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Beautiful Design Theme! :)

Nice Work.

Good Luck With Sales :)

Nice Design :) Good Luck

Good Luck With Sales :)

Great job ! GLWS :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

Great job! Good luck :)

Nice Design GLWS :)

The map is not loading, how do I get it to work?


Thanks for purchasing Baka

The Map will work on your Web Server


good work !! Is possible embed video of vimeo into portfolio ? Tks


Yes you can embed Vimeo video. follow the link below.


how i can change the skin ? , i replace the style with the orange file but the style has many problems then.

Hi Thanks for purchasing Baka

You do not have to replace any file or stylesheet for any skin. default skin is green. just uncomment the linked stylesheet in head section


<!-<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/skins/orange/orange.css”/>->

just uncomment it.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/skins/orange/orange.css”/>

default skin will be replaced by the orange skin.

Please also view screen shots in documentation.


Hi, how can I remove the “all” portion of the isotopes plugin, on the portfolio page? For example, my website has 100+ items and I want the default view to NOT include 100 items, but rather another category that has say 10 items.


I’m concerned about this theme. I bought it, modified it, and launched it. Now I’m having to dig through some scripts because apparently there is some bad code in there that is spamming our own server and possibly others. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what did you do about it? Did you find the problem file?

I will comment again when I find a resolution. This is chewing up a lot of time and effort.