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Elegant work as always :)

Haha! Thank you Bedros!, much appreciated!

Hey I love the site. I am struggling with it though.

If you go to orangeskye-denver.com the last three section badges (the orange) are off to the right by 30px. I can’t seem to get them center to save my life. Also the twitter icon is funky.

Any thoughts? Thanks,

You have invalid code. Double ID’s, a lot of things don’t match right. Please read the instructions provided with the item, and build it as explained there! :)

great job man ! good luck with sales

Thanks erkangiris! Much appreciated! :)

Thanks Enabled. It was so late last night, I forgot to validate the code. Thanks again. It looks great.

No worries mate! Hope it’s working properly now! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Where do you put logo in this design? Is it a missive?

You can put the logo wherever you want! A previous customer replaced an entire ball in the design with his logo! I used a text as a logo! But the balls are provided, so is the PSD ! :)

alisaleh, sorry for that! It’s been added to the item description, right at the bottom! :)

Hi, looks great and is a real fresh look for mobile. What about adding to the user experience and putting a home button or something at each section break that can take the user back to the top without having to scroll all the way. it works from the home screen and scrolls down real smooth but how do I get back up top? Could it be integrated into the big circles? Also why not integrate a click to call button as this is a key feature for businesses who are going mobile. A contact us with email only is not enough to really utilise the mobile platform and user device.

Buttons can be added by yourself with great ease! There are 8 buttons in the pack, CSS3 made. You can add some to the bottom where the contact form is using the href=”tel:1234” href=”sms:1234” to add the call!

For section breakers as well! You can add this code to the custom.js

        $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');
        return false;

And use links Go Up!

By adding them like this, you can easily integrate them into the circle, or as a simple link!

How do you setup your own Twitter account to this template? I changed “username” in tweetable.js, but nothing happens…

In custom.js, please locate and replace the username! :)

Hey great theme! I have a question: How can us 2 swipe functions / slider in one document. The next and prev buttons of my second slider are connected with the first slider. Do you understand what I mean? :) Thank you for your help!

Much greetz Doreen

You require custom coding for that. I am availalble for custom work, please contact me through my profile if you’re interested! :)

Hey Enabled, I already solved the problem. Thanks :)

If you open the website on a mobile phone the width doesn’t fit the screen size. Do you have any hint for me? Thanks in advance. :) www.intersoup.de


can I make an app with phonegap, to distribute free in app store, or can I use the script that will place the site as an app when opened in an iphone,, providing I create the app icon?

You will require an extended license for that! :)


My boss purchased this item but I’m struggling with the form elements especially <select> menu. On android select menu options doesn’t show themselves when we click/touch on it. How can we fix this ?

Sorry, only a buyer can get support for this item, if he posts from the account he purchased from!

Hello great theme !!

Do you think about to do a wordpress version ? PLeaaaase ;)

No news yet on this matter! Sorry.

HI, I am not sure that I bought the right thing: this is not the actual iPhone app that I can modify for my business, right? do you have something like that then? could i get the refund for this one please?

iPhone apps begin at $25.000 US. We don’t sell them on ThemeForest as this is not allowed by the Apple Store. You can send a message to Envato Support to request a refund. We don’t have access to the refund option from our account.

Pre-Purchase Question. I like the layout, BUT…. I’m looking for something similar to instagram…. Is there a way to make the pictures square in place of the round images, so that you can scroll down to images with stories under the image?

Baller has the right Idea, But i need an image that can fill the iphone or Ipad width and fill have the screen, then allow me to put some story under the image….

Can Baller do that?

Hey there! Baller is graphics based template, meaning, all elements on it can be edited using PhotoShop. At the moment, Baller is exactly what you see in the preview, any changes to it’s structure must be done by you. Thank you for your question. :)