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Where do I change the logo of the fixed header? When the fixed header appears the image gets broken.

You can fix that from Bakery > Header > Fixed Header Logo.

This option does not appear here. I’m using version 2.3. But it only has Fixed Header on Scroll. You have nowhere to select the logo.

Please make sure you have also updated Bakery Options plugin to v2.3.

i deactivated my licence as i am working in my dev env where i often use duplicate installations to compare import theme content with new content. i deactivated on devsite1 and tried to activate on devsite2 to import content for me to copy. Now I cannot activate either. Doesn’t it follow that when I decativeate 1 licence I can activate on another? ie. Will I need to request reset manually if I go between sites? No site is live yet.

We have just reset your license and you can now activate the theme on your dev environment. If you want to have the license active on both sites then please submit a ticket in the support center.


Awesome response time ✓ Awesome Theme ✓ Responding to support requests quickly and positively is a sign of a great service. Wish you guys success. thank you!

Thank you so much for the great words. Really glad to help you anytime. All the best!

Hi, I missed doing multiple updates & when I tried to push the newest version through, it crashed my site (was trying to go from 1.3.7 to 2.3 – I know, I know). I was able to roll it back, but am wondering if there is a way to make all of the updates. Or did I just miss too many? Oh, also, added additional support as mine had expired, but it’s not acknowledging or verifying that I have extended.

Any help would be appreciated.



You can update to v1.3.9 which is included in the main theme folder. It includes latest versions of bundled plugins and other new fixes.

Most of Bakery 2 has been rewritten and automatic upgrade from 1.3.7 to 2.3 is not recommended (read more here).

Everything is fine with your support on our side so feel free to use the support center for any questions or issues.

Many thanks!


alfakih Purchased

Hi, I have purchased this theme, and submitted a ticket on your support site, unfortunately , it is 4 days now with out any respond,, Any update, ??!!

Hi, we will take a look at your ticket now and answer it immediately. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thanks ^MS

Hello, Trying to upload the theme, but next error ocurred: “The link you followed has expired. Please try again” Can you help me please?


Maximum upload size could be set to 2MB and the theme’s package is larger than that. You should increase that limit to at least 64MB. See https://milingona.ticksy.com/article/12193/ for more details.

Kind regards

Hi, I have activated theme with my licence key. Unfortunately, I was forced to delete the whole WP installation, and now I can’t register again for the same website https://bashka.ba Please, reset my licence. Thanks in advance!


Sorry, but still Purchase code has used in another domain. / I tried 3 times to install this theme, but after activating theme a got

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

What is wrong?

And please reactivate code…

Please submit this as a ticket in the support center. We will need to take a closer look at your site.

Thanks ^MS

Hi there, i have used the bakery theme in wordpress but now my server got reseted and i need to reinstall my theme. I get this: Purchase code has been used in another domain as a resault, what should i do now?

Hi, we have just reset your license and you should now be able to activate the theme without any problems. Kind regards ^MS


huynquach Purchased

The revolution slider is awesome but when I add a video through .mp4, .webm, .ogv – they all have issues with no autoplay. I’ve scoured the internet for answers to no avail. What is causing this issue? In addition youtube videos do not autoplay either, I’m running a pretty clean install of this theme. Any help would be most welcomed. chinachen.org and the video is in the gallery for testing purposes.


huynquach Purchased

On mobile it does not auto-play as well… any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

Most probably that is happening because you do not have the latest version of Revolution Slider. Please provide us via here your email and we will send you back the latest plugin version.

Kind regards