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Hi Where can i get the short codes for basement?

Thanks Andy

After updating the server to PHP 7, the stack builder and text-editing controls are missing from the page editor (but the post editor is fine, so perhaps it has to do with the stack builder?). Changing to another theme, the text-editor toolbar reappears in the page editor. We are using version 1.4.0 of the theme.

Thank you for reporting the issue, I will consider about it soon.

Hi How do i add the blog side bar to a page that i have set as the posts page? I have this page but ( can’t add the side bar and if i setup a page and select the side bar as the option for the page it works until i set that as the posts page and then the side bar does not show? any ideas. Thanks Andy

Email sent. I can only get wordpress access.

Do you also know why i cant get the lightbox plgin to work with your theme? as i couldnt find a build in one so added pluging, its on the properties page images.

The theme has built-in lightbox, please check: http://basement.wegrass.com/features/stack-builder/gallery/

Hi there! I am getting the following error when trying to get the Google Map to display on the contact page “Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” I’m not sure what that means. When I refresh the page the map displays for about a second and then disappears and shows that message. How can I resolve this error? Thanks!

Thanks for getting back so quick. I’m running WordPress version 4.5, and I updated the Basement theme to version 1.4.0 like you said, but under my “theme options > advanced” I still only have these options:

- Google Analytic - MailChimp - Twitter App - Misc - Custom Icon - Save & Load Configuration


LeafThemes Author Team

Hi there, sorry for my mistake. I’m working on this issue and will publish new update tomorrow.


LeafThemes Author Team

Hi there, the update has just released. Please try updating the theme to latest version.

Hi! I would like to know if your theme features a TOP BAR (over the menu) easily edited by visual composer or any other visual editor (and NOT by coding) that can embed also woocommerce info (shopping chart total $$, login to clients control panel and so on). Similar to this one: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/captiva-responsive-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/8241498?_ga=1.21184062.445556554.1472212130


support is lacking here huh?


LeafThemes Author Team

I’m sorry that this requirement required some customisation to the template file. It cannot be maintained with Visual Composer.

Hi there, we haven’t used your theme for some time and now created a new website with it. Despite my support has been expired, hopefully you can take a look at my problem.

We build our website on a test domain and everything worked great. Now we moved it to our permanent domain and the Google Maps in the contact section stopped working. There’s some sort of Javascript error which I need to fix in a console (that I cannot find).

I’ve seen this issue before and you recommended updating. But in our case it worked fine until we moved the site permanently. Could you please take a look at our problem? http://bit.ly/2fhXJR3 (at the bottom of the site).

Thank you

Hi, was hoping you could help, I am developing a site on localhost on my PC and the search form is returning the same items 4/5 times, I’ve had a look and the same thing is happening on your demo theme – any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated. Thanks

It appears the author has gone AWOL. The demos don’t work and there’s been no update since June 2016. A real shame.

Thank you for the notice, we have fixed the issue and will update the theme soon.