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Good day, I am trying to change the order form items, but not seeing any “Bakery > Order Form section”? Where can I locate this in the version that I have:


please check the answer in ticket #1655591 for the details.

Thanks ^M

Thanks for the quick and excellent support!!!

You’re very welcome! :)

Hello. May I request for a reset of my license? I recently did a total re-install of the theme and reset of all database. Now I can’t activate the theme because it says it’s being used by another domain, when domain I’m working on is still the same. Thanks!


your license has just been reset and you should now be able to activate the theme without any issues.

Best ^M

Wow! Thanks so much!

You’re very welcome! :-)

Hi again. After resetting database and re activating the license, I can;t seem to get back the Bakery in the menu, so I can;t download demos. Any solution please? Thanks!

Please provide us your WP credentials via here and we will take a closer look at that. Thanks!

Can we just modify the layout of purchased theme accordingly or will have to go ahead like that? Actually I am a Mobile App developer and have to develop a food delivery App and website too.

Of course you can modify the layout and content of the theme. Bakery WordPress Theme is very flexible and easy to use.

Can you please reset my license? I started my website from scratch, because the old version stopped working. It’s urgent

The map is showing up properly on our side (see Probably you fixed that? Please let us know your feedback. Thanks ^M

Yes, I fixed it by putting the js script Google send me as pure js container in the page via WPBakery Visual page builder just before the Map container and it worked like a charm.

Great! Glad you fixed that and thanks for the feedback.

Hello, Trying to upload the theme, but next error ocurred: “The link you followed has expired. Please try again” Can you help me please?

Hello Jorge, your ticket in the support center has just been answered. Please check it and continue the discussion there. Thanks ^M


I have a problem with the theme doesn’t load properly and stuck. And after 2 mins I got a message it says Page Unresponsive. I already talk to my Hosting Provider and after a couple days they found the problem with the theme which is preventing the site from fully loading. I Using theme Version: 1.3.8 and running on PHP 7.1.14 Wordpress version 4.9.8 Thank in advance


Please kindly submit this as a ticket in the support center along with your site login details so we can take a closer look and provide our feedback.

-> Go to Support Center


Before to buy this theme, i want to ask. Is it possible to add products: photo, description, some properties, like a catalog etc.. (without price, without cart, without order form) without having to use woocommerce?

In this case, grid and single product template are customizable?


Of course, that is possible! The theme supports two different ways for making your website with catalog mode so you have the same design and functionality except price, cart etc.

Please let us know if you have any other pre-sale questions.

Thanks ^M

Ok tanks. Product page or grid template is customizable? Is it possible to test in a demo the admin side of the template?

Sure, you can change the products display style, shape, content, label, zoom icon, link etc. Unfortunately, there is no theme test available yet. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions. Thanks ^M.

Hello, can you please tell me if I would be able to use your google map with multiple locations without paying to GOOGLE for the DEVELOPER API ? Thank you


Yes, that is possible! Please submit a ticket in the support center and we will happy to assist you.

Many thanks!

Hello on my site I have the PANIFICAZIONE 1.3.7 version today I tried to update the ENVATO market, as soon as I finished switching to the new version, the site was no longer visible and the BAKERY button disappeared from the control panel. I had to redo everything. How can I upgrade without losing anything?

We’ll release the new theme version very soon. Stay tuned!

YOU ARE CRAZY, it is a way to say that you are very strong, very good. I bought your template a few years ago, now the customer has finally decided, and I’m using your latest version and I’m discovering many widgets, beautiful elements and made really well, comfortable and easy to use, this facilitates the my job. Congratulations again. You are mythical Milingona

Wow, thank you so much for such wonderful words! Please leave that comment in the Reviews section as well. Many thanks! <3

​Hi Guys,

Love the theme, have been using it for 4 years! I have recently gone to update to 2.2. I tried updating both through WP and FTP on the actual and a staging site, but in both cases (not at the same time), I keep getting invalid licence. Even with deactivating the current theme, the notice continues to show. In a perfect world I feel I should be able to have my website live and running while running the update on the staging site, so that i can safely merge, but this does not seem possible, and it will not activate on either side. The theme upon purchase says future updates, and with out repurchasing the license or support I can not do this. Can you please advise?


Hi there,

Please submit a ticket in the support center or reach us via the contact form and make sure to provide us the links where you’re trying to validate the theme. That will allow us to take a closer look and provide you better feedback.

Thanks ^MS

I’m sorry, something screwed up on the server. Would it be possible to reset the activation key? Thanks

Of course, we have just reset your license and you should now be able to activate the theme without any issue. Thanks ^MS

Hi, something happend to my server, and now I’m kind of stuck with shortcode not being interpreted like [vu_title title=, what is the missing part I need to reinstall?

Hi, please make sure you have properly installed and activated Bakery Shortcodes plugin. If that does not help you then please submit a ticket in the support center and we will be happy to take a closer look and help you out. Thank you ^MS