Discussion on Banyan - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Banyan - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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Glws ya sir ,, hai.. i’am teamten look me :) :D

Hi there, I am really enjoying using this theme, it has been great to use so far!

I just have a couple of questions:

How can I put icons/links to Pinterest and Bloglovin’ in the Social Media Options Sidebar?

I am currently using the list format, and the image for each post has the type of post in text on it (eg. ‘Standard’, ‘Quote’, ‘Gallery’, ‘Audio’, etc), is there away to stop this text from showing up? I would prefer for just the image to show.

Thank you

I am very new to this so I don’t quite understand. I have already done everything in the Youtube video, I need help with the questions I asked.

How do I access the style.css to add this code to, and where specifically in the code do I paste it? Or can I just put it anywhere?

Also, how can I remove the text that says ‘Standard’, ‘Quote’, ‘Gallery’, ‘Audio’, etc over the top of my images on the home page?

I have tried to add the code you have provided in multiple places and formats but nothing has worked.

Could you please send me a screen shot or something so I can see exactly what it should look like?

Dear Megan_K;

Thank you for your question. Dear Megan please put your css code in style.css under “Base Style” code section and it’s will work. you can find style.css in your installation theme folder.Now your 1st problem solved.

2nd problem:

To delete format text please follow below instruction-

Open theme folder > template-parts > open content-aside.php with notepad++

Just delete below code:

<?php $format = get_post_format(); if ( current_theme_supports( ‘post-formats’, $format ) ) { printf( ‘ %1$s%3$s ’, sprintf( ‘ %s ’, _x( ‘Format’, ‘Used before post format.’, ‘banyansopno’ ) ), esc_url( get_post_format_link( $format ) ), get_post_format_string( $format ) ); } ?>

you can find this code line number 12-23. Solve your another problem like this.

Thank you!

Hi, I have a problem with Banyan theme. When i try import to demo version from xml file, i get error about the content “failed to import Media”. I think in xml file are bad links to media, because when i open one of them i see 404 error. Links in your live preview are different. Can you help me, and send working xml file?

Dear , Intredo_Sp_K

At first I’m so sorry for delay.I was in trouble.You will feel problem,when you will upload xml file in your localhost but not for online server.Otherwise you will feel any trouble I’ll fix your problem.So don’t worry.

Cheers! :grin:

The Banyan

How can I prevent an inserted beginning of the article appears as the preview image?


Do you want to hide preview image from single page?

If you want it, you need to change 4 php script.

Now, Open theme folder > template-parts >

1. Open content.php > line 57 > simply delete below code

<?php banyansopno_post_thumbnail(); ?>

For another 3 scripts you need to delete same code.I’m informing you only line number.you need to delete.

2. Open content-aside.php > line 54-56 3. Open content-image > line 58-60 4. Opne content-quote > line 53

Feel any trouble knock me.

Thank you!

Good morning, if I insert an image into the content of the article, and add a picture highlighted in the list of articles it makes me see both images. How can I avoid visible both and show only the picture out? I’m sorry for my English.

Hi, Good morning!

Thank you for your question.I’m not sure,what kind of trouble you facing.Can you give me your website link please? you can mail me.I’m waiting for your mail.

Thank you

Hi – I just wanted to draw your attention to two things. When I italicize text in a post it is not being rendered in italics when it displays itself to the reader. This also seems true with bold text as well, though that may be a colour related issue.

If you could also look at links – I’ve changed my link colour to a blue – but when the text displays itself in the posts it is not blue – when I hover over the link it changes and you can briefly see the blue but when I remove the hover the text reverts to the default font colour. so the reader can’t see that the text is a link unless they hover.

Here’s a link to a page that includes all those issues. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/hello-world/

I’ve also included the code so you can see how it was authored and compare it to how it is being rendered.

The Stairway project is currently under construction. This post will be removed when we officially come out to the world. If you’ve found us before then please feel free to look around. Come back soon! The site is live but will be un-promoted until development is complete.

The Stairway Project is thrilled to be using the theme “Banyan” by Jilani Ahmed which is available for purchase here at Theme Forest.

(note I did not include my amazon ad banner above)


At first thank you for your nice attention. I’ve find out your two problems.Now I’m going to explain your problems-

1. To solve first problem you need to add below code into your style.css


font-style: italic;





2. This problem is not a problem.If a user visit a link, so he can easily understand, that he visited this link (read this article) only for this visited link color.If you do not like black color you can change it.To change this simply open style.css and go to line 254 or 258. You will be able to find this below code-


a:visited {

color: #333333;
text-decoration: none;


Just use

color:blue;   instead of color: #333333;

Any more issue please knock me.

Thank you!

Thank you for your very quick response. I applied the code to the Style.css sheet in the typography section and it was sorted

How do I change the categories displayed on the homepage ?


If you want to change Main Slider category and footer exclusive video category, you need to go Theme Dashboard > Banyan Options > Slider Options > and then select your category.Feel any trouble knock me.

Thank you!

Good evening , I have a problem with the template . I wish I could change the categories of items displayed on the homepage . Now I can only see the latest articles . How can I solve this problem? ( I must not change its category on slides)

Hi officinedelleidee,

Thank you for your question.I’m so sorry for this.There have no any option to select category in home page.Blog rules always show latest post in home page.You can select category in main slider, video slider and in promo box.For more information you can check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vgQxnXmYFw&feature=youtu.be

Thank you!



If you have a question, Feel free to leave a comment here!

Be sure to check out our documentation!

Cheers! :grin:

The Banyan Team

I really thought your theme had lots of grace and class and I was happy to be your first sale. Good luck with it and I’ll make sure to give you feedback – but there was something about this that just grabbed me right away so it was an easy sale!

Thank you!

I’ve been working with it for a couple days now and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Still working my way through but everything’s been very easy to work with so far. When my site moves deeper into beta I’ll get into more customization and modification but I have to say now – everything is meeting and even surpassing my expectations. Great job ! Good to see another sale for you as well. I have not even had to look at the documentation yet it’s been that easy and intuitive. If you want to follow along my site is “thestairwayproject” dot com It’s live already but still totally in alpha/beta and unpromoted

Oh great! Really Banyan family is very happy to listen that.If you feel any trouble, never hesitate to talk with us.We always top try to satisfy our golden client.

Thank you!

is this compatible with cell and tablet?

Hi surfbunnie16,

It’s compatible with all kind of device as like cell,tablet and more.


The Live Preview is not working

We are so sorry for this problem.As soon as possible everything will right.

The Live Preview is not working :(

We are so sorry for this problem.As soon as possible everything will right.

themes are very pretty

Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales :)

Congratulations :) Great design. GLWS :)

Very cool and better organized work, GLWS :)

Nice Work! GLWS :)

Thank you!


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