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Looks great.. GLWS ;)

Thank you !

the menu don’t work with ipad (4)

ok, sorry, works without frame but some flikering…

Tablet version is now available. Thanks

Love the template! Can i get a psd of the logo?



Actually It’s a custom logo which I made by customizing the “Montserrat” font, so the logo will not be editable and useless for you. But if you still want it, let me know.

OK thanks, no worries man.


I’m a newbie to muse but loved this template to work on but I’m having difficulty working with the portfolio. I can’t seem to be able to access the 3 galleries separately and can’t see the captions to work on. Any help gratefully accepted, many thanks.


Oh, and how to adjust the parallax stop as I have lost the nice thin line against the menu (it has become quite wide.

many thanks


Hello Keith, sorry for late reply. Can you please send me your e-mail so that I can provide the tutorial files in your inbox.

No worries, it was a good thing as it forced me to work it out for myself. Its all good now which I’m pleased about. Accessing the galleries was a layer thing – the captions were hidden! and the parallax stop just needed an anchor position tweak. Any tutorials would be gratefully received though thanks – keith.wheeler3@virgin.net Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful Keith

I’m glad you found it yourself and learnt something new

I like the format but I’m new to this and I’m having trouble with the menu buttons. I want to take the little icons off. I tried to choose the layers in the button groups so I could delete the icons but they don’t let me choose them, even though they don’t have the ‘lock’ icon on them.

Please help.

Hello again,

To add to these questions: Because I couldn’t delete those icons or replace them by placing a new fill in the background of the buttons, I re-created my own buttons with the horizontal widget to the same size, colors, placement and everything (minus the icons) on the Header layer. The only thing I didn’t do the same is group them like you did.

It all looks good except when I go to hit a button in Preview mode, the buttons all slide up off the header bar along with everything else. How do I get those buttons to stay?

Please help, I’ve emailed a bunch of times over the last three days and I am getting desperate.


I’ve mailed you. Sorry for late reply.


This template seems to default to the Tablet version while on a Desktop using Chrome :(

Any ideas how to fix it?

Check Your Mail Please !


Great template! I am new to Muse as well and i figured some things but i have trouble locating the captions on the pop up box in the slideshow. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Hi, Can you mail me through the contact form on my profile page here : http://themeforest.net/user/WellMadePixel so that I can send you instruction in your mail.


i have sent you an email thru user/wellmadepixel, i havent get a reply yet, can u help me when i visit full site from my phone or tab, my content its not center. instead its too much on left side.

I extremely apologize for that. Lately I’ve been having some issue with me mail. can you please send the e-mail again with detail and a screenshot to this email: wellmadepixel@gmail.com. Thanks

Hi! I’m new with Muse, do you have some tutorials for beginners? Thank’S!

If you want to edit the theme then pls read the documentation. You can also try Lynda.com, Tutsplus etc. The best way to learn adobe muse is to play with it yourself.

Love the theme, but I am having a little trouble. I am a Muse novice!! One I cannot change the icons or colours of the menu button backgrounds?

Also with the portfolio, i can get the images into the grid without problems, but then how do you open and edit the description section, that opens when you click on an image? Really struggled with this and tried to get my head round it. Please help, I am getting very frustrated with this. The image might make it easier for you to understand?



Check your mail, please.

Hey, dude! Thank you for a template, but there is one question … When I try to edit the portfolio, That all subsections contain the same Thumbnails … How to divide the work between the three subsections? http://joxi.ru/J2b9MobtYN0Em6 And how do you open and edit the description section?

my mail: perfectomania@mail.ru Thanx!

Just a question do you have additional resources to social media icons? (like linkedin, instagram, etc)