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Hello there,

I was wondering how can I update custom fields pro.



We suggest you to ask plugin’s author this question because that is a 3rd party plugin and hasn’t been developed from us.

Kind regards

Well usually I have the plugin in the files of the theme that I bought…

ACF plugin is not included with the theme and that’s why we suggested you to contact plugin’s author. Thanks!


Our old developer purchased Bakery for our site many years ago, but is no longer with us. Site is www.angelosbakery.com

He disabled both the name and price from showing up when you hover over the thumbnail with the following code:

.vu_pi-price, .vu_pi-name { display:none;

However we want the price to be displayed so I removed the price portion to say:

.vu_pi-name { display:none;

Unfortunately this only makes the price show up underneath the select size/add to cart. I would like it to show up underneath the product name. How would I go about doing this? If it is not possible is it possible to move or change the size so when you hover over the image you can actually read the price.

Examples of whats happening vs what we want: https://imgur.com/a/TezphsU


We need to get a closer look at your admin area so please submit this as a ticket in the support center: http://milingona.ticksy.com/ along with your WP login details. Please note that in order to be able to use the support center you must have valid theme support.

Kind regards

I have no way of knowing the previous purchase code, as the old developer didnt leave us with this information unfortunately. Would there be a way I could just renew the support? I am assuming he let it expire maybe. Or is there a way to check the purchase code in the admin area that I am not seeing?

You can know the purchase code only from the account which was used to buy the theme. If you do not have access to that account, please reach us via the contact form and we will give you further guidance. Thanks!

Hello guys. We have no way of translating the “Related Products” section in the Shop. Why? How is possible?


Your support has expired a long time ago and in order to be able to get support from us you need to renew your support. Please note that we handle all support requests via https://milingona.ticksy.com/.

Thanks for your understanding!

Hi, really like your theme! great job! got a few pre-sale questions here:

1. is there a dine-in order funciton? i.e. customers orders in the restaurant using ipad and the kitchen gets notified (either on computer or ipad)?

2. Can you please provide a link to your user manual?

Thanks. Victor

Hello Victor,

Glad you like the theme. Please find below the answers to your questions.

1. There is no dine-in functionality supported by the theme, unfortunately.
2. Documentation comes included with the theme files but you can check the support center https://milingona.ticksy.com/ for some details. Once you buy the theme you will get 6-months of free support and we will be happy to assist and answer any of your questions/issues.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards

Just bought the Bakery theme which includes a free copy of the WPBakery builder and when I activate the Plugin I get the error ‘There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.’

We sent you a reply via the support center (ticket #2424001). So please check that and reply so we can further assist you. Thanks and cheers!

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SDial Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to push vu mf-sub footer to bottom of page where I only have 1 product. Sit in the middle of page now. Tried .site-footer{ position:fixed; etc. but did not do anything. Thanks!

Hi, please kindly submit this as a ticket in the support center: https://milingona.ticksy.com/ along with your site URL and we will make sure you get an answer for that. Thanks!