Discussion on Balkon - Creative Responsive Architecture Template

Discussion on Balkon - Creative Responsive Architecture Template

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pmorelli Purchased

Hi! I love your Balkon theme, but I’m having a problem with lightbox.

I added the “slider-wrap lightgallery” in my index page, which already has the swiper slide. In this case, the lightbox gallery doesn’t work.

Can you please check ? https://tgmaisarq.com.br/site/

Try to open the lightgallery at the portfolio section.

If I delete the full slider from the top, it works.

Is it a JS conflict, or something like this? What should I do? Thanks!

Hello. Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

OK, already sent the question

Hello, I get warning that not include style.css folder. What should I do?

Hello, Page scroll down speed is very low. I think it was specially made. How can I fix this ? Thanks

Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

I send. Smooth scroll is subject here

Check your mail.

Hello there!

Is it OK for me to remove the theme name from the styles.css?

Thank you for your understanding!

Hello. Yes.

Hello, 4888a9ee-5a7f-4443-8edb-6888ead08689

I am not able install this theme as a .zip file. Getting css error :

Yüklenmiş dosyadan tema kuruluyor: themeforest-U9S4Yivn-balkon-creative-responsive-architecture-template.zip Paket açılıyor…

Tema yükleniyor…

Paket yüklenemedi. Tema style.css stil dosyası içermiyor.

Tema kurulumu başarısız oldu.

Hello, i have then made this purchase by mistake. Can you refund this so that i can purchase the wordpress theme ?

Could you please help me on this ?

Hello. Ok, buy a WordPress version and create a request for a refund through the Envato system – in the comments write the purchase code for the html version and for WordPress. Thanks

Let me ask you a question. Can I make a hosting local video grid instead of an image grid on the portfolio page?

(div class=”gallery-item houses apartments”) (div class=”grid-item-holder”) (div class=”box-item”) (div class=”popup-gallery”) (a href=”mylocal.video.mp4” class=”popgal” title=”This is a video”) (img src=”1.jpg” alt=”Alt text”) (/a) (/div) (/div) (/div) (/div)

Hello. This is a mistake in the documentation – you need to add your email in the file contact.php. Sorry.

contact.php In the file,

// Configuration option.
// Enter the email address that you want to emails to be sent to.
$address = "my_email@mydomain.com";
 $to_Email = "my_email@mydomain.com";

So I revised and added it. But I still don’t get emails.

Is gmail only possible? I want to get it as “my_email@mydomain.com”

I think I need a js file. Is there anything else to add in scripts.js?

You only need to add your email to the file contact.php.
Try to check folder “spam”.
You can use any email address.

I wanted to know what type of support is provided with the initial purchase of your products (I’m interested in Balkon) and what is included for the one year extension. Basically, I would like to change out a few of the stock pictures and I d assume I can add my own files or add additional pages through duplicating the existing pages is not an issue. Please advise.

Desmond 213.864.7076

1,Standard support is 6 months ( https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191263-What-is-Item-Support- ) – you just renew it immediately for +6 months. Updates are always free.
2. You can do whatever you want with the template – edit, copy, replace, etc.

I’m sorry to bother you, I’ve put together the last question and sent it to you by e-mail. Could you please check it out?

Check your mail.

Like the grid images on “blog-grid.html”

I want to make full width image of RELATED PRODUCTS on page C.

I’d like to have full width image of section “RELATED PRODUCTS ” on “product-single.html” of shop.

product-single related products css is designed to be .product-cat-mains { width: 25%; float: left; padding: 25px;

What should I do portfolio gallery lightbox pop up magnifier Disable. (portfolio9.html, portfolio8.html,portfolio6.html, portfolio5.html portfolio4.html ,portfolio3.html … )

i want - Delete magnifying glass - mouse hover image -> popup -If a pop-up image window appears, you can move the next photo.

I’ve had an answer before. Only the next icon is created, but does not move sideways. The magnifying glass icon was still there.

Just delete the html code. I didn’t understand what exactly you want.

Click the magnifying glass on page portfolio9. an image appears. (popup image)

I want to be able to move left and right images.

I want to move from image ‘Trinity River Audubon Centre image’ to ‘Theatre de Stoep image’

In the last picture(One World Trade Centreimage) , back to the first picture(Trinity River Audubon Centre image).

Hello. In file scripts,js find code:

    var o = $(".lightgallery"), p = o.data("looped");
        selector: ".lightgallery a.popup-image , .lightgallery  a.popgal",
        cssEasing: "cubic-bezier(0.25, 0, 0.25, 1)",
        download: false,
        loop: false

and change value loop: false on loop: true

i have a question i sent you an email can you confirm?

Check your mail.

I want to make a button that goes sideways when an image pops up by clicking the magnifying glass on the portfolio page. (FULL WIDTH, portfolio-single2.html , portfolio2.html)

Hello. Do you mean Popup Gallery?

yes i want popup gallery

Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

Can I also remove the left sidebar with social media icons and move all content from edge to edge on my home page’s My Screen?

Hello. Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

Can I also remove the left sidebar with social media icons and move all content from edge to edge on my home page’s My Screen?

Hi If i purchased the theme with 12 months of support and I want to make some changes in UI then who will make those changes?

Hello. Template support does not include adding new elements.

Hi love your theme. Just trying to work on it now on local host but changing the css doesn’t work here. For example i just want to make p a bigger font size and when i change it in styles.css nothing happens? Is there something overriding changing the stylesheet? I tried yourstyles.css as well which didn’t do anything. Would prefer just to be able to edit the styles.css

Any help much appreciated. W

Hello. Strange. If you added the class or element identifier correctly, then everything should change. Perhaps your local server is caching data. Try disabling the server cache.

how can i remove the left side bar with social media icons and move all the content from edge to edge on my screen on the home page, without leaving a empty grey space bar

Hello. Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

Theme won’t install it says its missing the stye sheet. i just bought this and can’t even get it installed please help. i have paid for extended support also

Hi, I have just purchased the Balkon Architectual template and I am trying to get the home page Youtube video to work I can get an mp4 working with the html5 code. I can get your Vimeo video working, but the YouTube code on the page gives DOMException errors and does not load. Do you have any advice? Thanks, Derek

Hello. For the YouTube video background to work – template files must be located on the server.

can we have sass files for this templates? I ll buy support for that if need be. Please let me know.

Hello. Sorry but only CSS.


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