Discussion on Barrister - Responsive Law Business Joomla Template

Discussion on Barrister - Responsive Law Business Joomla Template

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Please wait for our template update for Joomla 4. We are checking compatibility of all extensions. Regards

Hi, i bought and installed this theme for a customer few years ago. NOw we want to have main slide full width. Could you explain me how to do it? On sp page builder is set already fluid, but nothing change…PLease let me know. thanks

Please, mail here themewinter@gmail.com with site url and admin access to check the issue.


Hi. Do you have this theme for Wordpress? I’m not sure if I should use Joomla, I’ve used it in the past, but I don’t know if it’s still a reliable CMS. Thanks in advance,

Sorry, We have no WordPress version for Barrister.

You have to wait for this month, we will release WordPress version of this theme : https://themeforest.net/item/privsa-lawyer-attorney-psd-template/25793652

Thank you for your quick reply. And the Barrister – Responsive Law Business HTML5 Template, how does it work? It has a backoffice, or it’s necessary to edit the html? It includes any installation guide? Thanks,

It’s a simple HTML.

Hi Support, presale here. Can this theme be made full screen ?

I did actually, also used Firefox which has nothing on it. Same thing. Weird.

I’m not clear about the issue, other buyers are opening support ticket. Here is recent new ticket : https://prnt.sc/sk6myf

You can mail us to tripplesworld@gmail.com with the issue.

Thanks support, email sent!!!

Hello guys, I was wondering if you are planing to make the theme ADA compliant on any of the future updates. Thank you


Thanks for the suggestion, I need to study more how it works with Joomla Template and Extensions.

Sure, I will do it for all of my template as early as possible. Regards.

hi where do i insert the google map key?

thanks for the feedback, but im using the older version of your template that does not use sp page builder.

Which version you are using. Old template last version was 1.9. Please, check the change log from version 1.8 we used BT Google Map. Check the screenshot : https://prnt.sc/ko39pf Bt Google map has option to put API Key.

This is the WORST Joomla temp[late I have ever used! Folks RUN AWAY from this terribly coded Joomla template it sucks! I am so very sorry I used this template. Do not try and embed any videos into this nightmare. The author should be shot for releasing this piece of absolute GARBAGE!

Did you contact us for support?

Why does this HORRIBLE template not save ANYTHING in the Template manager! This truly is an absolute piece of dog shit!

Hi, open refund request. I will not give you any support. You are not a standard customer.

Joomla 3.8 broke several functionalities in the template, especially th read more button which is not a button inside a colored area. Any change for a quick update and fix?

Hi, I just check with Joomla 3.8.1 and not found problem. Please, provide your link or screen shot. You can mail us to tripplesworld@gmail.com.

hi when will this be compatible with php 7?

We are just waiting for some module. Hope it will be soon.

Hello guys, we had many problems because of APC since our hosting does not support APC at all. I is there a way to get around APC and not use it and still be able to use all features of the theme?

Hi, Barrister will work like a Standard Joomla Site works. So, make sure that your server support standard Joomla Site. Please, read the Technical Requirements

It sold 345 times on Themeforest and there is no problem with running standard Server


thank you for not answering my question. I manage about 100 websites and used to have more than 20 joomla sites. So I am pretty familiar with “Joomla standard settings” There are some issues with the Barista template using APC and some server companies disable APC for security reasons. I have many other joomla installations on the same server and they dont have the problem this template has. I am contacting you for your help not to be teached. I purchased this theme about 1 year ago and keep having problems that come back to APC. I guess you cant answer my question.

I’ve no idea about your problem. You should contact with your hosting provider. APC is a popular PHP accelerator you should enable it or check the DOC

Also you can send your site url with admin access to tripplesworld@gmail.com so that I can check what type of problem you are facing

hello do you have this theme in word press? thanks

Are you taking about Barrister.
Yes its working : check the screen shot : http://prnt.sc/d5zlt1
Yes, we do custom work.

what’s a rate to make customization barrister? also, in you HTML barrister template when hover over practice area it opens wide practice area all across the screen, whereas in Joomla it just drops down straight. is this going to look same when list is increased?

It depends. Hi, you need to learn Joomla basic first
HTML and Joomla is different for extensions availability.

Hello !!

Please, can you explain me how to disable parallax effect in “clients” position?

Thank you very much Best regards !!

Ok, I’ll wait your reply. Thank you very much :-)

Please, go to : templates/ts_barrister/js/custom.js file and delete line #108 to #110. Hope it will work.

For more support please purchased extended support. Best Regards

Solved !!! Thank you very much :-)


Please, can you say me where can I find the list of classes available in the template? I mean Classes for example to style buttons, etc…

Thank you very much !! Best regards :-)

There is no list. You can use firebug for specific part.

Or ask me for specific class. For button you can use class readmore

Hello. How are you?

I know that my support period is expired but I’ll appreciate reply to my last 2 questions… If I have more doubts (Sure), I’ll contract and extra support period ;-)

1) Please, go to www.jesussuarez.com/barrister.jpg How can I get the logo and the menu same as an image? I mean, the logo above menu and all centered horizontally to page. There are some way to get it via “custom.css”? I try to modify Layout section of template manager adding a new position with no succes :-(

2) What’s the way to get HOME 3 variant to set it as home page?

I wait this two last solutions

Thank you very much

Huge regards and thank you very much. Barrister and your support are wonderfull !!!


1. Hi one is customization not support. Here is details documentation about Helix II Doc

2. Please, check the documentation folder for Home page3. We describe important part of Home3

Ok. Thank you. I’ll read Helix and Barrister documentation :-)

Best regards !!

Hello. Please, can you explain how to update the template version? I supose that I need to install the new version ZIP file as usual extension no?

The problem now, is that I downloaded the last version of template, and when I try to update via extension manager, joomla gives me an error (Can’t find the installation package).

If you try to unzip the file “ts_barrister_template_only.zip”, gives an error. I think that some file inside is bad :-(

Please, can you upload the correct file with no errors inside? I need to update the template, and only 1 day of support remains for me :-(

Thank you very much !!!

Now, all correct. I have updated the template succesfully. I have the 1.7 version :-)

I updated it thinking that the upgrade solve a problem that I have in my site, but it does’nt solve it :(

Please, take a look:

As you can see, I have no modules in left or in right, but the content is not centered on page. What’s the reason?

Please, can you explain me how to solve it (And get the content centered)?

Thank you very much Best regards :)

The message area shows span9. Check the settings from layout builder >> Message area >> Settings >> Width. Also, you can mail your admin access to tripplesworld@gmail.com

Solved !!! Thank you very much :)


I have a problem with the menu in responsive mode (smartphone with chrome ou firefox) all sub-menus are not displayed. The scrool for display all sub-menus is blocked. The only solution for the moment is to fix the bar with logo and menu (With no vertical movement) but i want to keep this. Can you help me please ? The link is : www.acih-maquette1.fr Thanks a lot.


All is OK now. I did not do a clear cache after update. thank you very much for your quick and precise answer. Great support. Best regards.

Most welcome. Let me know for further assistance. Regards.

Hello I have bought the template and modified it and put it on a godaddy server. But Contact form is not working. The email is not being sent to the admin as well as to the user. Please Help. Here’s the link : http://falconinfotech.net/index.php/contact-us/contact

Hi, check the link how the contact form work in Joomla.

On this template contact form works very well, we don’t find any report before. Please, check your mail settings also

This theme was incompatible with the latest Joomla 3.6 update. As it hasn’t been updated since April, are there plans for a new version that is friendly with the latest version of Joomla? Thanks!

Yes, we will update it on next week. Thanks.

Joomla 3.6.0 Quickstart Pack available now.

Hello !!

Please, visit www.jesussuarez.com/menu-space.jpg

I need to extend the width of menu bar. I’m trying to delete withe space A and B, but no succes :(

Please, can you say me how to get it ?

Thank’s in advance Best regards :)


The URL is:

Thank you very much !!

Please, go to template manager >> Layout Tab >> From Menu settings Select width Span9.

Also write the below css on custom.css file

#sp-main-menu ul.level-0 > li > a{ padding: 10px 8px; }


Thank you very much :)

Is there any module variations in the template? I want to style different module with module class suffix.

No, module variation is not present here. You can write your own module class suffix and write css on custom.css file.


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