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Hi Temash,

Is the theme compatible with WP 3.9?

Can we upgrade? Has anyone upgraded?


Hello Temash.

I have upgraded to the latest wordpress 3.9 and latest woocommerce, and we have encountered a few problems after upgrading..

site url: www.kloebeach.com/newone

1. the products tags do not work. 2. the shortcode button does not work. no list appears..

These are the only problems that i have encountered at present..

We were just about to launch the clients new site when this happened..

Please can you let us know how to fix these problems,,

Kind Regards.


My tickets in the support forum haven’t been answered in over a month! Any idea of when you’ll get to these?

Hello. What Currency Converter you know that it’s still active?

Hi, After 3.9 upgrade and under category pages now i can’t see any category but i can still see products.

any update ?


How do I clear the the review count? Product has no reviews but shows there are three.


pre question. Is the theme have with side menu?

i have reached out several times and sent the info you requested via email, i really need the updated theme files as i have been up for weeks with the site only partially working, can you please over the files

is this theme still being supported, does anyone know?

Hello. When you send me email? Please resend. Also I can’t see your theme purchase.

@GX3000 @disenoideas and anyone else upgrading to 3.9. I had similar problems. The only way I could fix it was to delete the theme, log out, log in and reinstall. I did notice that the theme works fine if you start off from 3.9, but not if you upgrade which is weird.

Also, you should not copy woocommerce files over, but instead load them from the theme “plugin suggestions” – I had the trouble where woocommerce wouldn’t work until I deleted the plugin and reinstalled. I still show that woocommerce is installed but not activated (even though it is activated). Hope this helps.

do not hide the headers on some pages optclimate.ru/74306


I have 6 open support questions on your support page. Is that the best place to ask support questions? Hoping for support soon, thank you, regards Craig.

Why do you reply to other people but not to me? One week later and you haven’t replied to me here or on your support forum. My client is upset which means now I am upset.

Does anybody know a better theme with better documentation that works on WooCommerce and allows you to centre the logo?

hello, the update to wordpress 3.9 is scheduled for when?

Does anyone know how to make the default list of products on the product-category page show up full width? Instead of with a sidebar. Thank You!

Hi I’m very surprised because I have a bug (firefox only) with session expired in checkout. I’ve ever wrote on your support in january about it. You resolved it but I don’t know why this problem came back. Thank for your help

Hi MerleenB. Checked my live preview and local website on firefox. Don’t have such problem (session expired). Try to check Woocommerce settings in WP admin.

Hi I found the problem I desactuvate plugin regenerate thumbnail and it works !! But I always have a problem with button “modify billing adress and shipping adress when you are connected in your account -> when you click you are disconnected from your account ??

Does anybody know how to make the images sharp because they’re very blurry and I’m confused as to how to make them sharp. I don’t know which .php page it might be on or what theme setting I have to go to..because the wp retina x2 plugin doesn’t do anything at all

Hello RunamukRecords. Can I see your website? Checked WP Retina 2x plugin on live preview website – works fine (iPhone, macbook retina and ipad4). Also you can check my live preview website.

I’m having Multiple Issues: 1. Clicking on “Quick View” produces an error ” The Content Could not be loaded”. (can I turn this feature off)

2. Using the “Search” bar, the results display twice (meaning it shows one product twice.

3. Clicking on a products main image results in an error ” Image cannot be loaded. make sure the path is correct and image exists”. (which it obviously does seeing as its being displayed.) * UPDATE* Switching to the 2nd light box options, and attempting to click on an image produces and unending loading wheel.

Would anyone know how to fix, or has experienced these errors?

Regards, Nolan

Also noticed the short codes are not working.. Does anyone now / have text versions that work? The demo site codes do not.

quick view removed

Hello Nolan.
1. Quick View plugin now working correctly with current theme version 1.4. Working on new theme version with Quick View plugin fix.

About 2 and 3. Can you send me your WP access to temash @ gmail.com and I’ll check.

Hi i have purchased this product, just wondering what are the shortcode options for [brands] ? I am wondering how to do a sort order custom.

Hello. Brands has only title option – [brands title=”Brands”]

How you want to sort Brands?

Custom sort order

Dear Temash,

How is it possible that the product image is blurry, but when you click on the zoom option the picture is sharp how it’s supposed to be.

Example: http://gypsifashion.com/?product=cross-my-heart-pink

My question: Is there a way to make the product image sharp?

Kind regards,

What Single Product Image size you use in Woocommerce -> Settings -> Products? Please use 570pix width min.

@temash – is it better to post questions here then on your support forum? I still have 4 open tickets there and you never respond. Let me know I will rewrite my questions here – 2 are serious bugs.

To admin : check my site pls www.karalgioielli.com . Under Catalog page, after the update category are hidden !! and all images are random. give me hint pls .

Best regards

Hello Nerol. Can you more describe. What you mean “category are hidden”? Are you mean sidebar navigation?