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Hi – I have purchased your Bakery theme for Wordpress, and built a site using it.

However the map in the contact section doesn’t work. I get the following error: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

How to make equal height size between elements?
Thanks. For 2 point I mean this: I want to red line be equal to green.

Exactly, you can control that by setting top margin to 0 under Design Options of the title section shortcode or adding m-t-0 as Extra class name under General tab.


Baricanto Purchased

In Visual Composer? And how to upload custom SVG (there are WP restriction)? I want do it for “Main services we provide” section (or maybe use other format?).

Hi guys, 2 questions if you could help me out? 1: Is it possible to add a variation to the products? (Such as Small or Large Loaf) 2: I changed a product image and then all of the products on the “Products” page (with the filter) have disappeared, do you know what this could be?

Thanks in advance guys

Ah I managed to sort out my second question. It’s just the variations bit now, any help on it would be appreciated :)

hello, i am using Gallery Item, and i can only have 4 columns in the settings. any chance i can change it to 6? and how can i control the size of the thumbnails? they are changing automatically… thanks

I have some problems with the posts excerpt. Posts manual excerpts not working. I want to use visual composer to edit the posts and when i try to share it on facebook it shows the shortcodes from vc. Even if i setup the manual excerpt the share still uses the full content and not the text in the excerpt. Can you please help me fix this?

I fixed it. I used yoast and i disabled your open graph from theme setting…


kaata23 Purchased

Hello, how can I make the products square in the default portfolio template? Thank you


lendsy Purchased

After installing the WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin, regardless of how many products I select, the message at the bottom of the product page (above Add to Cart) says “You have selected 0 items. Please choose at least 6 to continue…” It never updates as products are selected. I also cannot click on the Add to Cart button either.

Thanks for your help!


nuvolasrl Purchased

Hi, I’ve a problem with the maps, I’ve inserted the map but after one scond of view it disapper and a message appear: Google Maps is not loaded correctly. For technical details, see the JavaScript console.

How I solve it?


WebEnova Purchased

Hi, how are you. I have a problem in the store section you can not remove the header between the menu and the banners I have tried it as in other pages selecting “default” also selecting “none” and it is not removed. If I can do it in other pages less in store. I leave the link:


coolrds Purchased

is it possible to ad recaptcha to the theme contact form ?


coolrds Purchased

is it possible to add recaptcha to the theme contact form ? and how do i do that? also for the blog page where you can place an comment can i add there an recaptcha ?

i mean without something like that it will be spammed with crap


eeljun Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme and building bakery site. and I am applying WPML. my problem is right-menu is gone when I change to another language. I am sure I configured menu option properly. can you visite my site and check it for me?


cmbsglobal Purchased


Do you have some sort of online documentation for this theme? I purchased it in Jan and would like to access the documentation


sqwear Purchased

Love the theme, hope I can get an answer to an issue I never noticed until now (hope I can squeeze in this support question). But on the shop page there is a slider for “Filter by Price”. It stops at $15 leaving my 15+ dollar items off of the initial sort. I do not see a option to make that filter higher. Could you tell me how I can edit the top end value of that slider? Pretty please..