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Bacon - User Generated Recipe Theme

Bacon - User Generated Recipe Theme

Bacon is the perfect food & recipe theme for you! It allows you to post recipes as well as open recipe submission up for your users. With a front page login box (that supports facebook, twitter & google+ logins) & a specialized submission page you’re good to go immediately after installing the theme.

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Bacon features

  • Users can “Love” a post/recipe & view them later
  • User Settings Page
  • User Profile Page displaying submitted posts/recipes & loved posts/recipes
  • Easy Review for User Submitted Posts
  • Front Page Login Form
  • Built in Google Captcha for Login Form
  • Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Login Support
  • Servings Calculator
  • Easy to use Front Page Widget Builder
  • Posts can be sorted by “Popularity” (similar to Reddit’s sorting algorithm)
  • Smart AJAX
  • Multiple Post Grid Layouts
  • Custom Widgets
  • Ready to be translated

More Info

Without installing anything other than the theme, Bacon will serve as a regular blog where people can submit posts, but by installing the recipe plugin (optional) that ships with Bacon, the submission form will open up possibilities for your users to generate recipes.

All the submitted posts are inserted as pending posts so a moderator can review the submission and do any changes if necessary. This is very similar to websites like 9gag.com and boredpanda.com, now you can easily make your own!


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