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Nice theme – Glws :)

Great job my friend. Good luck :)

Nice design and beautifully built also, GLWS :)

Nice work, Good luck :)

Great work, GLWS :)

very good work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;) !

hi! Do you know if it’s possible to use the theme with Visual Composer plugin? Thanks!

hi, sorry this theme doesn’t support Visual Composer plugin

Great work, GLWS :)

Another great theme, GLWS :)

Hola me gustaría saber si este tema tiene popup de newsletter en la home y si se puede poner en el top de la pagina las redes sociales. Gracias


You can use newsletter popup if you want.

Hola, el menu hace cosas raras, si pasas por encima aparece, pero si deslizas acia arriba el puntero desaparece el submenu y no vuelve a aparecer. Por otro lado los comentarios de los productos, sale mal, el tema de puntuacion.


You can create a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets. We will check and help you

Hi, I’ve got a nice intallation with Quickstart. http://2coolsunglasses.com/pos_bachas/layout4/en/ I´d like to move it to http://www.2coolsunglasses.com/

Thank you!


You can see this link for move prestashop to new server


Hi, thank you!

I´d like to move to the same server and the same domine, but to the root directory.

When you make with quickstart its create a new prestashop installation directory, root/pos_bachas

is it posible to create a new prestashop in the root directory of www.2coolsunglasses.com with a new quickstart installation?


You can move files and Open your DB and edit ps_shop_url table values domain, domain_ssl and physical_uri.

I have a problem, when i select an item i can view it on the cart but when i select proceed to checkout the item disapears from cart


We don’t see this issue. You can contact us and provide detail. We will help you. posthemes(at)gmail.com

does this theme support REV Slider?


You can add Rev Slider if you want. It is compatible with our theme

Hello..I installed the theme but I can’t buy from the shop…I can’t see the ‘add to cart’ button..(and the shop is not as ‘catalog’)...Please help me asap :)


You can create a ticket http://plazathemes.com/tickets/ and provide your website info. We will check and help you

Hi! I’m interested in purchasing your theme. Just have a few questions: 1. Tell me please does the theme support Russian and such currencies as Russian ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia? 2. Does this theme also support Google Fonts change? 3.Could you please advise if the Instagram feed is included in the theme?

Many thanks!


1. This theme supports t Russian and such currencies as Russian ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia 2. This theme supports google fonts. 3. You can use module as Instagram if you want


I bought your theme and need installation service to implement it On our running prestashop

How to do thAT



You can contact posthemes(at)gmail.com. We will check and help you