row, and then the second row of 3 or 4 based on the latest posted, which is common and logical way to lay out grid, and they fill out the page. The way you guys set it up is each one is under the previous one, and that makes it really confusing for a reader, and makes a weird looking page. Is there any way i can add something to the shortcode to place them horizontally not vertical? And if that’s not possible, where in the css and what part of the code i need to change to get the grid layout of my blog posts?

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! Help greatly appreciated ;)

Hi to our First customer of Aziza :-) Thank you so much for loving our theme. Of course we’ll help you! Please take the effort to copy and paste your questions in the Aziza forum though. Our support staff member Kevin is happy to help you there, and it works much easier both ways. Please register via After that login to enter the Aziza forum.

Cheers! Helen