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Hello.Can any payment gateway to connect?

Hello. Sorry, don’t understand what gateway. Please more describe.

Hi, i only want to show post excerpts on the homepage instead of the full blogs. How do i achieve this?

Hi. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com

hi, presale question: 1 – I can set two different prices to display if connect a buyer or a seller?

2 – I can set different amounts of the same product for different colors? For example I have a product “t-shirt” and I have 5 red and 3 blue, can set different amounts even if they are part of the same article?

I do that if I sell the 3 blue t-shirt, Article tell me that the blue are not available while the red are still available. All the same item using the attributes. Is this possible?


Hello ermannaro. 1. Can’t say about two prices. Theme uses Woocommerce functional so please read Woocommerce docs -https://docs.woocommerce.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/getting-started/ 2. Your should use variable product. You can set quantity for each color (attribute) please read – https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-products/#section-8 No, if you are sell 3 blue t-shirt product show that you have 5 red and blue not available.

Hello. Not displayed widget “by price”

I want to fully translate the theme into Russian. The basic elements are already in Russian. But perevsti such as “sort of goods.” I tried through the plugin “Loco Translate”, but there do not appear to transfer lines

Hello. Please open ticket on temashdesign.ticksy.com. Thanks

it has been a while & your theme is going good, any places for your theme to support WC vendors (free plugin) so that, we can use your theme as multi branded products (multi shop)

Hello. I am not tested theme with WC vendors plugin. If you have some problems with plugin please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hey Temash,

I got a problem with the “my account page” 1. I created a page named “my account” 2. I set this page as my account page on woocommerce and I also checked “enable registration on “my account” page.

It doesn’t work. Nothing appears on this page when I select “my account” in the right header menu. However, the wishlist page appears perfectly cuz it was already created.

How can I fix this? Thx


Hi Fred. Please open ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com with your WP access and I’ll check what problem is. Thanks

​Hi Temash, a quick question for a fast answer :-) I need to add some font icons (photography related) in Barberry Template, is it better use Better Font Awesome ​plugin or do it manually? In that case which files menage font icons? (header.php + style.css ? ) Thanks Gianluca

Hi Gianluca. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com. Thanks

Hi, got a few questions for a quick answer: 1. Its got an extra scroll bar on the home page. how do I remove it? 2. Header content area is not showing on smartphone. ‘FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE’ on the top of the homepage. 3. How do I change the font of the footer copyright text. 4. What’s the best way of updating the theme if I’ve got my theme customised.

Here is the link to the website: http://talis.com.au/

Thank you

Hi. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com. Thanks

does support table rate shipping? and instagram feed?

Hello. I am not tested theme with these plugins


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Problem remaining in upgrade:Notice: woocommerce_related_products was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.1! Use $args argument as an array instead. Deprecated argument will be removed in WC 2.2. in /home/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3891 Am I missing a file?

Hi. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com. Thanks


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Yeah – very funny: Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license.


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@leasarradesignstudio – yes this theme does support table rate plugins. The one I am using “WooCommerce Shipping Pro” by wooforce.com. Although. this theme has issues with Woocommerce upgrades. So always keep a backup of plugins and theme files. The other plugin that works equally well is “Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce

Hi Temash, I can’t access to the theme options. When I click on “Header settings” for example, nothing appears. Thanks for your help

Hi. Please check your ticket

Hi Temash, As you asked, I opened tickets to get help but you don’t reply. 4 days already knowing that I paid for the support.

Hi. Please check your ticket

Having Issue with Category Banner Image, It just scrolling to the top when clicking the select image button. Thanks

Hi. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com. Thanks

I have submitted 2 tickets and have been waiting over a week for support. If you are no longer supporting this theme…I would like a refund.