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Hello, I bought this theme from eCommerce Sampler Package and it doesn’t have Wishlist and Compare buttons. Could you please help me? Thanks so much! Nhan

So they are not included? I found them said included :(

These plugins are free and not included with theme.

Oh, great :) Thanks you so much sir. I am new with Woocommerce that’s why I bought this for trying on

Hi, for some reason prices aren’t showing up in mobile view on product page. any idea why? thanks.

I have it on localhost at the moment. I can email screenshots. but i’ve seen the same problem in your demo store.

Thanks. I see this problem when Quick View plugin installed. Will fix in new update

cool :)

Prepurchase question,

I’m building an e-commerce theme for a client that requires WPML plugin.

Is Barberry theme 100% compatible with WPML? The theme features mention:

WPML Ready – header languige navigation (.po files included)

But not sure if that means 100% compatible or not.

Regards, Maria

The theme is up and running on the store and is working great…only problem now is, I’m getting a huge amount of SPAM comments via my product review form. I want to allow guest reviews, but in order to control spam I was hoping to get some sort of captcha. I can not find one that properly places the captcha on the form. I was wondering if you have used any with this them on the form that work correctly? Any suggestions would be great.


I think I have found a solution for now using a honey pot plugin. We will see how it works for a while.

@wedis: I agree with what you are saying. My page currently averages a 7 second load time and I have 6 products. If you find a way to have the theme serve the images better, please inform me. Perhaps the theme author is already working on this as I know he is planning an update soon!

Otherwise the theme works well and the support I have received via his support forum for purchased users has been very good.

Hello roos3342. Can’t say what anti spam plugin is good for woocommerce and theme. I’ll check honey pot plugin. Thanks

The plugin I’m using right now is called Zig Trap and it seems to be working good to control the spam comments. It only works on the comment form tho, but that’s ok because that’s the only place I was receiving tons of spam! Just an FYI


I bought the theme through the eCommerce Sampler Package, and I’m aware about the low support priority. Let me congrats you for the amazing theme. Still I face a serious issue. It seems that the theme is not using scaled images: Example: If the internal category is set to use left-hand widget and 3 product columns, the images that are served are way higher than the actual size used inside the css. Instead of serving 270×355 images he’s serving 400X526. From Google page speed point of you, this is a huge issue. The site should load much faster in case this is fixed. I’ve tried to modify your themes functions folder/theme-function.php to add or change the scaled image sizes. The idea was to add the new sizes into the retina plugin, to generate this automatically, but somehow I failed to do that. Even I changed your functions and generated the new values, the theme is not using the scaled images , he’s using the full image sizes.

I would really really appreciate if you could give me a hint in solving this issue, as this is something that affects either hole-buyers, or package buyers.

Kind Regards


Hi it seems that you’re answering, not even a single reply. So here is what I can do:

1. Taking in consideration that we spent a lot on envato in last 12 months, the problem of buying the team is not an issue.

So I can buy the team and probably force your hand solving this problem, as it seems neither of your buyers don’t get the idea that their site are 50 % slower, as your theme doesn’t serve the right images.

So I ask you polity again, please have a look on your coding, and at least find a way to serve proper product images, and not re scaled trough CSS. That just not a professional practice, and it’s just kills the Online Optimization possibility of the sites built on these theme. PAge Speed Optimization it’s kinda important for Google and for the site visitors.

The loading time at this stage with 16 products on the index page is between 8-10s. The not scaled images add an extra 789 KB to the total file size that needs to be downloaded through a browser. This is ridiculous.

Kind Regards

Hello wedis. Try to explain. I used 400×526 instead 270×355 because if I set 270×355 Woocommerce resize it in low quality (blurry) and I can’t say why it happened. So I used 400×526 for better catalog image quality. But you can set 270×355 for catalog images in Woocommerce -> Settings -> Catalog and you will see images without scaling

Hello, you ask me “Working on theme update with localization fix (cart, checkout, quick view etc.).” How do I? I’ve already asked my ticket

thank you

Hello, just purchased your theme, would like to activate homepage (home slider). keep telling me:

revolution slider error: slider with alias homepage1 not found.

Hello mouradrahi. Please import revolution slider from /Demo Data/ folder. Or create new slider and replace [rev_slider homepage1] shortcode to yours in Homepage.

Hi Any news on product page sidebar?

Hello nathan505. Will be in new theme update soon

Mourad: the sliders are not included in the them, please check the theme description page, and you’ll find the link pointing to the images.

Hello wedis. Are you mean revolution slider? You will find import data for rev slider in /Demo Data/ folder


I would like to integrate the drop-down menu für switching languages that is shown in the demo.

Does anyone know what plugin it is?

Greetz Alex

Hello alzimmer87. You should use WPML plugin. This navigation automatically display when WPML plugin activated

Ok, thank you. Where can I get this plugin?

Updated WooCommerce to new version and the portfolio images stopped working in Firefox. See below: https://www.creatorxgraphics.com/filterable-4-column-portfolio/

When I deactivate WooCommerce it works fine again. Any fix for this? Thanks.

I downgraded and the issue still persists. It could be a woocommerce setting. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

Found the issue. Portfolio images wont work under https.

Hello I have been having some issues with the theme.


i have instaled as normal, WPML and created a product in four languages, the only one that shows is the english version, the rest have now show a 404 page.. but the product does appear on the relative home pages in all languages..

Following your set up instructions, i also deleted the duplicate shop page that was in the video, now i see the shop page url hase chnaged. http://www.kloebags.com/newone/shop-2/ it has added a 2 at the end?

Please can you tell me why this has happened, plus i see several other duplicated pages in the system for the shop?

Kind regards

Hello disenoideas. 1. Did you have installed “WooCommerce Multilingual” plugin. Also I am finishing new theme version with WPML fixes
2. About /shop-2/ page. Go to the Pages and delete all shop pages. Alsodelete all pages from Trash. Then create new page “Shop” and select this page in Woocommerce -> Settings -> Pages

Yes wordpress multilingual is installed.. i have a full paid version of wpml.. it still does not work..

I have sorted out the shop-2 page thanks..

I am actually trying to sort this problem with WPML people as they responded much quicker..

Thank you for the great theme. I have a question?

Is it possible to make a filterable Portfolio from our products and the filter titles would be our categories. The functionality of the portfolio is very smooth and it would be great to use that for our categories.

Basically I would like to be able to put the URL of each thumb in the portfolio to go to a product instead of a project page.

I would not mind doing it manually. I just need to know how to generate a Portfolio in this manner. Any input would be appreciated.

Hello GX3000. Thanks for purchase and your feedback. I am not plan to make filterable product listing like portfolio. Maybe in future, will think about it. I am not provide theme customization now. So I can only advise to hire someone for theme customization.

Small problem with product image. When a product page is loading the product image shows two images on top of each other above the thumbs. See the issue at the following link: http://www.creatorxgraphics.com/product/apex-pro-shark-graphics-kit/

Just refresh the page to replicate problem. Please Advise. Thanks.

Thanks. Will check this issue

hey temash,

it’s one good lookin theme and extensive too, i might purchase it for a client.. but in the meanwhile would you tell me which typeface did you use for the BARBERRY logotype? i kind of really like it :)

Hello audioathlete. I used Sakkal Majalla font for logo

Hello, I purchased this theme and like it a lot. I’m setting up a webpage and have two question:

1. I have used POEdit to translate all the text to swedish, but there are some texts that doesn’t translate on the page although I translated them in the .po, for example on the product detail pages. What do I do about that?

2. I would like to remove the Quick View option, how do I do that?

My website is on www.mexfiltar.se.

Thank you!

hmm… when I look at it again now, it works. maybe som cache-thing messing it up. oh well, thank you anyway!

Hello again,

Now I’ve went through all possible translations, and the only thing still in english is on the page /my-account-2/edit-address/, where the two buttons still say “Redigera Billing Address” and “Redigera Shipping Address”. “Redigera” is swedish for “edit” and properly translated, but I have no way of finding how to translate the address words.

temash, would you please look into this question? I need to get my website ready for launch. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

hi i modified this code:

<li><a href="<?php echo $shop_page_url ?>?show_products=24">9</a></li> <li><a href="<?php echo $shop_page_url ?>?show_products=18">48</a></li>

but it still shows more than 9 items by default, i would like it to show 9 to start for everyone with pagination on the bottom please

hmm its still showing 24, i put this under theme>woocommerce>loop>orderby and i replaced

<li><a href="<?php echo $shop_page_url ?>?show_products=9">9</a></li> <li><a href="<?php echo $shop_page_url ?>?show_products=18">18</a></li>

its till showing 24 by default

Can you change your Persmalinks to “Post name” in Settings -> Permalinks?

yes it was already set to that

Hi, is this theme compatible with the new 3.8 release? Woocommerce as well? Thanks!

Hello matthewmsexton. Theme support latest Wordpress and Woocommerce versions


i bought your theme.. and it’s really very nice and easy to adjust :) I made customisation but there is one thing i can’t find and fix – translations. I’m not using WPML or something.. my theme is just in one language – Polish. I’ve got translateed .po files but in some areas theme is not “reading” from that file and shows english words. It’s everywhere in code is tdl_framework like here echo '<li class="empty">'.__('No products in the cart.','tdl_framework').'</li>'; endif;

For example “the cart” page is fully in english even if in .po file everything is tranaslated correctly to polish. Where is the problem?

I also poste that days ago on your ticket system.

at last i found what was going on… file [language].po should be in that folder: \wp-content\themes\barberry\functions\metabox\lang now everything works fine. But i think the author could give me that answer days ago… anyway i appreciate this theme


I got my wp installation running in spanish. But the theme settings are still showing up in english.

I translated the spanish .PO file in the languages files of the theme and uploaded it.

How do I activate it on the theme?

Yes, it’s up.

please help, I need to get this site online right away

Can you tell me what theme settings you talking about?