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I m interested in buying this theme what is the real price

Sorry, price back to normal.

Hey dude, I tried to see the preview of the theme, but says that the domain is suspended. Take a look on that.

Yeah, back up now.

$9876555 ??

Not the worst price in the world.

Hi!!! i want buy the theme, but what happened with your price??!!!!!!

Sorry, try it now :)

And like magic…...... ;)

yuhu!! thanks! ;)

would love to see sales page graphics

Hi, I don’t have 1M$ but I want to buy your theme ;) let’s talk!

No problem, price back to normal :)

1M$, really? :)

what the hell price lol

I’m interested, but the price changed to $1000000 when i’ve clicked in “buy now”

Price back to normal :)


Matezun Purchased

If price will back to normal today, I would buy it.

Price back to normal :)

Please send a message using the form on my profile page. Thanks.

why is this theme $1000000 ! :(

hi! :) I’m interested in this theme, what is the real price?

Hey! Price back to normal ;)

Hi There,

Im having an issue with the google maps across all my basix theme sites… can you advise?

Many thanks,


Hey, no worries thats fair enough. But how do I go about fixing this?


daveptd Purchased


I will set an option in the Theme Options over the next week or so. For now, /inc/shortcodes/basix-google-map.php – just change the API key to your own.

Hey Artivity, what about update this theme?

Yes, will be updated with all the latest plugins and a few extras like Google Maps API key option in the next week or so.