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I m interested in buying this theme what is the real price

Sorry, price back to normal.

Hey dude, I tried to see the preview of the theme, but says that the domain is suspended. Take a look on that.

Yeah, back up now.

$9876555 ??

Not the worst price in the world.

Hi!!! i want buy the theme, but what happened with your price??!!!!!!

Sorry, try it now :)

And like magic…...... ;)

yuhu!! thanks! ;)

would love to see sales page graphics

Hi, I don’t have 1M$ but I want to buy your theme ;) let’s talk!

No problem, price back to normal :)

1M$, really? :)

what the hell price lol

I’m interested, but the price changed to $1000000 when i’ve clicked in “buy now”

Price back to normal :)


Matezun Purchased

If price will back to normal today, I would buy it.

Price back to normal :)

Please send a message using the form on my profile page. Thanks.

why is this theme $1000000 ! :(

hi! :) I’m interested in this theme, what is the real price?

Hey! Price back to normal ;)


daveptd Purchased

Hi There,

Im having an issue with the google maps across all my basix theme sites… can you advise?

Many thanks,



daveptd Purchased

Hey, no worries thats fair enough. But how do I go about fixing this?


daveptd Purchased


I will set an option in the Theme Options over the next week or so. For now, /inc/shortcodes/basix-google-map.php – just change the API key to your own.

Hey Artivity, what about update this theme?

Yes, will be updated with all the latest plugins and a few extras like Google Maps API key option in the next week or so.