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Really good piece of design, good luck :)

Thank you Przemyslaw! :-)

Thanks Giallo, much appreciated! :-)

Really really great job. Congratz!

Many thanks! :-)

very creative man, good luck with sales!

Thank you Hasan Ali! :-)

Nice style, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros! :-)

love the style :)

Many thanks, keep up your good work! :-)

Amazing theme! Good luck with sales :)

Many thanks! :-)

Nice template ;)

Thank you! :-)

I purchased your design today, but I’m a little confused as to why the arrow is not showing under the Portfolio link in the nav bar. All the others show fine when you select them, but when you are on the Portfolio section, the arrow still points to About me.

My website is: http://www.brannonglover.com


Hallo Brannon, it works fine here (Safari and Firefox OSX). Please tell us your Browser and System. You could try to delete your Browser cache and then try it again. Thank you for your support!

Interesting… I cleared my cache and cookies, but no change. I am using FF17 on a Mac.

This is strange, like I said it works fine here. What kind of resolution you use?

Purchased this

There is some strange behavior on my iPhone/ipad both running iOS 6.

your live preview is affected too.

its a white space on the right side of the page and a break in the top logo

The Update is now online, just redownload the files. Thanks! :-)

thanks, is there anyway you could tell me what was changed? the site and all the changes have already been made and it would be pretty time consuming to redo.

Please send us a mail!

Good Day,

How do I install this theme onto HostGator cPanel using fantastico or quickinstall? Not quite sure which category this would fall under.

Thank You.

Hello, this is standard HTML Website, I guess you should take a look at the hosters site: https://support.hostgator.com for more Information. Thank you!

Thank You. I will send them a ticket.

Good Day,

There is a little difficulty with finishing modifying the page. The header ribbon and the category ribbons do not line up when they meet. I would also like to know how do i add another button in the header ribbon but instead of a jump, I would input an external link. My contact page has a bit of a problem as well after I tried to remove some of the social media icons.

Please respond so I could forward you the site. Thank You.

SoleLace Enterprises

Understood. Take a look:


Hello, sorry but the code is completely messed up. You should better begin from the beginning and maybe consult someone who has experienced in programming. Sorry that we can you help more!

Very well. Thank You.

SoleLace Enterprises

Cool looking theme, very exited to give it a try. One issue that I am having however is that them is failing to upload. I get: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott, are you using Wordpress? From where the message comes? Thank you for the purchase!

Hi, I just bought your template and I want to know how many menu items can I add and if there are sub levels?

Great template.


The bug is resolved, please re-download the template and replace the quicksand.js in the scripts folder with the updated one, that’s all. Thank you & good luck!

Thanks for the fix. Last question, how can I keep three “list items” per row only in the quicksand instead of four?

Open the style.css and change line 518 to width:800px; and line 520 to margin-left:150px; Good luck!

“Cool looking theme, very exited to give it a try. One issue that I am having however is that them is failing to upload. I get: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott”

—I’m having the same issue. I love the site and want to use it immediately but cannot upload it to WordPress. I didn’t see a conclusion to the above conversation so I’ll just ask again for myself. Thanks again.

Hello, this is not a Wordpress theme, just a simple HTML theme. Sorry not providing better news.

Thanks for the info, albeit disappointing. I’m new to WordPress so clearly I made a mistake in purchasing this particular theme. Just to be clear though, this means there is no way of actually using this theme at all, yes?

Hello, exactly, this template doesn’t work with Wordpress.

Hello, Great template, but I have some questions which were send via themeforest profile page. Can you be so kind and let me know what next?

2 days and no respons – any answer for that?

Hello, we will answer you later today, sorry for the delay.

Ok, greate just was worried about no reply so long :)

Hi Anders, At first, thank you for your really cool theme. I have a one question about usage of portfolio category links.

When I use standart link type for jump to portfolio: PORTFOLIO everything works smoothly and link goes to the portfolio page correctly BUT I would like to create link which jump to the concrete portfolio category from available list (e.g. Illustrations). Is it possible to modify something in quicksand script which allow me to use something like this: PORTFOLIO

Hello, I don’t think this is easy possible, at least without massive change in code. Sorry!