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Do you have any script (code ) for this theme. I like to buy it to…

What do you mean?

How could I make the pledge status and pledge platform functional?

You need to code it or need to let it be coded. I’m very sorry if I can’t be more specific, but that is not my special field – I’m just a designer.

this will rock if you can have this as a WP theme. i’m a sure buyer considering that there’s no other script/theme out there who’s thinking of the same especially for wordpress version.

I’d love to make this a WP theme. Problem is that I’m not very experienced in making WP themes just now – at least when It comes to really cool, feature packed themes. I only can do pretty basic themes and I suspect something like that will not be approved by the reviewers.

can i use it in face book?thanks

In theory you can use the theme for whatever you want. But within facebook an iframe app (which would hold the design) is only 810 pixels in width – smaller than the theme itself. That would cause a horizontal scrollbar within the iframe. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend using this theme in facebook though it is possible.

Is there a way to expand this to be full width? Are you using a CSS framework that I could modify? Any help would be great!!

This template is not using a CSS framework but as with every template it is possible to edit the CSS to achieve what you are looking for. It surely depends on your personal CSS/HTML knowledge though.

Excuse-me, If i use the regular license, may i build a site with full of function like kickstarter ?? How many products can i display in homepage ?? And can i change the default payment method by another ?

how do i build a complete website with this :(

I hope you understand that explaining how web-design in principle works exceeds the scope of our support.

Excellent Work man !! Good Luck

Love this product! Is there a way for me to automatically bring in the data from for “backers, pledged of goal and days left” onto my website page?

Unfortunately I am not familliar with the way Kickstarter works or how it is possible to bring in their data in a different website.

This is very much what I am looking for but I have no idea how to make this a functional website. I wish you would develop this with someone who knows. You can charge more for it and make some money. I think it would be very popular.

Can someone tell me how to use this template and integrate it with another functional theme??

Great template, thanks!

Thanks for purchasing it! Nice to heare that you like it! :)

For the Developer of this Page ~ I`m a Programmer, that Just created a System using your Template for my own Project, Do you wanna talk and collab about cross advertising, etc etc

Contact me.

Great template! I am however confused with the contact form. How to I set-up contact form to submit to my email.

Thanks for purchasing! There seems top be a misunderstanding: as stated in the item’s description the contact form is not functional – it’s just a template like the rest of the page.