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Hi I bought your barberry theme. It came in a package of plugins I bought. I am having trouble with this plugin. I have uploaded it successfully but when I activate the woo commerce plugin I get php errors.

Quick question. Does a iosslider is somehow limited to only 6 slides? Because if I try to add more then 6, it just doesn’t show up on the site, only first 6 are shown. Is it possible to change that? I looked in the slider.php file but couldn’t find anything related to the number of slides… Any help?

never mind, found it in /theme/includes/slider-loop.php in $slideritems, it was set to 6.

Hi, love the theme but I am trying to use uber menu and it is fine except it allows the uber menu and the original menu stays also.

Could you just tell me in which file the menu is called twice as the uber documentation below:

Some themes call wp_nav_menu twice with the same theme_location parameter – sometimes to produce a responsive menu, sometimes to test for the menu’s existence.

Please urgent help

Hi, I love the theme, i have purchased it. I have faced one problem here, when i click the shopping bag icon on to, the writing processed to chackout go out from the box. Please help me to fix the problem. Here is my site address www.any-wear.com

Hello designer_mahmud. Don’t understand what problem is. Can you more describe your problem. Also I don’t see theme purchase.

I have sent you a mail regarding this, hope will get a solution as soon as possible.

Can you please provide a solution for the image viewer problem? The viewer shows two images tiled on top of eachother when entering the page. This happens when we use landscape images instead of portrait.

We submitted a ticket over two weeks ago with no response.


Great Theme!

We are looking forward to using the updated version. When could we expect to see the next update to this theme?

I am waiting on help with this on your support page. PLEASE:

The pinterest button on the “share” area of the product pages does NOT pin an image! Please fix.

We are having the SAME product image issue as described above. Its just terrible to showcase your product in a bad way. This needs to be fixed. Also my clients never easily see the magnifying glass and so they don’t know they can click it. They try to click the actual photo but nothing happens. Wish this was fixed.

Hello. What you mean “Its just terrible to showcase your product in a bad way.”? What problem with product image you have? Are you talking about catalog or single product images?

I would like to make a full size color background for the main nav bar. How do i go about doing this?

Hi, I have a big probleme: Session expired in checkout !!! Please Help !!

Hello MerleenB. Don’t understand your problem. Can you meow describe? Or use my support forum http://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hello, I made a ticket on your forum but you haven’t answered yet (1week ago : Ticket #142389) Please help me it’s enough urgent Thanks

I love the look of your theme, but want to make sure I can use it with the wpmudev marketpress plugin. Has that plugin been tested?

Hello jcmchenry. Barberry is Woocommerce theme. I am not tested theme with wpmudev marketpress plugin

Hello fortuneRice. I am not tested theme with these extensions, but should work.

Pre Sale Question. i am looking to buy today but i noticed that there is no add to cart button on products on homepage. Only Quick view then add to cart. Is there a way to make just an add to cart button? This is important for sale conversions

Hello drestreets. By default theme has “Add to cart” button instead “Quick View”. “Quick View” button will display after quick view plugin activation.

Hi I need help. I have a problem in the page “result of the search”. If I click in the search area (in Internet Explorer only) appear two buttons Close (“X”). This problem also happens in the Live Preview theme. thank you.

Hello dieastro. What IE version do you use?

Version is: 11.0.9600.16476 But also tested in IE 9

I’m still waiting for the support regarding the error…

My website and your demo currently allows horizontal scrolling on mobile view (to the right only). How can I prevent this?

5 Star theme. Thank you!

Also, I have been waiting 3 weeks for a reply from support http://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ticket/137820

Im waiting patiently, but don’t know what else to do.

Check you ticket now. What page has horizontal scrolling on mobile view? Can you show page URL?

Hello, I have a question…

The minicart won’t translate, I have already tried to translate it with the codestyle plugin and i did some translate work within the php files in the theme. But that didn’t work :-( . I want “Proceed to checkout”, “View cart” and some other things also in Dutch… I’ve also tried to change it by Woocommerce itself (with the codestyle plugin) but that didn’t work eighter.

How can I translate it to Dutch?

Maybe you could help me?


Hello Thuis. Codestyle plugin not working correctly with 1.2 theme version. Will be fixed in next update. Please use Poedit for theme translation

You have some comments on here that are about 1month+ old with no response… Your forum is getting a little out of control as well.

Whats going on?

Please check your ticket

Hi, set my main menu to be “sticky”, but it’s not acting “sticky”. Please help, thanks!

Actually, I wanted the sidebar on the single product page, not the slider. Is that possible?

Sorry I mean sidebar for singe product page

OK, thanks for clarifying. And when do you anticipate that new update being available? It’s important to my client to show the sidebar on all single product pages, so this is a big deal for me…

Hello. I bought the theme and I’m having problems with viewing images. This is the address http://www.chileamano.com/

I see pictures pixel. Also in the sample, the products look different resolution, different size, I can not edit it. What is the right size to upload the image?

I have long been trying that images display correctly, I hope your answer.

Greetings and thanks

Hello. Are you tried to setup image settings from documentation? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32004701/themeforest/barberry/woocommerce_imgsizes.jpg

Hi, thanks for answering. I made the changes in size, but I see the same. I guess I should back up the images so that they rebuild sizes. I’ll do a test and if I have questions I will write. Thank you.