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Awesome Theme :)

I assume this was developed on a mac? Because even though the theme looks great, the typography really falls apart on a windows machine.

We tested this theme on a mac and windows. It’s a big problem for developers, almost all fonts looks terrible on windows. We create maximum possible to make typography looks better.

love the minimalism & cute japanese girls

Witch permalink should i use ? (Settings > Permalinks) Thx.

It does not work for me (I use a virtual private server with Nginx instead of Apache). But no prb I manually edited the php files in the theme directory. Where do I put the language file PO? In your documentation, on the part is not clear to me. Thank you for help

Are you interested to get the file in. French?

(Sorry for my english ^ ^)

Sorry, but we never worked with Nginx and we can’t help you with this question. You need to put PO file in “languages” folder.

We hope this manual will help you configure permalinks.

Update for 1.1 is ready to download! (Compatible with WordPress 3.5)

Hi. Thanks for nice theme. Which plugin to use and how to do for comments in portfolio (above the pictures)?

Hello, please contact us by email and we will help you.

Thanks for fast and usefull help.

How and where do I access the support documentation for this theme? We’re having difficulty replicating some of the functionality of the demo provided here – it may be that we use different terminology, but we’re struggling to creat the secondary menu that appears next to the large page name. Also, our sub-menu in the main menu won’t stay open? Also (sorry!), there are no typography options anywhere – can we only do this with css? Cheers.

Hello! You can find documentation in theme folder “extras/documentation.pdf”.

You can change typography only in css, we don’t provide this functionals in theme options.

If you have any questions please write us by email

Ahh! Cheers :)

This template is compatible with WordPress 3.5?

My site looks great on a desktop but doesn’t t work at all on mobile. Please advise?

Hello, this template not support responsive.

Hey guys…great theme once again, but why do my portfolio pages all say TAG at the top of the page title when accessed via the home page portfolio menu?

Hello! You can delete it, just find file “bang/taxonomy-portfolio-tags.php” find there line 8 and delete this:

<?php _e('Tag', 'themerain'); ?><br />

Hey guys…is there a way to have a project’s title in the mouseover on the portfolio page rather than just the word VIEW?


Please contact me via email and I will help you.

I emailed you a few days ago. No reply yet.

Hello, please check your email.

i own the theme, love it…but is there a way to on the homepage make more than one row show up for the portfolio items, and more than one blog post show? my site is

thanks for the help!

Hi, I tried to upload this theme but received this “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

Any advice


Hi, please contact me via profile page contact form and I will help you as soon as possible.

Hi!, nice theme :D I Love it But i have a question. its possible to put a “cattegory selector” on the Portfolio template?