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Is there some kind of page builder or something similar?

Hi Avionet,

We have not built-in a page builder yet. Aziza is compatible with the ‘Visual Composer’ though.

Cheers, Helen

hi, TD-FOLIO doesn’t have an easy way to make a photo gallery as posts do? I want to be able to insert a photo gallery on a tab without using html.

Hi Avionet, You can easily add a TD-gallery shortcode for your photo gallery. Its html though. Tip: create a ‘test page with a photo gallery, and copy and paste the html in your folio tab. The manual describes how to create a gallery (section: td-shortcodes). If you need support, please register via, and login to access the Aziza forum. Our support-staff can help from there. Cheers, Helen

Thank you for your quick response. Your sugestion would be good if my client knows anything about it. The problem is that, normally clients doesn’t even knows what is copy and paste. So it would be nice to have a system like dragging a group of images and it’s done.


Can you please help with sliders, the image upload does not work on Aziza slider, i tried 20 times, it just doesn’t want to upload the image at all. I managed the other day, now it’s not working at all and i didn’t change anything on my site to cause it!



i understand your point, but you also please try to understand mine. i understand what you guys consider as free support. Kevin explained, and i respected that. i did not even continue to pursue the issues i had that fit into what Kevin described as not free support.

my questions are simple: 1. The Aziza slider does not insert images. 2. The Layer Slider has image links that are not working/are not clickable. 3. I need the name of the file where the elements of sociables are located so that i can fix the Tumblr code (Tumblr is not working because in the code you guys placed, and that is wrong, Tumblr works on the following principle – and remove Login icon.

so how ever many words Kevin is typing, if all he’s saying is – “I haven’t been able to recreate the upload issue yet”, for 2 weeks now, that is not solving the issue/bug. on the Layer Slider issue i explained, he did not answer anything. i repeat again, i do not need any coding help, just the location of the sociables div element file, i know how to fix it myself.

i apologize if you think “i’m not friendly”, but please tell me Helen, how should i actually feel? or talk? i have bought over 20 themes here at Theme Forest and never ever had any issue with getting help with theme issues/bugs, which is what the support forums are here for. of course i’m super frustrated because i received no actual solution for any issue i had, my site in on maintenance mode for over 2 weeks now, my online shop is down, i’m loosing money as i wait to solve this so i can put my site back online.

so what is fair here Helen, please tell me? i am the first person who bought your theme, i purchased it right away no questions asked, not like other people who asked a few questions and made sure of certain things before buying it, i did it without asking anything, i saw the theme, i trusted you guys no questions asked, and i really think this is not fair, that i persistently can not get any actual help to solve at least some of the issues i have. and apparently not just me, but other people also. i also offered to give my login info to Kevin, so that he can forward it to whom ever knowledgeable in your team to login into my site and see the issues for themselves and see what might be the issue, but no respond whatsoever on that.

so please tell me Helen, how should i go about trying to get help here and getting my site up & functioning?

Thank you!


just wanted to let you know i solved my Aziza slider issue and wrong tumblr link issue. i downloaded the theme again and uploaded all the Aziza slider files again directly in my root in the FTP, that did the trick, so i can finally insert images. and uploaded the file core-sociables.php again where the tumblr link was located. see how simple that was if you guys just told me to do that right away and not to lose 2 weeks trying to figure it out by myself?

Thank you guys anyways ;)

Thank you too Miranda :-)

in the shop page i’m getting this error: Warning: Division by zero in C:\AppServ\www\cnpr\wp-content\themes\aziza\woocommerce\content-product.php on line 33

Hi avionet, you need to set the columns in the woocommerce settings and the error will disappear. If you need more assistance please visit

Hi Themedutch. Can I make a child theme from this? I may not need to if you update regularly, I guess as it looks like you have loads of options.

Hi objectman,

Yes you can :-) Cheers, Helen

Hi Themedutch, I am in need of a bit bigger space for my logo. Where can i do that? Hopefully not too hard. Nice theme!

Hi Kimrog, We give support via our forums on After you’ve registered you can login to our Aziza forum. Our support staff will help from there, and other queries might be helpfull too. Thanks for liking our theme :-)

G’Day Helen and the Theme-Dutch team
Can I offer a suggestion re your updates.
Would it be possible for you to include the Change-Log (and version number) as part of the front page description of the theme each time the theme is updated or at least include the latest version number in the splash image at the top of the description page like most other themes do.
Yes, I know that if you subscribe for notifications you’ll get an email that the theme has been updated but sometimes those are missed and one then isn’t sure if they need to download the theme again to see if they have the latest one.

Hello WindyCityFella, We’ll include the change log today. Thanks for pointing this out Cheers!

What are the changes in the new version. I tried to install it but i got an error.

Hi Avionet, We’ll include the change log today. Thank you

Hi, I don´t get any feedback on the support page, so i post my questions here. I want to change the hight of the featured image on the td-folio page, to be as high as the text to the right of the image. Where do I do that? Regards, Kim

Hi Kimrog, We provide support via our Aziza forum. You’ll certainly get feedback there, no worries. Please have a bit patience, our suppport-staff will respond from there. Thank you!


Regarding the Aziza slider: 1. Where can I change the size, color and opacity for the text box over the image on the slider?

2. Where can i change the color and size of the grey “thumb” bar under the slider?

Please provide me with information about what code file and what line I can do the changes.

Best regards Kim

Please post these question in the same post on the Aziza forum. Then our support staff can answer them all at once.

hi, it may be that the “aziza slide show” on android (4.3) chrome (31.0) does not work? regards

Hi liconet, I’ll ask our developer to test it. Thanks for posting!

thx you for the quick response. I have the same problem with the iphone 3gs (ios6) regards

Hi Liconet, There’s an update coming up. If you’ve bought the theme, please post in our Aziza forum via Our support staff stays in touch with our customers, as well as our developers. Also make sure you’ve downloaded the latest updates. Thanks a lot in advance!

hello, I have a problem, changing the logo from the framework of the theme, the logo changes on all pages but the home page is still the old one, same thing if I change the slides.

I emptied the browser cache but the problem persists. thanks

No, the problem is another. The framework does not save most settings. The home page menu link has different from that of the other pages.

The logo is loaded in the framework, but you only see the other pages but not the home page, same thing for the loader. Whatever change in home page the changes have no effect. You can see you

Something is wrong, if I change my wordpress theme, the home remains to Aziza. !?

Hi jepdsgn,

We provide theme support via our forums on Please register and login to post your queries in the Aziza forum. Our support staff will help from there. Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi ThemeDutch Happy New Year! Well I finally got around to buying Aziza. I have not yet installed it but have what may be a silly question for you before i do. You say in the manual to install Woocommerce before installing dummy content to avoid errors being thrown up. But if i do not plan to use Woocommerce – do i still have to load the plugin? Does the dummy content include woocommerce data? Thanks again and looking forward to working with your theme. regards Gailstorm

Hi Gailstorm,

Happy New Year to you too! How are you? Thanks for buying Aziza. If you don’t want to use Woocommerce, you don’t need to install the plugin. The dummy content includes woocommerce pages, you can delete them though. No problem.

Best wishes, Helen

Hello, I have a problem with the theme.

The home page is visible only to users that are logged. Do not use the cache plugin, and I emptied all the cache of the browser but the problem persists, you know give me some advice? garzie

Hi jebdsign,

Its not an issue of the theme. Please register to the Aziza forum on our website After that you can login and post on the Aziza forum. Please leave additional details; url etc. Our support staff will answer you from there.

Thanks in advance, Helen

Dear Aziza customers,

We’re updating Aziza as soon as possible. Please do not update Woocommerce, since Woocommerce made some changes which might effect the theme. Thanks in advance for your patience! Theme Dutch

Hello everyone!

Update AZIZA available for download from Themeforest! Cheers, Helen

After update, the scroll to top button is not visible anymore.

I used last update!

Hi avionet, Our last update is from February 27, please check if the problem still excists, otherwise ask for help via on the Aziza forum via Thanks in advance

problem solved with the update. Thank you.

I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate the Theme Dutch team on a fantastic theme. I also want to thank you for the amazing support that you have given in addressing any bugs or issues. This is one of the most powerful and flexible themes that you have created to date, and I would encourage others to invest into this theme. Thank you for the great work.

Hi Whitt, Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Minor update available: shortcodes

Cheers! Theme Dutch

Today: minor update Aziza

Hey there,

Just bought the theme. Really excited to set up. Just having trouble locating a few files that don’t appear to be with the actual theme zip file:

1) Aziza-import-layersliderwp.txt 2) wp_options.sql file

Able to forward to me?

HI jbbman, you can re-download aziza from your account, the files are added :)

Thank you!!!!!! You rock. That was fast!