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Simple and clean! Good luck mate :-)

Thank you saputrad! :)

Hi, this is a really nice looking theme.. one question, is it possible to create pages like this one http://bit.ly/XYvYMQ in the portfolio entries? what I mean is to be able to stack an image on top of the other and scroll down.

Thank you jaraujo!

The closest to what you describe is a 3 Column portfolio, but it would need a tiny modification to work in a single column. I would be happy to update you with the instructions over our forum if you are interested.

Very nice and clean. Love it! :)

Thank you Jaynesh!

hi, I love the design..awesome.. before i buy it i have 2 questions: 1. can i add videos (youtube and vimeo) on the portfolio page? 2. do you have any tutorial video on how to customize this theme?

Thanks and best regards


Hello Matt,

thank you. currently there are only images in portfolio, but I will add video support. I think it’s a great idea. Documentation is available only in pdf format (sorry no video, yet), but we put a lot of work in it and it’s guided step-by-step to make install super easy. Here is the link to the documentation: http://goo.gl/exV9p


Hi, i was just wondering, what levels of customization does this theme support ? I’m recommending this theme to my friend with minimal knowledge of code, I hope its easy to change.

Yes, since the upper portfolio is manual you can do this by modifying theme options. The task is very simple, I have created a guide how to do it on our support forums:


What would happen if I tried to add in a 6th image ? And how do I add in more pages to the bottom portfolio ?

To add a 6th image you will have to repeat the steps when adding a link, but this time adding a whole item scheme in theme-options (image,url, description,title,...) by copy-paste the whole container. You will have to adjust that in css, because it was built with only 5 images.

To add more portfolio items you can adjust the value in theme options under Home Settings > Number of shown portfolio items (bottom page). Currently it is set to 3.


Nice theme, good luck with sales!

cool color scheme.. good design..


thumb up, templateStock

Thank you candeed!

Zivio, when do you expect to have video support ready? For me it’s crucial to have this in the theme. Thanks, Daan

Hi daanvantulder,

Video support is coming in 2 days max. stay tuned.

We have added single portfolio page with project details which can be seen in our demo.

New version has been just uploaded to ThemeForest and will be available in max 24hours.

Best, Gregor

hi guys, some days ago i posted 2 questions on the support forum. no replies yet. please help me out. thanks

Hello daanvantulder,

Yes we recieved your message on the weekend. Please re-check the forum.



i did, but can’t find a reply

Hello Daan,

I will send you the files over your registered e-mail on the forums. Twitter shutdown the v1.0 API recently and we upgraded to v1.1. You will have to create a Twitter API OAUTH key as well. I will send you the instructions for that too.



Hello Gregor,

I love the work done on this WP-theme and I suggested it to one of my clients who appreciated too.
Before buying it and work on it, I wanted to be sure that this theme will be obtain the many wordpress’s updates to come in the futur despite the low volume of sales, without having to complain and fighting to obtain it ?

ps: Im sorry for this question but I want to trust, promote and support “non Elite Authors” but in the past, I’ve had problems tracking with authors who were not “Elite Authors”, that’s why I can ask this question for written trace in case of non respect with this engagement on updates .

Best regards

Hello Marcello,

thank you. Really appreciate it. We fully aware the importance of product quality and future support for our clients and we are building our company based on that. All of our themes get updated when needed with a lot of help of our forum community. Hope you join our happy customers soon!



Thanks for this fast answer, Gregor, and i appreciate it.
I wish the best for your company.
I will give you a sign when i buy it.
See u soon !


Hi Gregor,

Is “Bab” is ok with the wordpress 3.6.1 ?


Hello Marcello,

yes it is.

Best, Gregor

Hi Gregor,

As i promised 3 months ago i just bought your theme.
Can you send me the pictures as it is wrinting
“Important notice: Photos as shown in demo are not included in the download. But I will be happy to provide you with existing free online resources”

Thanks a lot
Best regards

Hello ?

No one in that house ? Where is the boss ?
It makes 3 month i asked a question here and 1 week ago i asked 2 questions on your support forum + an email 2 days ago ? Whithout any answer !

When the theme is buying all the things change ?
No service ? That was not the deal ! Scroll on my post 6 month ago
There is anybody in board ?
May Day ! May Day !

Regards Marcello