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Hi CreaboxThemes, if I need to remove the timer from the template, will you help me to delete the code in the script to avoid the text effect? I read in one of your replies that this is what needs to be done, but I would not know how to do it. I also wanted to make sure I can embed any youtube video or a video of my own in the background. Is it easy to do without having any coding background? Thanks!

Hi buggersupreme,

if you want I can modify the theme for you. I can send you it to your email. You can send me your direction to my email admin@creabox.es

What background version do you want?



Can we use your [Discussion on Azul – Creative Coming Soon Template] field using [Magento] with [http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/store-maintenance.html] extension installed?

Appreciate quick reply, please.


1. Yes, the website is html + css. You would have to load the css files from the html. And in the theme there is jquery code too.

2. Sorry, but I can’t help you whith this. I have never used Mageto.


If you look at the above Magento extension link provided, you could see in screenshot that it supports HTML and provides a field where user can type down custom HTML code. We wonder, if we could use your module’s HTML+jquery code and simply copy and paste it in the Magento’s HTML box provided and the CSS files could simply be uploaded via FTP.

Yes, if you purchase the theme, use it.


How do you add or edit the timeline at the bottem? and the text that says “Azul Copright” at the bottom as well how do you add that?

Hi JusBusines,

this question is about the html template Azul. You have commented the Azul Wordpress Plugin too. Is this question about the html template or the wordpress plugin?


Wordpress plugin


you have to edit the option “Image Logo” in the page Azul Plugin > Home. Upload the image you want. In my demo website, this image has included the text “copyright”.


Hello, This is one of the most elegant Comming soon templates i´ve come acroos in time.

Just a short prebuy question.

Is it possible to change the fonts of the text that takes over/replaces the Countdown numbers with a specific Google font: “Permanent Marker”.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry, my question is related to the plugin version.

Oh, and is it possible to activate any control for visitors to set the volume of the video. I mean, besides complete MUTE or Full Volume. I think it would be a great idea to let them be ablo to set the video volume.

Hi gernav,

if you view the demo website (http://bit.ly/1xzBNUF / user and password: demo), there is an option in the panel Main Options to set the main and secondary typography from Google Fonts.

About the video volume, there is no an option now. But I can make a little modification for you when you purchase it.


- I just bought the theme and I want to remove the “We use cookies to improve your experience” warning.

- Every time I reload the page I got this popup: JavaScript Alert error: COnnection problem. Check file path and www vs non-www in getJSON request

Please help

Ok So the JavaScript Alert is solved when I put the files on localhost. But the warning: We use cookies, still there. Please help

NVM I commented out cookies message. I couldn’t find it at first. If I have any questions I’ll come back later.

Thank you

Hi JoshFX,

sorry for the inconveniences. If you have some doubt, I’d be glad to help you.


How do I change the overlay color, currently it’s blue? Please direct me to the css file where I can change the color code.


in the file contact.php (folder php), edit the line 4 and use this code:

Then, try to send an email.


wow works like a charm. Thank you for your help. Is that just because capital M ?


I’m glad it works fine. I think so, the poblem is the capital M. I have to update the theme with that change.


Hi, I want to add a new section, as it should do?

Hi nicolascirillo,

yes, it is possible. I can tell you what code you have to modify o if you want, I can make it for you in exchange for a little cost. Contact me to my email admin@creabox.es and tell me what you want exactly. You can write in Spanish ;)


Urgent problem! Doing website edits for a very well known client and I can’t even upload the Azul plugin and get it to work. I am getting the following message popup:

error: Connection problem. Check file path and www vs non-www in getJSON request

The site is www.briancarn.org


Nevermind. I got it.

Ok. If you need some help, contact me. Regards


Such a great Theme! So I am thinking of buying Azul HTML5 – First I would like to know if there is an option to add volume for video. I will be using the video bg- and would really make a difference if there was audio with it. I read below in one of your replies is that you could modify this but it was for the azul wp plug-in- Can you do the same for the HTML 5 file.. ??

Also Would the video automatically become an image if viewed from mobile?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for the quick reply! Another question, where in the code I place the bg image that would display in mob devices.. I know there is a DIV in the HTML section. Do I place it there? Thanks again!!!

Oh i think I found that class for the div on the bg image. But what I can’t seem to figure out is the newsletter email subscription, do I need to create a mail chimp account? because its routing me to your subscriber list. And also on the contact form, I have tested it and it is not going to my email. I made the changes in the sendmail.php, do I need to do any changes in the contact.php?


the file sendmail.php is used for the subscription form when you want the option of send the email to yours. The other option is Mailchimp, and yes, you need to create a Mailchimp account. Everything is explained in the documentation.

About the contact form, you have to edit the file contact.php.

And about the image replacement in the video background options, the image is set in the file style.css:

.poster-image { background: url('http://placehold.it/1280x720'); ...


Hi. Nice work. But is there any way you can define the length of the video from youtube? I would like to buy this but I need an option to do that..


can you send me your url to check the code?


Thank you! Works just fine now! Great work!

I’m glad you could fix it. If you need something more, contact me ;) Regards

Is this theme works with Weebly?


the theme doesn’t work with Weebly. It works with Mailchimp. But, if you purchase it and need help, I can help you.



I’ve just bought your theme but when I try to install it, the following message appears:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

It happens in my local and online server.

Please, help.


Luis Gil

Hi luis_gil7,

thanks for purchase the theme but you have purchased the html template, not the wordpress plugin. If you want to get the wodpress plugin, you can download it from here


Hi, I had pretty much left this purchase untouched until recently. I noticed that to configure the smtp mailer, it requires the email password be directly written on the files itself. This might present some security challenges in itself and hope that you can add some form of security hardening to it, or perhaps have an encrypted db-based password implementation method for the passwords.

Hi pageii,

sorry for the delay to answer. What form do you mean?


I was referring to the config part within php/config.php. This is also mentioned in your documentation.
define('TO_NAME','name'); //put your name 
define('TO_EMAIL','email@domain.com'); //put your email 
define('SMTP_HOST','smtp.domain.com'); //for example gmail: smtp.gmail.com 
define('SMTP_USERNAME','email@domain.com'); //put your email 
define('SMTP_PASSWORD','password'); //put your password 
define('SUBJECT','Contact from your website Azul HTML'); //change if you want the subject 

Ok. But it is a php file. The users can’t read the code like a html or javascript file. Don’t worry about that.


Hallo, and thanks for this pretty and functional template.

I’m having issues with GoogleMaps background in the contact section.

Either the default coordinate and the ones i put in dont’ work.

Instead of the map i get the following error message: “The page didn’t load GoogleMaps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

I am using vimeo template, and i follow instructions from other comments, before proceeding in contacting you.

I hope to hear soon from you :)

Hi Ascardi,

I have answered you in the forum suppot page: http://www.creabox.es/topic/google-maps-not-displayin/


I am really lost here. My site is at: http://libreexchange.com/

I have two issues:

  1. witter feed not displaying anything.
  2. Contact form not working

I did receive a comment from author’s suggesting I should remove the following line:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=YOU_API_KEY&sensor=false”></script>

But if I do that the whole menu stops working without any other improvement.

Anybody would be appreciated?



are you the user pascal@fen…?


Yes, same dude.

Hi, I’m trying to use the Newsletter function with Mailchimp and when I click ‘Go’ it stays submitting and the email never reaches my Mailchimp list. Thanks!

Hi neilas,

could you send me your url to check the code and the error? If you don’t want to publish it here, you can send me the direction to my personal email admin@creabox.es


Hi. I’m having issues getting extra background images to work in the background slider. I added a few extra sections to the template and have linked corresponding images, but only the first 3 background images work. Past that, there are issues.

Ok. I will make the changes to resolve it. The map is a choice. You can use it in the section you want instead of an image.



I have made the modifications. Where could I send you the files modified?


Awesome! Send it to webmaster.lws@gmail.com Thanks!

Hello, I can not make the subscription work to the newsletter. Neither with Mailchimp nor with sendmail.php. Can you look quickly please?

In addition, the sound does not start automatically with vimeo.

I send you the same message on your item support.


I have answered you in the forum website: http://www.creabox.es/topic/newsletter-subscription-dont-work/



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