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nice work, GLWS :)

You are working so hard lately, mate. Congrats for a new great product, and good luck with sales. ;)

What can I say, wonderful as always , congrats ; wish you the best with sales :)

Do you have the version of wordpress?

Great work Rob.

Thanks for the comments :) , possibly there will be WP version, not sure yet.

Hello, congtrats on this template, finally more towards business type…I am going to buy it. some questions?? 1. Why you did not add the video home like in other templates?? how can I add the video if I want to open as a main home page, like you have in others templates??? please alwayts add the video home in your designs…

2. Can I change colors?? 3. The contact and newsletter works???

Thanks john

1. Yes, if you purchase just email me for help adding a video
2. Yes
3. Yes

This is is great…many possibilities with this one… I do like the business model type… definitely will shop to my clients….bookmarked! :)

Hi i wanna buy balance_html , but can i have multi colour option in it… like blue orange … like u have it in all other templates … thx

I have buy this .. but can u please tell me how can i get option of multi-pal colour change … plz

You can change colors in the css. There is no color changer (that’s usually for demo purposes only) but I didn’t create one for this template anyhow.

is their a wordpress of this site?

Not yet, possibly in the near future

I want to buy this theme but I’ have tried to see the theme on ie8 winxp32 and, in the home page, I don’t see the image in the “our facilities” slider. I see only text, green line and arrows. If you want I send you a desktop image…

Just remove the iframe

Hi, I have bought and downloaded this theme and I have noticed that in Interent Explorer 8 that in a few pages certain image blocks are not displaying, this even happens when viewing the demo theme on the theme forest website.

The pages in question are…

About The 4 images that display in the section that comes below the tabs of Amenities, Hours, Classes and Prices.

Events The 4 images below the ‘Find out more text’ towards the bottom of the page.

Is there some additional coding that is required for use in IE8 ? Note that in Firefox and Chrome these images are displaying.

I tested the file in IE8 and I’m not getting any such issues. You have a link to your site.

Here’s a link to the site. All I have done is upload the original files


As mentioned if I browse the demo on the themeforest site in IE8 I get exactly the same problems appearing.

I have also tried the theme out in a Sandbox Browser environment using IE8 and still get the problems.

I’m still not seeing any of that in IE8 , perhaps you have a slow connection or slow system.

love the theme. first time wordpress user though, do you have a tutorial video? thanks

Thanks :) Yes the WordPress version comes with comprehensive documentation including video tutorials for beginners. And full support if you run into problems. fyi: you posted this question on the HTML version.

Hi When I send a message it is being directed to the e-mail recipient, but is returning to the visitor with the following message:

Deprecated: Function eregi () is deprecated in / home/centr419/public_html/academialapacenter/contact/include/fgcontactform.php on line 548

Deprecated: Function split () is deprecated in / home/centr419/public_html/academialapacenter/contact/include/class.phpmailer.php on line 470

Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at / home/centr419/public_html/academialapacenter/contact/include/fgcontactform.php: 548) in / home/centr419/public_html/academialapacenter/contact/include/fgcontactform. php on line 143

It was not like this before, what can be done to fix it?

You must of updated to the latest version of php on your webserver which has deprecated some functions. You can go back to the older version of php which will fix this, or if that’s not possible see the FAQs for the fix.

Exactly. I updated the site to PHP 5 .3 and crashed the form correctly. Quand I went back to PHP 5 .2 came back normal year. Its form function in PHP 5 .3?

how do you change the color of the slideshow arrows? The green background?


Hi, great theme…in regards to the IE7 /IE8 issue with NOT displaying certain items on the page….we have made customization to the code already, could you please let us know what files to replace in order to fix the issues…

Thank you,


When did you purchase the file?

Purchase was on August 30th.

just replace styles.css

Hi. I’m having problems with the tweets in the footer, is blank and no messages appear. I left even standard “igniteflash” and is without anything appearing. What can it be?

Hi, see the FAQs

Perfect. Thanks. ;)

I experienced IE8 compatibility issue with font rendering. The menu font remain larger unless user moves or clicks on something….very strange. it does not happen all the time, so try refreshing browser few times…

any ideas how this can be corrected?

Thank you


I haven’t been able to replicate that. Check on other systems as could just be something specific to your system.