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1. I’m desperately trying to make the featured image work for my articles, I have loaded the demo content and tried several things but it just wont appear. I uploaded pictures to media and added them as featured image on the bottom right. My wordpress installation is okay I think, uploads work etc.

2. Is it also possible to add a features image for a static page? I really want that. If not would it be difficult to code that? OR could you provide a code sample?



Hello—I filed a ticket over a week ago re: changing logo font but haven’t heard back yet. A link to the documentation would also be really useful….it’s not readily apparent (at least to me) where to find it.


It seems that the current theme need to be updated …Indeed, my wordpress debug report shows that AQ_Widget_Twitter and AQ_Widget_Social_Icons are both obsolete , which leads to some plugins issues.

Do you plan to update the theme to remain it convenient with the current version of Wordpress ?

Thanks for your answer,



Documentation link doesn’t work at all!?

just letting you know that the theme demo is down. you are loosing sales :)

Your demo site is down.

I’m interested in this theme. But your demo site is gone – says the domain is for sale. I notice that the theme was last updated in 2014, that’s nearly 3 years ago. You still in business?

These guys have packed their bags. It’s a pity because I really like the theme.

Hi Antonius,

You’re correct in saying we haven’t done any business here in a LONG time. There’s been a few attempts in starting things up again but it hasn’t happened yet, mostly due to time constraints and the fact that business on ThemeForest is not what it used to be anymore. It’s simply not feasible to spend dozens if not hundreds of hours on a theme anymore, at least not for us.

That being said, if you’d like to use this theme, I’d be more than willing to help you out. It’s a fairly simple theme and should still work as expected. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or issues.

Best, Daniel