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Design is eyecatchy, congrats :)

Hi, Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Very nice! I love your work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much for your positive comment and good wishes. My good wishes also for your templates, good luck to you.

its loading slow…

good design… best of luck with sales

Yes, My server is running slow but if someone use the theme that will not going to work slow on them server & I am going to change it soon. Glad to know that you like theme design.

Thank You

I changed my server to fast 4GH server for fast preview, Now please check.

Thank You.

Hi stevemun7, Very nice Theme, ilike it. :-) I want to buy your theme, is there any option to use western union payment,

Hi Sunrock, Thanks a ton, Right now I am not giving western union payment on this theme. I will remind this on next version.


Hi Steve

A couple of questions 1. when you purchase a product does this automatically create an account? 2. I see you list downloads on the ‘Create an account’ page are download purchases, say mp3’s, automatically added to purchasers account to download? 3. Can you control how many times a purchase is downloaded? 4. are you able to display videos, music as well as stills for products on the selling pages?

thanks john

Hi John,

[1] Purchase a product doesn’t create an account. You need to create account manually. [2] If you add to cart any product and also have an account that only reflect on purchase account to download. [3] For multiple times of purchase of same product that reflect on your back end / theme admin. [4] And for videos & music I am not adding anything on this theme, For still images you can add for product selling page.

Thanks Steve

Hi it looks like stylesheet needs a bit of work for mobile version because the header part looks a bit weird in mobile.

I am showing the same structure in mobile view as for other devices. And every options are showing on header.


Dollar sign looks wrong in demo it isn’t in line with other currencies. Is it easy to change the colours without going into the style sheet?

I like the clean look, but I would like acknowledgement of checkout items to be in top left rather than just below header is this easy to change?

Do you do custom work if required? Thanks

Dollar sign issue is resolved in every browser. Modified in css. Yes it is easy to change the color combination need to modify in css or you just can change the background images as for your theme.

And for checkout option opencart theme giving the same option display on below header. Yes I will make some custom work if require but as for opencart theme limitation.

Thank you.


This theme is FULL SSL Compatible?, im asking that, because i have an SSL and the website only works in Firefox, if i Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer doesnt works.

This are the examples:

Image from Firefox:

Image from Internet Explorer or Google Chrome:


Theme is running perfect in any browser like firefox, safari, chrome, internet explorer, etc. There is no require for SSL compatible. If you are using SSL then I am not aware of this.


I have issues with belanashop-lightgreen and belanashop-light-blue templates.

1. They cache the default store logo that comes with the theme. My store logo does not show but it is replaced by the belanashop logo.

2. The search button is dislocated when the store is viewed on mobile phone.

Kindly help. How do I resolve this – I am using the latest version of this template. Just deployed it yesterday night.

Best Regards, Peter


1. For changing your logo please open {catalog\view\theme\balenashop-lightblue\template\common}. Then open {header.tpl} file in dreamweaver or notepad.

Now search {<?php if ($logo) { ?> <?php } ?>}. you only need to put your store logo on image src path.

2. The search button is view well in minimum 320/480 dpi.

Best Regards.

Hi Steve,

Another nice opencart theme made by you. I glad to work with you.

Good Luck with Sale :)


Hi Maria,

I am waiting for your email.

Thank you


Very nice design and detailing work. Looks perfect in responsive structure.

Good luck with sale :)


Thanks a ton


Very good design


Thank U

Very eyecatchy design. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks a ton


Really awesome design. very high quality work.

Luck to your sale :)


Thank U

Thank U


Thank you for knowing me this issue. Actually I am not giving support to IE 6 – 7 for only for this theme. But in IE 8 it working perfectly.

In header.tpl add this to work well in IE78 /

<script src=”//”></script>

I already added “html5.js” in header.tpl for IE 8 which will also work in IE 7 . “html5.js” is used for HTML 5 with out this “html5shim” google code.

Thank you

Steve, Theme is fully supported with html 5 I checked it. Really nice design keep it up :)

Thanks Mercutio


Please i need your help, when i upload the template i receive this error:

Notice: Error: Table ‘xxxxxxxx_dweb.product_tag’ doesn’t exist Error No: 1146 SELECT * FROM product_tag WHERE product_id = ‘42’ AND language_id = ‘1’ in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx/httpdocs/system/database/mysql.php on line 49

I have try in 3 different servers with different configurations and no one works. When i install opencart works perfectly but when i upload the theme and rewrite the files give me that error.


1. First install opencart on your server
2. After installing go to “OpenCart v1.5.3 to v1.5.4.1” > “FILES TO UPLOAD ” > copy “catalog” folder and replace on server
3. Then go to “Help Section” and do the need full

I think your issue will be resolve. Otherwise give me your server details I will do everything. First time you told me this type of issue.

Thank you