Discussion on Barberry - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Barberry - Modern WooCommerce Theme

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bbarb Purchased

Love this theme! Support is good theme is great..but! But its very very slow.

Any ideas to make to faster?


Hi, this Woo theme is AMAZING. I am almost ready to buy, there is just one feature I want to make sure it possible.

Using this product page as the example: https://barberry.temashdesign.me/demo-furniture/product/spot-table-lamp/

When selecting a different color (variation), the product image automatically switches to the featured image of the newly selected variation.

When the featured image is in focus, and the color variations are clicked by the user, the image composition remains identical and only the colors change, giving the amazing effect of a perfect product configurator experience.

However, if a gallery image other than the featured image is in focus and a new variation is selected, this effect is lost as the page returns to the new variations default page with the featured image in focus.

QUESTION: Is it possible to pass the index of the gallery image currently in focus between product variation pages so that no matter which image is in focus, the user experience is that of a color-change?

The default page & first image loaded for a given variation would have to be a dynamic variable linked to the index of the previously selected variation’s current image in focus.

Please let me know if this is somehow built-in, and if it is not, can you provide a custom PHP/AJAX/Javascript theme modification to make this possible!


Hello. Sorry, but am not provide theme customizations now.

Hi there, we have an own build product-configurator and we just stay at the following pov: configure works fine, add to cart with selected variables from the configurator works fine, too​. In the order-mails and in the backend – everything’s fine … but:

When pressing add to cart – the configured product is in the cart with the correct price, is in the min cart – off canvas cart to but having the wrong price. and the mini cart off canvas doesn’t shown automatically.

Maybe you can tell us what function to call – lovely by JS – to recalculate the product price / summary costs in the mini / offcanvas-cart AND open it as we put a “normal” product into cart.

THANKS forwarding for your support – nice theme since a few years! Loving it!

Sorry, Support is outdated – but we use the theme over years!

I was using the theme for two years, and its fantastic. Recently I had to add variation products. But When I set the normal price for a variation in the webpage show the normal price as a “sale” price. (The normal price in red color as a sale price and the product tagged as a Sale product). I dont know what it could it be. I have the last update for the template, and I am using woocomerce 7.2.2

The issue was resolve, it was a pluging for switch currency that was causing issue with the template

I have constantly been checking this theme religiously over the past month waiting to see if you’ve finally added Elementor support. Unfortunately, I see you haven’t. I want to buy this theme for my website but there are still some customization on my current website using Elementor I still want to keep. An ETA will really be nice.

Hi, i bought theme last year, great theme, but just started to make a website, one thing i don’t understand is that, when i press for the Goods the website just reloads and does not enter to the goods (товар)

may be i have to press few buttons to make it work?

pls any advice?


i cant enter shop page

Hello. Can you open support ticket here https://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ ?

On Barberry theme, Slider revolution and advanced Custom Fields PRO aren’t updating even through theme plugins install. What should someone do?

Good morning

There are news for our site?

As already asked in private, can you change the theme to 120 max_execution_time? Or make changes to your theme to run it on our site?

We paid, your theme, hosting, hosting upgrades and your assistance and now because of the max_execution_time to 300 we will have to pay for hosting again. (80 $ for month).

It is not possible to ask for the max_execution_time to be 300, since most hosting and themes always use 120 max_execution_time.

Please help us fix your theme so that it can run on our site.


We bought your theme in 202, we found ourselves very well. For a few days our site no longer works, we wrote to the hosting (siteground) but told us that there is a script that is going into timeout, and to contact you for the theme.

We also downloaded the latest update as we always have.

If please can you help us

Thank you very much



Hello. Please open support ticket on http://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ with your WP access and I’ll check what problem is.

Can’t open www.italianurban.com

Hey, after updating, new products long description and tabs aren’t visible. Help.

They appear on mobile but not desktop. what could be the problem?

Hello. Can you open support ticket with your WP access on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ ?

I have to renew support for this?

SrOcean Purchased

Customer panel buttons are completely black, pop cart does not remove products. just rotating gif and not removing products. language used in woocommerce is pt-br

How to solve?

Hello. Please open support ticket with your WP access and I’ll check what problem is.

Добрый день, устанавливаю тему на WordPress 6.0.3, пишет- “Архив не удалось установить. В теме отсутствует таблица стилей style.css.” Подскажите что делать пожалуйста.

Добрый день. Вы загружаете в Wordpress полный архив с темой и дополнительными файлами. Разархивируйте архив и устанавливайте barberry.zip файл из папки Theme Files

Спасибо, все ок

Добрый вечер не подскажите, в мобильной версии окошко выбора фильтров вылазит вправо за границы экрана, как исправить, могу выслать скрин если не понятно о чем речь.

I plan to buy a theme to build my site, will we have Elementor compatibility before the end of the year or not?

Hey there, love the theme. I see that you had hinted at having Elementor Support soon. Is that expected in your next major release at 3.0? Thanks.

Hello. Yes, working on new big theme update with Elementor support. Will try to upload it as soon as possible.

Hello, Woocommerce templates are outdated, an update to the theme soon? Thanks !

Hello. New theme version will be available today

Hi, I’m using Woocommerce brands plugin and smohow I want the brand to be visible in the product. Is there a way to make this happen?

Hi, Please open support ticket here https://temashdesign.ticksy.com/

When are you updating Advanced Custom Fields PRO. Its bringing an security alert due to being outdated. Kindly respond

​Hello. Please delete ACF plugin from Plugins section and install it again from Appearance -> Install plugins section.

Hello, still no compatibility with Elementor?

Hi, I can’t import the demo pages for some reason. The server requirements are all met, but the demo pages are not coming trough during the importing proccess of demo content. It gives me nice message thou All done. Have fun! But I still dont have any helpful pages that i need to start building my site. Thank you!

Hi, please open support ticket here https://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ with your WP access and I’ll check what problem is.

How can we REMOVE the add to cart button animation ?

Hello. Can you open support ticket and I’ll provide css to disable animation.


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