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Hello Temash the theme works with wordpress 3.9.1

Hello. Checked. Theme works with latest wordpress version


The translation of the theme is not going great. Can it be that you’ve embedded English hardcoded in the theme instead?

Thanks, Bas

Is the theme compatible with Woocommerce 2.1.9?

Hello. Yes. Theme compatible with latest Woocommerce version.

Hello. Where can I put the revolution slider shortcode? http://stepnakagawa.com/blog/

Hello. Just add revolution slider shortcode where you want in post content

Thanks. I’m now using royal slider www.blog.stepnakagawa.com

I can’t upgrade to woo 2.1 because the sampler pack version doesn’t support it. Do I have to purchase the theme again so i can use 2.1?

I would hold off on any purchases for this theme until the author supplies an update and starts answering the backlog of support questions on their support forum. I have waited over a month for the ‘FREE SUPPORT’ they offer on the themes purchase page. http://designer-websites.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/barberry-style-adjustments.pdf

Hello is this compatible with Royalslider? http://stepnakagawa.com/blog/

Hello. I am not tested theme with Royalslider

I’m now using it

Hi I totally like this theme. But, I have a issue about using light color’s font. I really would like to use light color font with dark background. However, when I set light color font up, I can not see any font at the registration page. Because, the color of registering background is white and the theme’s font color is also light “white” . That’s why I have to change the register page’s background color. I attach the image, you can check it out. I couldn’t find the method to change the background color of registration page. How can I change the color of registering page?

Please, help me out Thank you so much.


Following the image, the font color is black now. never mind this. the problem is showing up when I use white color font.

It seems that ‘temash’ has failed quite considerably to provide support for Internet Explorer issues with his theme. Although Internet Explorer is not a popular browser anymore it is still considered important enough to not disregard. I recommended this theme to several clients, but after looking at this more seriously it just shows to go you cannot go with a one-man-company. Try it for yourself in Internet Explorer. A complete FLOP. http://www.barberry.temashdesignlab.com/ Regards. – IE8.

Hello I got this theme in the sample pack. I would like to buy the full licence. I will wait until a update comes out though, I feel like many others are also waiting for a update to purchase. When will you have a update with working quick view? Just do it and you will get so many more sales!

Hello Temash,

I move the website in the hosting from a folder to the main root.

this caused many problems with the languages, why im not sure, i think it was the useless 1 and 1 company that my client used.

i am trying to get the accents back on the language changer menu at the top right of the header, the text looks a mess.

Could you please let me know how and where i can edit these menu items so that i can put the text correct—

website.. www.kloebeach.com

Kind regards

Hi Temash, I believe I’m fully updated yet on the megamenu, there is only text and not links for the product categories. I cannot get them to work. What am I missing? Thanks for your help. Linsey

Hi Temash,

I posted a ticket in help forum…May I know how to create a side menu showing only products categeory on the left? I tried using custom menu in widgets, put the custom menu into sidebar, but nothing shows up. I’ve created a Product Side Menu in MENU. Is there something which I’ve done incorrectly? Can someone pls correct me or advise me on this? Tks!

Hi, yes very swiss, can you send me in few live sites, who are using this theme or PM me the links

Hey everybody, if anyone wants to see the theme in in action on a live site: http://foxintrouble.com/ Running on WP 3.9.1, had to manually tweak it a little here and there, but it runs well now.

WakeUp Call for Envato & Mr.Temash Shashkin !

02-Dec-2013 : Purchased Barberry after reading a lot of self-proclaimed goodies from Temash himself and fanfare being featured in Forbes and the themes own feature set.

Spent countless hours to complete setup, testing resulting in bugs, wrote to Temash, silence, no answer, then situation in his country. Thinking Temash will resume Support soon, searched forums, comments, other resolved tickets and fixed some issues while more serious bugs still needed Developer Support but Mr.Shashkin just doesn’t respond and many months of hard work stuck in a shop which I am unable to use or launch.

Then the realities of absence of messed up support started to unfold as Envato Support Center responds after several days of waiting which says the latest theme version is only available on their server whereas when I log into my A/c all I am seeing and getting is a theme file which has version # 1.2 dated October 24, 2013. As you say only the newest version is stored on your servers, why don’t you email this new version to me or upload it to my a/c so I can download it myself.

Like other 678 (and counting) other buyers which means $37,290 in sales, I am really frustrated as the developer has abandoned support and left all the buyers to fend for themselves with many months of hard work in projects frozen or incomplete. The response for Envato Support Centre lasts many days only to ask the buyers to go back to the Developer which sends a clear message to customers that Envato Support doesn’t exist. Complaints to Envato from the buyers fall on deaf ears, Envato is either not monitoring scores of negative remarks from frustrated customers on Barberry Theme comments section or simply placed the Marketplace on autopilot or have dummy staff without any authority as proof lies in still active Barberry sales and with each sale a new unsuspecting buyer is victimized.

So, here it is. a last and final call to resolve this for good. There is a generous amount of evidence in the form of buyer frustration logs. Further negligence will lead to escalation of matter which you guys can easily avoid for everyones benefit noting that refusing to provide Support and offering refunds is not a solution.

Cheers !

Update : Curt Z from Envato Support Dept. obtains information for onward submission to Envato Review Team. I have quoted the following two sources where buyer frustration is logged, so the issue is not just mine but all Barberry customers :

http://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ http://themeforest.net/item/barberry-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5625228/comments

Speaking of Temash and the disastrous situation in Ukraine and every other Developer who is in distress, Envato understands that coding is a brain eating job and must come forward in such emergencies and support the Developers by taking over Support until the Developer is stabilized. This is a moral responsibility and Envato is obligated to support the Developers as well as the Buyers to maintain a healthy marketplace.

on your demo : front page we see best sellers brand news

is there in built (no customization) option, where i can have best sellers latest arrival most sold

having the same grid and <|> navigation widgets, as many as i wish?

Hello. Best sellers carousel display most sold item first. Don’t understand your latest question. Also don’t see your theme purchase

Hi in the product pages there is ADDITIONAL INFORMATION can we add more fields through admin panel, if i need to provide more information on a particular product?

Weight 1.5 kg Dimensions 90×50 x 90 cm Colors Brown, Gray, Navi, Black Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Hello. You can add product attributes for that

Hello temash,

Please could you find the time to look into some strange problem on our website.

We are trying to change the widget titles from H1 to H3 using custom css, which we have now removed.. when we added the custom code we found that some strange characters appeared over the site..

next to the language switcher and the arrows to view more products = here is the url of the page = http://www.kloebeach.com/

The website has just been launched , working and getting sales.. then this happens..

also in the footer widgets next to the menus this numbers appear = e0cc

Please could you look into this problem for us,, as we are so happy with the site, it looks amazing…

Please could you let us know how to make the widget titles H3 instead of H1 as its killing the seo.. too many H1 titles, so the page is not validating…

kind regards

Hello Temash,

As i said above the files were all changed back to normal, and all i changed was H1 to H3, then re set them

But i have these strange characters on the site, could you please point in the right direction for a fix..

Kind regards

Hello Temash,


””Just open functions.php and find ‘Sidebars’ section. Find lines with ‘before_title’ and ‘after_title’ and change to h1 to h3”“

i just get this response, =

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /homepages/3/d348594115/htdocs/wp-content/themes/barberry/functions.php on line 92

and now the theme does not work with the changes i have made????

Please help, this has crashed the website???

Checked your website. Works fine I see