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Hello, this topic is interesting. We have a new project and it would help a lot. I have questions: -It is compatible with Wordpress 4.5.1? -You can use it only as sample catalgo first and only then turn to shopping? -It is possible to disable features like “My Account,” “Shopping Cart”?


Hello. Soon will upload new theme version with latest WP support. Theme has ‘Catalog mode’ that disable shopping cart feature

Hi there, how do i get the category banners to show. Nothing happens when pressing “Select Image” under Banner Images in Product Category.


Hello. Can you open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com ?

I opened a ticket 1 week ago, when am I supposed to receive a reply?

Check your ticket please

Barberry Theme is not updated since January, 2016 i.e., five months have passed – Last month you wrote “Soon will upload a new theme version …” I am not sure if Envato is taking many weeks to review and approve your upload or the delay is from your side – Please provide exact date as the entire 993 Sales you made is on standby and desperate to receive the update to comply with latest WooCommerce and Wordpress release – Thanks

Hello. I am finishing theme update now. Do you have problem with theme? Can you open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com ?

6Day-FollowUp : Waiting for Theme Update to comply with WooCommerce 2.5.5 and Wordpress 4.5.2 – Thanks

Hi… I sent several questions last week prior to purchasing and have recd. no reply. Could someone please assist me on this? Thank you.

Hello mshea70. Can you resent your questions please on temash @ gmail.com ? Thanks

Woocommerce 2.6.0 was released yesterday. Therefore if there is any possibility of that update to ever be released it might as well support the latest version(https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/changelog/)

This month next week.

I hope the update will be released by this Friday as promised. Many Thanks.

Any news on specific release day?

2Week-FollowUp : Waiting for Theme Update to comply with WooCommerce 2.6 and Wordpress 4.5.2 – Thanks

I working no no theme update, a lot of changes with new Woocommerce version. Try to upload as soon as possible. I am sorry for delay. Please use older Woocommerce version now

Updated to new woocommerce version and now product images in product-category show for a few seconds then disappear.

Hello. Working on new theme update and will upload it soon. Please use previous Woocommerce version 2.5

Went from bad to worse. I managed to get woocommerce back online, but now the mobile version of the site continues to link to 404 pages. nav bar in mobile not working.

Hello. Please open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com

Just uploaded the update. Everything works flawlessly and I think the site is running a tad faster. Nice work Temash!

Thanks ncdesign :)


I have this site using the Barberry theme = http://www.bagfashionista.com/

I have just updated woocommerce.. there was a message about outdated files.

i swapped the files as explained in woocommerce.

now i have lost all the products on the front end? and the categories have moved out of line again…

Could i get some help on this matter, Really appreciated.

Kind regards

Hello Temash, i have solved the problem, did not see the previous comments first..

Hello, Temash,

I have installed the latest version of WP, WooCommerce & Barberry, but it seems that I’ve encountered a problem with the use of UPDATE CART button (stated an inactive state).

I’ve deactivated all the plugins, flush the cached (many times over), done a fresh install, but with any luck.

Please, can you tell what can be done? Best regards,

Done. #824938. Waiting for the template update as you replied bellow to carlafcue.

Check your ticket please

Hello, I’ved just sent a reply. Thank you for your support!

Hello, Temash,

i have the same problem tath vladiuga

I have installed the latest version of WP, WooCommerce & Barberry, but it seems that I’ve encountered a problem with the use of UPDATE CART button (stated an inactive state).

I upload the update but keep going inactive.

Please, can you tell what can be done? Best regards,

Soon I’ll upload new theme update with this fix. Please open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hey Temash,

I would really appreciate your placing a change-log some place on this page which is more obvious.

For some reason I continue to be unable to find any documentation of what changes are made for each update you graciously push out for us users of Barberry!. At one point I recall you had one at the bottom of the page however it would really be a great help if you could just link to a copy of it right underneath the “Download link in the right side bar.


Hello. You can see ‘Version 1.9 – Release Notes’ link to top of the item page.

Thanks Temash!

Hello Temash,

I have more than 1600 brands. It’s possible to randomize the brand’s carrousel?

Thanks in advance

Hello. Please check your ticket


Hi Temash,

I’ve seen other recent posts about the same issue I am having. The “Update Cart” button will not work upon change of quantity or delete of product. WP, Barberry, WooCommerce are all updated to current versions. If I switch to 2016 theme, the button works. It will not work on Barberry Child or Barberry. Please advise of patch. Note: I did open an ticket, #847770 three days ago, but have heard nothing back. I appreciate your help. Great theme.

Hello. Please check your ticket

Thanks temash!

I want to use a full-page slider. How can I make such a page? The ‘homepage – full slider’ template also shows the header.

Hello. Please use support https://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hi Temash, since upgrading to WordPress 4.6 and Barberry 1.9 ver. main menù dosen’t load properly. Back to Barberry ver. 1.8.8 works fine. Surfing web I have noticed that issue on other wordpress website with different template. Is it a problem related to new wordpress version?

Hello. Please open ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hi guys,

Hoping you could quickly help me out with something please? We’re having an issue with the ‘Update’ button that shows up on the cart page. Several users have added more than one item to the cart and upon changing the quantity and clicking update, nothing happens. (it works fine on Chrome, but not on Firefox). In FF, there is as circle with a cross through it that shows up on the cursor.

Any idea what this might be and how to fix please? We are using the most recent version of your theme with WooCom 2.6.4 and WordPress 4.6

Thanks a lot.

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1zXTGKXqxYbbFNvZjhmbGZDUUk/view?usp=drivesdk

Live website: http://varca.com

No #869483

Hi Temash,

Are we safe to upgrade to WordPress 4.6 with version 1.9?


Hi blinko. Not yet, finishing new theme version with support latest WP and other fixes

Thanks for responding so quickly Temash. Glad I asked. :-)


GX3000 Purchased

Hi Temash,

Is the new update stable as we are experiencing a few problems? The Product image popup is not working well with lightbox and the cart update makes the cart go blank.

Hi GX3000. Can you open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com? Thanks


Windz Purchased

Hi, thanks for your updated version. I just installed the new version 1.9.2 to my website then i have a problem – The menu is not display on my phone or my ipad. I tried to change the new option for header but it still the same. - I have a problem with the font in mobile version as well ( despite that the font display very good in my desktop ), as the language that i use have some special accent. I tried to choose the basic font like arial for the website but its still not working. By example this page in mobile version :http://monsoo.vn/product-category/party-box/

Can you please check for me? My website link is : www.monsoo.vn

Thanks so much. Best regards