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When people post comments, I do not need them to fill in their website. How can I remove that field in the comment section?

It’s possible to switch to WordPress 4.5.2 version with this theme Banda compatible WordPress 4.2 ?

Banda theme is dead ? more updated ?

I see in the comment form that the website field has an * to indicate that it’s required. How can I make it not required?

Hello I have a question.

We would like to have a calendar at home, on the top right. It is possible that events be reflected with some color, point … in this calendar?

Another thing, we could go see events every month in that calendar home page?


Hey Sinote it’s not cool to not respond !!!!!

For some time the footer audio player stops when changing page ???

Apparently all the website with Banda theme do the same !!! Not Normaly…

Sinote unresponsive, the theme is not updated, try to help each other together!

example : @name response…

I have found the solution for “audio player stops when changing page” !

goes into > Appearance > Theme Options > General

It is necessary to “enable”

(Enable Smooth Page Loading is HTML5 Compatible Browsers)

Hi !! thx for your wok, this theme is very helpful and functionnal. i have just one question. News are in the calendar, but how can i do to have events in calendar please ?

Hi. Is it possible to put lyrics for each song? Thank you

The foot widget overlap and are oddly placed is there a way to fix this? or is this a bug that will be fixed soon? (screen shot