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Hi I got this theme as part of an Envato bundle and therefore I have an old version of the theme (version 1.2) and I am not entitled to updates. In this version, when used with woocommerce 2.1.11, I cannot add products with variations to the cart (I click the add to cart button, the page reloads, but noting is added to the cart). I want to buy the new version but first I want to ask if this problem is fixed in the latest version of the theme? Thank you

Hello. Yes, latest theme version works with latest Woocommerce version

Hi, Just as tsarbo pointed out: after updating WP to 3.9.1 the cart stopped working in Barberry 1.2 – nothing gets added to cart after clicking ‘add to cart’. I would really appreciate the fix – my clients cannot sale their products and I have to move to another template as a temporary solution.

Hello. Please download and update latest theme version 1.4

Hi, can you specify exact files I should update to make the Cart work? I have modified Barbery 1.2 quite a lot and now for me to install Barbery 1.4 and manually customize it again would be quite an effort. Thanks.

Hi. You can try to delete replace /woocommerce/ folder. Also please use child-theme for the theme customization.

The theme author never responds to support requests and many things are broken. I advise to chose a different theme.

Hello Design-Kink. I am in eastern Ukraine where pass hostilities. Currently I’m doing my family evacuation. Simultaneously, now I try to engage the support as I can. Please prepare all your questions and send an e-mail (temash @ gmail.com).

Thank you for letting me know. Finally I understand. I did not realise you are from Ukraine. Now I feel bad that I made these comments. I am sorry, I know the situation is very bad where you are now.

I understand you. And I am very upset that my customers do not get the necessary support. I was hoping that the situation will change in my region in the near future, but the situation is only getting worse. But I plan to resume full support in the near future. Also I’m working on a new theme update that is released soon.

Though I initially purchased the theme with its ecommerce features in mind, at the end of the day, I will not use it for ecommerce. Hence, I now would like to remove “My Account” button from the top. How can I do that? I have next to it a “Language” button that needs to stay there though, so any option to switch off the entire menu would not be satisfying. I only need to selectively have the My Account button not to be displayed anymore. Thanks for your help

Hello 7P. Just go to the Appearance -> Menus -> Manage Locations and unselect ‘Right Header Navigation’

hey, great! That’s so simple! cheers….

Hi Temash, I’ve been using the Ether Content Builder WP Plugin in its 1.7.3 version with version 1.2 of your theme and the previous release of WP, with absolutely no problem. After I recently updated to WP 3.9.1, as well as to the latest version of your theme (1.4) and the latest version of Ether Builder (1.8.8), Ether Builder does not work any more.

The Builder button shows up in the post/portfolio editing menu and clicking on it gets you fine to the panel of the Builder options, but whatever you select from there is inactive, making impossible to insert any Builder commands into the post.

The Ether Builder seems not to interact with your theme correctly anymore, which is basically ruining all the websites that have been using Ether Builder with your theme. Any idea whether we have any chance to get this sorted out?


Reading your past comments, I ‘ve just seen you are from Ukraine and that you’re currently going through some real hard times. Just for you to know that we do understand how bad the situation is and how much we are sorry for you and your family. We really cross our fingers and pray for things to eventually calm down and get better. cheers.

Hello 7P. I don’t have Ether Content Builder so I don’t check theme with this plugin. Can you send me this plugin to temash @ gmail.com and I’ll check. Thanks for your words about our country situation.

Hi Great theme, is t a boxed version ? thanks

Hi. Theme not support boxed layout. Want to add in future updates

Hi Temash, glad to see you again. Is there a way to show more than one brand in single product meta area?

I have some products that are made by two brands. When I create product page, I check both brand but in the front-end meta area I can see ONLY ONE brand of those selected.

Can you help me? Thank you

Hello. Can you open woocommerce/single-product/meta.php and find lines:

<span class="brand"><strong><?php _e( 'Brand:', 'tdl_framework' ); ?></strong> <a href="<?php echo get_term_link($term_id,'brands');?>"><?php echo $term->name?></a></span>
and replace to:
<span class="brand"><strong><?php _e( 'Brand:', 'tdl_framework' ); ?></strong> <?php echo get_the_term_list( $product->id, 'brands', '', ', ', ''); ?></span>

Awesome. It works properly. Thank you so much for fast response!

Hi Temash,

Thanks for the update I was a little scared when it was removed from TF but glad you got it all sorted. The one issue I am still having is with the Quick View plugin I updated the theme and then reactivated the plugin and it still has the same error? Any fix?

Hi reflexie. Can you delete Quick View plugin from Plugins section then install it againe.

Hi I deleted it as you said and then reinstalled it again reactivated it and then tried again still the same:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_gallery_attachment_ids() on a non-object in /home2/m560846/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jck_woo_quickview/jck_woo_quickview.php on line 56

Please provide your WP access. Email: temash @ gmail.com

Hi! Please suggest how to update your theme?!

Now there is a version 1.2. Wordpress 3.8.1 Do not automatically see the update. I send WP access to temash @ gmail.com!

Thank you!

Hi, can’t see your email. Can you resend or use support forum http://temashdesign.ticksy.com/

Thank you for update!

Hello Barberry buyers !

Temash is back again, responding and resolving issues.

Please support the guy as he appears to be in an unfortunate situation but still doing his best.

I also wrote to Envato to come forward and backup Theme Developers in such emergencies.

Temash, we all understand your circumstances and pray for the safety of yourself, your family and everyone around.

Thank you very much for your support and words. I really appreciate

Hey there.. I’d need to change the logo from 250×100 to 350×139. I tried some things out but couldn’t get it perfect, especially the mobile size. Please advise :) Thank you!

Hello donzelle. Uploaded today new theme update 1.6. In new update you can set logo size from Theme Options panel. Update will be available for download soon.

Hi there

Is there a way to display products on my page and not the slider?


Yes, custom product carousel has only one single line with arrow navigation

thanks for your help. Great theme by the way. Cheers

Thanks, ebenfabricius.


7P Purchased

Hi emash, we tried to have portofolio items to work with WPML, but it doesn’t. Once translated, portfolio item’s page links are giving a page-not-found. What do you suggest?


7P Purchased

Great! This is just perfect. Big up for the quality of your support and your quick feedback. A fantastic theme and great support, what else? :-)

Thanks, 7P :)


7P Purchased

It looks though that this cannot be done with both languages in the long run. Whenever you select the page product under one language, then the page product turns unselected in the other language. The theme seems it just can’t save a specific page product in each language, but only in one. Strangely enough, after page product is selected for one language, it works fine in both languages for a while, but then totally dissapears from the other language. This sounds a bit irrational, but that’s exactly what we are experiencing. Any clue on this?

I want to buy this theme but when I go on my phone to check the responsive layout, it is not responsive. It is like I am looking at a mini desktop monitor.

Hello. Please open http://barberry.temashdesignlab.com without ThemeForest top frame.

Presale question, please…can the woocommerce integration be turned off and just used as a regular site? Or at minimum degraded to a catalog only? Client does not want to sell on line, and I know woocommerce degrades somewhat, but not sure how that would work with this theme. For example, where the my account info in header goes now – could that be replaced with something else? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Temash – tyvm for quick response. Can woocommerce be turned off totally – meaning, can I eliminate all instances that show up if desired (just use pages, no cart additions, etc.) for initial launch if client desires?

Yes, theme works fine without woocommerce plugin activating.

Hi People. Does anyone has problems with that quick view plugin after updates? My still not working, getting fed up with that… Any advice how to fix it??

Hello. Try to delete Quick View plugin from Plugins section. Then install and activate it again

Yes, did it 3 times and still got eroor message /....line 56

Send me please your WP access (temash @ gmail.com)

Gostaria de instalar o template completo, como vejo no preview, na minha instalação só vejo o template sem nada, pode me ajudar?

I would like to install the full template, like I see in the preview, in my installation only see the template with nothing, can you help me?


Please write me on email: temash @ gmail.com what exactly problem you have?

Hi, how can you edit how many Products per Page are shown? If there is code to paste in can you please let me know via here. Thanks

Hi. You can select it in Theme Options -> Shop Settings