Discussion on Base Hotel - WordPress Theme

Discussion on Base Hotel - WordPress Theme

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Can I use Elementor Pro with this template?

Sorry but i write you in contact form and via mail, please reply. Mail: eziosavone@gmail.com

Hi, Just a pre purchase question. Is this compatible with PHP 7.3? I am having to update some websites as the current themes are pre 2013. Could you confirm that this would take an update without breaking? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I can not choose any internal link (for example – creating a box section). A list is blank.

The text editor only shows “text”, the “Visual” Area is not accessable. I’ve tried on firefox and Chrome. Can please give some feedback on how to access this part? Thx

Isn’t it possible to use the Hero slider in the header of the room posts? Or on the contact and guest book pages?

Hi, I have the same problem as KiwiWebWorks where the text area for rooms cannot be edited via the visual tab. I think there is a JS error with Tinymce that is blocking it from loading. Looks like there has been no answers on here for months too. :(

Hi there, please can you advise how I can make the Base Hotel theme and its page builder work with Yoast SEO plugin. At the moment Yoast doesn’t recognise any text on pages.

Hi, the Hero slider will not save.

The text area will not show Visual, only Text.

Can you please let me know how to fix these issues ASAP. Thanks.

29 days and no reply?!

Hi again Klaye, how can I modify the booking bar to only appear rooms 1, rooms 2 and room 3? I need to delete room 4 and room 5. Waiting for your answer. Kind regards. Javier Forero

Hi Klaye, where can I get the style.css file to your template? I have optimized the code and now the promo slide does not work properly. Waiting for your answer. Kind regards. Javier Forero

Hi Klay, I have problems with theme in newest version of wordpress. Heroslider doesn’t work.

Any suggestions how to fix it?

Best regards, Ruslan

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

I can’t find database demo. please++

Hi, you may be installing the wrong ZIP file. Please make sure you are trying to upload the theme ZIP, not the ZIP containing all files.

Instructions for importing the demo content are included in the documentation.

Cheers, Klaye :)

Thank you.

Hi Klaye, will this theme always be compatible with newest version of Wordpress?

Hi, yes but please let me know if you run into any issues.

Hi Klaye, how can I modify the booking bar to only appear rooms 1, rooms 2 and room 3? I need to delete room 4 and room 5. Waiting for your answer. Kind regards. Javier Forero

Hi Klaye, I’m sorry but I don’t find the way to change the icons. May you explain to me how to do it? Regards. Javier

Hi Javier, no problem. The theme is using Font Awesome for icons. You can see a list of all these here: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/

Just change the relevant icon class to change the icon. For example on the USP boxes on the home page, there is usp icon=”fa-trophy”. Change fa-trophy to the class of the icon you want to display.

Cheers, Klaye

Great support as usual Klaye…always quick and easy…many thanks. Regards. Javier

My pleasure :)

Hi Klaye, I think I have a problem after upload the theme to my local wordpress. Only appear 2 pages: example page and privacy policy…it’s that normal? Waiting for your answer. Kind regards. Javier

Hi Klaye, I have now solved the problem with localhost. But, it’s normal that only two pages appear on wordpress after installing Base Hotel? Waiting for your answer. Kind regards. Javier

Good to hear. There’s an import file if you’d like the site to be the same as in the demo. Please see the documentation.

Cheers, Klaye

Oups!!! many thakns :) I go then to the documentation…to work on it I want to use the site as you made to the demo…it seems wonderful…Regards

Hi, on the Base Hotel wordpress theme, I have a lot of trouble making any kinds of edits in any of the input fields. When I am editing content, the areas go blank after a couple seconds and are deleted if I had not saved anything quick enough. I have had slight success in typing out my paragraph in another application and copy & paste quickly after I reload the edit page and RACE to hit the update button, but this is unrealistic in most cases.

I’ve had the theme installed for about a week. Any ideas to what I can do? I recorded my screen to show what I’m talking about, and would like to send this to you.

Hello, another question please. I would like to remove the little demo promo slider from the sidebar – can’t seem to find how. Very much appreciated!

Also, How can I hide the Header section for a Default Template?

Hi, the header wasn’t designed to be removed within the page builder, however the best solution for this would be to add custom CSS targeting the page ID. You can find the custom CSS section inside theme settings.

”.page-id-103 header { display: none; }” should work for example.

The promo slider won’t display unless there are items added to it. Just delete the items and it will be hidden.

Any problems, let me know. Cheers, Klaye.

Hi there,

I have a css file producing a 404 error and I can’t see the file in the theme. How can I fix this?


Hey, this file is being generated as you are using a custom colour in your theme, however the colours are being added inline. This is an issue at my end.

I will fix this on the next update, but for now you could try removing line 35 in your functions.php that references base_hotel_colour. This will fix the issue.

Alternatively, you could create a blank CSS file in that folder if you’re wanting to remove the 404.

Cheers, Klaye

Purchase code is c7367c40-3ae7-49db-ab11-9f5bab577203 for Base Hotel.

Quick question. Looking for the coding to make the media screen work properly with this many navigation items in the navi up top. If you shrink the landscape of the browser, to mimic a tablet per say, the navi drops below the logo… and a little bit more, goes to the mobile navi set up.

Can you tell me the coding to put in to have it not drop and just go right to the mobile nav on smaller browsers? Here is the site…


Hi, in style.css you could change the breakpoints from max-width:1024px to a larger number.

Though I’d recommend making use of drop down menus instead, as your current menu is quite long.

Cheers, Klaye


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