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Rossiya vpered :)

Very nice them, Good Luck :)

nice work gud luck :)

Amazing work buddy!!! good luck :)

It’s a very handy UI Kit. I’am very happy with it! Are you going to keep it updated so add new components ? :)

Thank you! :) It’s possible in the future.

I just don’t know where you people get such motivations to do all those small little things, and tons of them!! GLWS

I want to buy, but can be support ai format?

Hi, Here is version for Sketch format only, also you can buy PSD format here: http://greatsimple.ru/baikal/

Are you part of the UI8/CreativeDash team? I see that you’re selling some of the UI kits from their site here and was curious.

Hello, We are authors ( Great Simple Studio) of these and we are selling our products on ui8 and on Themeforest as well.

This is really nice! Good luck in your sales!

Hey Guys, nice Sketch design files. I downloaded all your files after purchase but can’t find the PSD files you are referring to in your Readme File.

Hello Pouwer, thanks for the purchase! We have common Readme File for PDF and Sketch versions, but we sell only Sketch files on ThemeForest. We note about it in the description and the name of the category is Sketch Templates. If you need PSD files just contact us hello@greatsimple.ru to get the special offer.

Where can I get this kit for Photoshop, with the same pricing?

Hi, You can buy the full version here (PSD and Sketch included): http://greatsimple.ru/baikal/ , but unfortunately you can’t buy a PSD version only. Regards

Hey there! Can i understand please what type of grid system you are using?

Hello, We use a container 980px which includes 4 columns ( 230px each). Let us know if you have any questions.

Has anyone converted these to html yet?

Hey! thanks for the question, we are working on it.

which software I need to install? sketch? can you send me the link

Hey, To use the Sketch version of Baikal you need to install Sketch app: http://www.sketchapp.com . Also you can buy Photoshop version of Baikal UI Kit here: http://graphicriver.net/item/baikal-ui-kit-huge-set-of-ui-components/15282609 , so it works perfectly with Photoshop CC. Thanks!


ird Purchased

Dear Author,

Good day. I have purchased the Kit and need a Bill in PDF form. Would it be possible for you to Email it? Many thanks.

Hey, sorry for the delay, wtire us: hello@greatsimple.ru

Hi! Have you ever thought of creating a wordpress theme based on this?

Hey! thanks for the question, actually yes. Going to release it soon :)

Wow! no kidding, you’re about to make millions! Any timeline? :-p

Wow! no kidding, you’re about to make millions! Any timeline? :-p

Hello! Just wondering how soon you will release the wordpress version? Working for a client and dying to get hold of the theme :-)

Hello, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately can’t say exactly about the date, we outsourced it to the guy and he is responsible for it. For now I can say the theme is in review and it’s possible it happens soon :)

Thanks for the update :-)

I bought the wrong one. I wanted to have the Photoshop one… Can you help me???

Hey, sure, please write us: hello@greatsimple.ru


1. so this will add to the baikal startup set, there are no duplicates between the two?


2. i need a few more business screens like charts, graphs, do you plan to add these? really need them

3. will you be adding more calendar screens?


Hey there! It’s not a duplicates, they’re different. Baikal UI kit is more about components and Baikal Starup is about layouts. Unfortunately we don’t have plans to add a new screens.