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Hello Guys, can I use Internationalization module for automatic translation with your template?

Thanks a lot Salvatore


Yes for sure you can use i18N module and translation. Everything is using content types and views and is translatable.

Also any strings are using t() function to allow you to translate them.

If you have any doubt on some things let me know.

Best regards, Joao Garin


I know this is probably not a problem with the theme. But I hope you can help anyway – I’ve created a sub-theme bur when I’m trying to change settings for the sub theme I get this “Fatal error: Call to undefined function baiuca_settings_form_submit() in /home/www/ ...domain… /includes/ on line 1513

regards jan

Hello I have uploaded a fix in the demo site you sent me. Please test this out if it works. Your subtheme was fine. The problem has to do with managed file inside the theme-settings.php. You can check the issue here

By the wasy the fix was in theme-settings.php in baiuca theme. I will update the them here in themeforest as well if it works. I am still going to run some tests

yes – seems to work now. The only thing is that the colorwheel doesnt show in the sub theme settings. Thats not a problem for me though. Thanks for your 5 stars support.

Alright great!;) I will still test this a bit before submitting a official fix here on themeforest. I will also add a base subtheme as a default for anyone wanting to create a subtheme. Its actually a good practice so thanks for bringing this issue up!.

Best regards

Can other languages be added? for example i’d like a site someone could choose english french or german as the site language. is that possible?

also how difficult would it be to put resevation functionality in it?

Hello yes languages can be added with the i18n module. I have had some users doing it quite easily just like making any other drupal site multilingue essencially.

For the reservation functionality I would recomend webform module which is very simple and powerful withemail notifications all kinds of fields like dates etc..

Let me know if you need some help setting it up I wouls gladly help.

Best regards

Hi Team,

We are just in love with this theme, but before we will buy it, we need to know how to make details page for each product in the menu, since we have menu of categories, each category linked to a page that has number of items (menu of items), and each item will be linked to a details page.

Can you please help us since we need to buy the theme urgently.



The theme uses views, content types and taxonomy for the menu. This gives you a lot of flexibility on how to setup views and pages.

So to make the detail page os a menu item is quite easy. Its just a matter of using the node type page.

The view you see as menu displays items of type “Menu”, you can then link each menu to the detail page (instead of just opening the on hover effect you currently see).

The page that has the “categories” you would have to make a views page with the categories that in the theme are taxonomies. You can also do this quite easily with little knowledge of Drupal.

Let me know if I can help a little more on that once you buy the theme. You can send me a private message to explain a bit further.

Best regards, Joao Garin

Hello :)

I just want to ask a question, If I want to add new web forms rather than the only default contact form, how can we do this? also If I want to modify this form elements?

UPDATE: I used webform module, but I want to add classes to the labels, how can I do this? I need this to apply bootstrap style to the webform.


Sorry I didnt notice the message, when that happens feel free to send me a message directly via private form on my page.

Regarding webform. You can of course use webform and it should apply basic bootstrap style for inputs and etc. if you need something specific waht you need to do is a form alter (like

You can add classes to any element, and also to the form itself using form_alter.

Best regards

So I’m pretty far into the customization of this theme and just realized that the menu items and quotes do not show up in FireFox. Looked at the live preview here on TF and same thing. FireFox version 39. Any thoughts?

I can’t recreate it on browserstack either. Hmm.

Can’t figure it out. Tested it on other computers with FF39 and it work fine. Sorry for the bother.

No problem.

Hi! where can i “find” the “Make a reservetion” btn? i need to replace or remove it (also the link too) thanks!

thanks a lot!! i try it and i keep you inform….thanks again for the direct reply ! :)

Hi i need to set a newsleeter in page, is there any proposals for that?


That is not by default in the theme. There are some modules for Drupal that you could use like mailchimp module which I think provides this option as a block with the signup form for the newsletter.

The link is

Hello.There are several issues on baiuca-drupal-7 theme, which I bought at http: // and installed on

1. Menu 3, 4 columns.Description of different lengths for different dishes. Because of this, the height of the menu items are different, it looks disgusting.I tried to use the trim on the number of characters, but the same height menu items could not be achieved. Little but they differ in height and by attaching such a situation ? As it is possible to restrict the height of the menu items to make it the same for everyone, regardless of the amount of text in the description? Is it possible to specify, in pixels, for example?

2. Menu on the home page.There is a need to display on the main page of the menu of 4 speakers, and by default displays a menu of 3 columns. ? Where can I change the number of columns to display on the home page on the 4 columns?

3. MapUnfortunately I was not able to either change to another city or to put labels to our institutions is at stake. After reviewing the instructions attached to the subject ( “Baiuca theme” Documentation by “Joao Garin” v1.0) I have also found no clues how to do it. ? How can I set up the card at your site? ? How to change the city on the map to another? ? How to install markers on the map schools?

4. Download pageAt boot time, the slider shows “Loading page” in English, which is inconvenient. ? Where can I change the inscription “Loading pages”?

5. Youtube instead of VimeoOur video posted on YouTube and would like to embed them in the pages of the site. In the description to the subject it says that you can use Youtube as well as Vimeo. However, I was not able to embed video Yutube. ? How to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo in not? For example, on the home page and in the page “abaut”

6. Regular Bottom coordinates instead of contact formI could not figure out a contact form. ? Is there a possibility of using the usual topic Bottom instead of contact form on the main page, for example? ? Is it possible to display the contact form without support from the map?

Thank you for your help.The theme was very comfortable, I want to buy one more theme for another site)


when you have so much doubts about the theme you can ask support. I will try to sum up your questions here but its easier when done via email.

1 . Menu. This is actually a limitation of css itself. And actually while that might seem a simple goal. its not simple to achieve at all. What I would suggest is like you mention just trim the text. Other option is just use things you know will have the same size. Content is everything so for a good layout some compromises might have to be made.

2 . In css you can find the following rule ’.work-list ul.items .work-item’. You need to change from 33% to 25%

3. You can find the map in the file sites/all/themes/baiuca/templates/page-front.tpl.php and page-contact.tpl.php

4. If you are running a multilingual site you should use translations to translate that string. But you can also change it directly in sites/all/themes/baiuca/templates folder in the page—xxx.tpl.php files

5. On the description I mention youtube and vimeo are builtin for Blog items. Where you have a type of blog item where you can just type the video URL and it will display the video. It works for both vimeo and youtube. To embed on pages you can just use shortcodes or the body field normally like its done on the homepage block where you have already changed the video.

6 . The contact Form is just the Drupal contact form that comes with Drupal core. I have not chaged it. I don’t fully understand the question please email me if you still have some doubts on that.

I hope it helps a little I know the documentation is kind of a work in progress I will update it with your feedback that I appreciate. And please if there is any doubt on these things you can email me directly in my profile page.

Best regards Joao Garin

Great theme! Wat about top slideshow? Is it based on views and can I add there some fields and countdown timer?


Its based on views yes.and using flexslider.

Best regards

For the countdown timers, that would have to be implemented by yourself. the theme does not come with that.