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Problem with radio buttons not showing…

What about a reply ?

I have replied to Andre on email…do let me know then

Hello, I will most likely purchase your beautiful template for a small company site, but have to questions prior to doing so: 1. Is the template compatible with Joomla 3.4? 2. I will most likely have to use a CCK to customize the pages. Being new to CCKs in Joomla (would like to use K2): is there anything that would prevent using this theme with a Joomla CCK?

Kind regards

Hello, glad you like it :)

Yes I believe it’s compatible with J! 3.4 and as it intended for one page template, any 3rd party component, like K2, was not tested to work with this and I believe there would be a problem with K2, like styling of K2 pages as this template is Foundation-based css framework template, not Bootstrap.

Hope that help you make a decision.


Hi, I bought the template. Looks chic and does what I need. Only issue I have is when trying to edit in front end I am getting this error (browser popup):

Calendar.setup: Nothing to setup (no fields found). Please check your code

Any idea how to get around this?

Many thanks in advance.


Hello Mel

I’m sorry for that but can you do some editing from backend? the frontend editing is not suported by this template yet until now.

Regards Erwin

No problems, can do the editing via backend it’s just that don’t really want everyone to go there. Is the option on the roadmap at all? Many thanks.

Mmm so sorry not in a roadmap at the moment. Have you tried this solution maybe there’s a relation?

Hello, is it possible to buy HTML version of Barossa template? I have bought Barossa Joomla template but I would like to change the management system. Thank you.

Hello, I’m sorry but the HTML version had been dropped from it’s author portfolio.


just a question about this template how will you edit the leaf logo on the slider?

Hello Erwin

I use quickstart installation(Barossa – Versatile One Page Joomla Template),but the main menu-(About),(Services),(Work) cannot connect to correct position.Could you help me? →my website:


i am pasting the link of my site to facebook and i get | BY ERWIN.SCHRO at the bottom of the post. How can i remove or change this?

Hi there. Anyone had a problem with menu items not scrolling? I installed quickstart, but from beginning only “contact” menu item works and scrolls. The others can only scroll up to the top!

Good day How can I use images in the module (user2) ([div class = service text-center] ...)? When an image is inserted, the entire text is not displayed on the homepage.

Thanks Andre

Hi, How can I upgrade the typcn icons. I need the Instagram icon. This version does not have it. I have put the new version typicons in ccs folder but when i call it, show up like this “icon-social-instagram-circular ” all other icons are fine. So I guess i need to declare it else where.


This template will work on Joomla 3.7.x ?


Hello, i’m interested too.. is this compatible with the new Joomla release? 3.8.2 now

Hi, I’d need some more icon to update my site, how can I make it?

Hi Erwin! In the Barossa template for Joomla, is it possible to insert a checkbox for the acceptance of the personal data in force at the GDPR? thank you!


devx84 Purchased

Hi Erwin! In the Barossa template for Joomla, how can I shut down the google font?