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Artivity does not currently provide support for this item.

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Son of a… I was hoping to buy this at the discounted price tomorrow when I get paid. I don’t have $1,000,000 for this. Facepalm.


I was interested in buying the template but for some reason it’s for 10,000 USD?

Is that the real price?

Hi! Sorry, I can’t succeed in importing data demo! Installation arrives just at 25% and doesn’t work furthermore.

Make sure your server is running PHP 5.6.x or PHP 7.0.x.

Thanks VLThemes. Good effort. You purchased the theme from your spare account to try and screw me over. Unfortunately for you, that wont work. Try harder next time. Much harder.

tnixon16 had support for this item until 02/03/2016. The correct zip file is the one downloadable from ThemeForest.

Renew support, get support. Easy :)

stop spamming the comments!

How can I get rid of the info in the middle footer section? I can’t find where to change this info at. I searched through the footer section in customize. Love the theme otherwise.