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Hi David I worked it out .. The bottom 4 columns are just the 4 most recent Posts!!! Haha

The text in the Aqua blue area is just added in the Pages>>Home page with the page template set to Home ... duh?

And the Appearance>>ThemeOptions>>AccentColour feild allows me to set the big coloured area on the home page.

I’m putting this up here for the benefit of your other buyers.

One last thing though … Most web developers would want to have a link in the footer area but when I tried to enter and save the tag in the Theme Options page it did not work. Can you help here?

Regards Steven

Glad you have it all worked out! All of that information should be in the readme file, but I’ll take a look too make sure if it’s clear enough.

The footer heading is just plain text, but you can put in a link in the menu below it using the Menus page (under Appearance in the WordPress admin sidebar).


How can I change the order of the „Latest News“ and the „featured images“ on the „HOME“ page?


The lastest posts and albums are pulled in based on the most recent entries to both. You could edit the publish dates of your posts and albums (newest will show up), but there isn’t any other way to manually add posts and albums to the home page.

Does this theme support videos? I would like to embed videos uploaded to vimeo or youtube. Would this be possible?

Hi, each photo album supports the post editor box (just like if you were creating a standard post or page), so you could put the video in there, but there isn’t a specific area dedicated to video that would be styled in any special way (so you would be dealing with standard video embeds from those sources you mentioned). Does this answer your question?

Thanks for your interest!

Good, thanks dwoolf. That answers that question now I have another before I pull the trigger. When I view the demo site on my iPad, when I select an image to view I notice that the page doesn’t automatically center itself on the device. I have to manually adjust the position of the screen to view the image properly. Also, the portrait style image (of the tree root) doesn’t resize 100% properly to the size of the screen. Is there a way to fix these issues? Perhaps through an upcoming update?

I also noticed that the images when when clicked on are the same size as the thumbnails already shown in the gallery page. I’m assuming the bigger the picture I use it will show a bigger version of it when clicked on?

Also, can I add Facebook links, Google+ or twitter share buttons so people can share my work or posts through their social media pages?

Hi, I assume you are talking about when you click on images through the pricing section? Those simply link to the album, although I can see you’re confusion since each image is shown individually. I’ll look into adding that feature. I’ll also look into that ratio issue on tall images.

For the demo, I used images that were the same size as they would appear to save on bandwidth, but if you upload a larger image, it will be downsized to the “thumbnail” and then show as the full image in the fancybox overlay.

For any social networking, you’ll have to use a plugin as everyone has different networks they might want to let viewers post to.

I hope this answers your questions, and once again thanks for your interest in my theme! If you purchase, feel free to email me at support@davidwoolf.net with your questions.

Hey dwoolf. Having problems installing the theme. Than again I’m also a major noob. It says theme style.css stylesheet is missing?

Yep thanks so much! Fixed it

I was wondering also how do I change the footer so that its not the same as the menu bar?

Nevermind thanks so much! Such an amazing theme

Hello Nice theme. Can you tell me… Can you have captions with the images in albums? Is there a limit to just 6 albums on the “photography” page or can you make more and how to do they layout on that page? Can you just confirm how the 3 front albums are populated and can you have more than 3 albums showing there? Thanks.


You cannot add captions using the photo options included, but I’ll take that into consideration for an update. Each album does support the post editor, so you could add a description about the album there. The albums screen shows all of your albums in that grid, I simply have 6 albums to showcase in the demo. As for the home page, that shows your three most recent albums, but you can tweak this in one line of the theme file (which I can help with).

Thanks for your interest!

Hi, first of all thanks for this amazing theme!! Still have a few questions: - is it possible to change the colour of the backround, header, navigation bar etc? - Is it possible to change the size, colour, opacity of the picture category overlay? Best regards, David

Thanks! You can change these colors in the stylesheet, and if you email me at support@davidwoolf.net, I can help with where to find individual style properties in that file.

Thanks for purchasing!

Hi dwoolf,

Bough the theme and loving it, it works perfectly so thank you.

Can I just ask, when I have created lot’s of albums, rather than having all of them on the Photographs page, is there a way to automatically archive the photo albums so a specified number show and so the page won’t go on and on and on! Maybe they could be found under archives instead?

Many thanks.

Hi Lyndsay,

Could you email me at support@davidwoolf.net and provide a link to your site? Thanks!

Hi David,

Is it poss to have 3 separate albums of 3 separate categories? I know I can do this through the custom menu but album is laid out like the blog and not like and album page, which is what I’d like.

Also can the Home page have fixed images, rather than ones that are automatically populated by the latest albums. I’d like these to be the 3 categories that when clicked, go through to that album page and still keep the bio under.


Hi Lyndsay,

Unfortunately this is out of the scope of the support I provide, as it would require significant customizations to the theme.

Hi David, My photography client loves the theme, and we are ready to launch. She wants her clients to view their proofs through password protected posts.

Is there a way to bypass the standard “There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.” and allow the excerpt to be public even though the post is private? And what’s really strange is that one custom excerpt displays while the other gives the default…

See http://photographyourchild-vero.com/client-gallery/ I tried to find the default text to just change it for all, but have looked everywhere and can’t find it.

I’d really appreciate your prompt reply! Eileen

David, if you sent a reply to my email, I haven’t seen anything come through from you.

I have not. I will be emailing you shortly!

Great, thanks.

I sent an email, to get the help file before purchasing, might want to check you gmail spam folder! Looking to possibly purchase this theme, but would like to get as many questions answered on my own, so I don’t have to pester you..

Got it! I’ll send the documentation file soon!

Dear David, I bought the template but can not quite come out with the menu.

The menu is on the preview page is displayed in the center. On my website it is on the left. How can I put in the middle?

regards Sorcha

Hi Sorcha,

Do you have a link to your site? Thanks!


Can you email me at support@davidwoolf.net with your site login details? I need to take a look at the menu in the dashboard.

Hi David I’m looking at this theme but can’t see how people actually select images (or whole albums) to purchase? Do you have a demo page up of the purchase process? Pricing page seems vague to me. Thanks, Clare

Hi Clare,

Unfortunately ecommerce functionality is not included with this theme. You could include that yourself and provide links in the description of each price package.

Sorry for the confusion!

Hi David,

I just purchased your theme and I’m trying to get it set up correctly. I know next to nothing about website building so bear with me. I’m having the same problem as mentioned above about not being able to get the menu centered on the front page. Can you help me with that?

Thanks, Patchalyn

Thank you!

I’m also having trouble getting my albums to show up on my webpage. As far as I can tell I followed the instructions. The featured images won’t link to the albums. It just keep saying there is nothing there.

Sounds like a permalinks issue. Go to Permalinks under Settings in the dashboard and click the update button, then try again. If that doesn’t work, email me at support@davidwoolf.net

David, Any updates on the update? Still having the iPad logo issue since IOS 7. Thanks.


Unfortunately not as I am extremely busy. I’ll make this a priority for the weekend.

is there an FAQ for dwShortcodes? If so, please share it as I can see the icon in the editor but it would be useful for more information.

Thanks very much

There should be a help file included with the theme that covers the shortcodes.

but there is not… Also is there a way to add the content that your live preview shows? Many other developers have this facility with their sites, so that users can see what you’ve done to make the site. Typically this import is done using the WORDPRESS IMPORTER plugin.



Email me at support@davidwoolf.net and I can definitely give you the XML import file. Also, feel free to mention any shortcodes you are having issues with, and I can give you the correct formatting.

Hi David, I am considering buying your theme Baltimore. I am making a website for a violin maker. I have many pictures and a video, then I want to add a blog section and a service section. Is it possible? Is it possible to integrate other Social Media Platforms? Thanks a lot


I would like to turn of the recent post on the page seen here: http://terirobertsboudoir.com/site/ down near the footer. It does not show on any of the other pages, which are using the full page template, while the home page is using the home page template.. Thanx in advance..Bob

Would like to add the Sidebar to the posts page. Please advise. Thanks, Greg

Hi does this theme have private gallery, with password ? on the demo it doesn’t work. Thanks

Could use some help with an image issue.. I’ve created several photo albums here: http://terirobertsboudoir.com/site/album/portraits/ the theme is automatically adjusting the image sizes to make the gallery, the issue is in the first image in the above gallery, it is resized “larger” than the original, hence the image is getting pixelated on the page. I need a way to have the images posted at the original size.

You can see the same issue on this page: http://terirobertsboudoir.com/site/album/family/ the second image is clearly enlarged on the page, and when you click on that image you see the smaller original size. Any help would be greatly appreciated!