Discussion on Bateaux - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Theme

Discussion on Bateaux - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Theme

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I am trying to create a blog post. I want to use the standard post format, but I don’t see it in the zip I downloaded. Where can i find it?

hi, write me an email here info@max-themes.net and ill send u all the inner pages, i dont rlly know why its not in the zip file i was 100% sure i included everything from the demo

Dear Sirs and Madames,

where can I change the font size here?

Seit 1990 in Ebersberg  Unsere Spektren 

I think it’s this variable: font-style-big

But it does not work.

With best regards

Rudolf Karisch

hi Karisch, can i see it in live demo?...also can you direct me where it is? thank you so much.

Hello, in your team agency-landing.html i want to change the size of the characters of the Slider “We are Designers” “We create Brand”. How can i do that? best wishes R. Karisch

hello R. Karisch, you can do that by addding this code in the main style.css in the end of the file:
.btx-item .font-style-big {
    font-size:60px !important;

Note that 60px i added just as a sample, you can add whatever size you want. If u need anything else just let me know :). Regards, Astrit

loaded the ZIP file as downloaded but when wordpress goes to install i get the following “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.” i tried to follow instructions here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error but there is no option to download just the instalable wordpress file. I also read the index.html in a documentation directory from the zip file which has ALL files and not been able to resolve

Hey Shangweb, i am sorry but this is a HTML Template, and een title suggests that, HTML Theme, so sorry

Hey guys. I did this once before but can’t remember how. I’m wanting to use the masonry blog but I don’t want the “all” filter to be the default when the page loads. I’d like to set the default to one of the other “data-filters” by default. Can you help with this? what can I change so that the default isn’t showing all on page load, and instead loads with one of the other filters, for example if I had a filter by industry like “retail” and I wanted the page to load showing all the retail posts/images but there would be other filters still being used also. Like “Telecoms”, “Finance” etc.

hey Jeffrey, i think i remember it, but i dont if i found a solution to this, there is a solution to add a javascript code so it filters only the specific items, but i dont remember the code and i dont know if i could apply that in our template. i am so sorry.

Hi! On the comments section in “escape.html” there is no submit button… how do we make that work?

hi, sorry bout that,write me through my profile page please and ill send u the right code to add the button… notice that the comment form doesnt work.

Hello guys, I would like to ask 2 quick questions: Can we add the menu at the top of the page on the horizontal template http://astritbublaku.com/demos/bateaux/horizontal-slide.html ?

If I buy the theme can you assist me with creating a template by mixing elements from different templates?

Thank you

hi, yes you can add the menu from whichever demo u want to which ever else demo u want, also i think you wouldn’t have any issues with any of the mixing elements, but no i cannt assisst you with the custom work, as the template doesnt comes with the custom work, sorry… ucan pay to do that though, i can completely customize your web if u want to.

Hello! I am currently working on your template and I have some problems regarding image implementation on the portfolio pages. I can replace the pics for the existing portfolio items without any problem, even rename them (of course also changing the file link inside html).

But as soon as I want to add more portfolio tiles i am not able to see the preview pics?! I copy-pasted the previous tile html parts and just changed the picture link, but it doesnt work. I counter checked several times about misspelling, details of the file format etc but nothing works.

Same problem with the portfolio detail pages, here i also am not able to get the pictures to show up.

The htmls i am talking about specifically are the “portfolio-tile” and the “everest” htmls. If you provide me a email adress i can also send you some screenshots of the html code etc

Best regards Simone

Hey guys. Can you tell me how to modify the controls for the slider. I see “js-item-slider” referenced in the html but not sure which js file other file will allow me to alter the mouseover effect on the slider. Right now on the full screen horizontal slider it pauses whenever you mouse is on the screen *with exception of the left and right buttons. I’d like it to NOT pause. And I’d like to get rid of those left right buttons as well. Any help? Is this a 3rd party slider that I can find help doc on if you are unable to help? thanks!!!! Jeff

hi, i am sorry man, i couldnt do anything with your request, we can remove the arrows thats no problem, but i cant find the plugins mouseover event, i didnt do that plugin, so sorry man :S..

I think removing the arrows will create the effect needed but how would you go about doing that? can you you code into the html on these pages mentioned or can you tell me where in the css I can find these so I can remove them? thx!!

yes, go to style-customizabae.css in css folder and find line 369, you will see this code:
.btx-slider-light-scheme .slick-prev, .btx-slider-light-scheme .slick-next {color: #fff;background-color: #303030;background-color: rgba(48,48,48,0.7);}
now add display: none !important; in the end of it and the arrows will begone. cheers

Hi..we need help with the “Bateaux – creative multi-purpose html theme” that we had purchased. We are using the split-side format for our website and have a problem with the contact form. On click of the “submit” button there is no confirmation message (whether successfully sent/ not sent/ error) displaying on the front-end. Please help.

hi, did u purchase the template on Themeforest(i cant see the purchase badge) or did u download on Elements?

We are an advertising company and are coordinating this on behalf of our client who had purchased this template on Themeforest. This is the link to our client’s website – http://sneijderconnect.com/ On form submit, there is no indication whether the form has been submitted successfully or whether an error has occurred. How can we resolve this? Please us help with this.

please contact me through the email giving me the purchae code as well… a.bublaku@gmail.com

Hi, what is “Get Demo Access” on your website? Clicked and sent yesterday, no answer.

Thank you

hi. its for the WP version.

Hi there,

I just accidentally bought the Bateaux HTML Theme. It was a mistake. What I really need is the Wordpress Theme. Could you please change my order or cancel the first one and let me purchase the correct Theme?

Regards, Doran Hannes

hi, if u didnt download the item, please apply for a refund..thanx

Hey guys, I have applied for a refund and purchased the Wordpress version since over a week but still no reply from your side unfortunately…

hi, ill reply asap..cheers

I’m confused on using Modal. I see the href link in the “modal.html” file but I’m unclear where the modal files are and how and where to direct. Can you give me some suggestions on how to use modal easily?

hi Jeff… the modals we use on modal.html are before the buttons which triggers the modals.. those are only an example how u can use different modals. like Text or Contact form… use modals is easy, u just need to copy the button with the id that is in modal.html and also the content of that modal id…if u need more assistance dont hesitate…

Thanks!! figured it out.

Hi I love this template, but have one issue with the vertical scroll version. Is there any way to hide the logo when the page scrolls down (but not the navigation “x”) so that the logo doesn’t run over the text on the page.

None of the other template pages included use this type of navigation, but I’d like the site to have a consistent navigation.

thanks in advance.

hi, no i am so sorry but it cannot be done, the logo will stay when u scroll down or up… i am so sorry

This was sold as having “extensive documentation.” Could you direct me to where this documentation is provided or available? In the files I downloaded after purchase there is barely any help documentation. Only a “documentation” folder with one index.html file that links to very little support/help doco.

hi,the only documentation that is is in the package… ask me whatever u need and ill try to help… cheers

Could you tell me how to change the button on the form? I’d like to use one of the other button shapes/types and change the colors (including the hoover color).

hi, go to buttons.html and select the one u like, but pls select the div containing it too, in this case u should have the button like u see there…

I don’t see zoom or lightbox in photos in portfolio. Is it possible?. I only want zoom. I don’t want to got to a single page product

hi, did u bought the theme, or did u download from Elements, if bought, please ask the question with the user that u’ve bought the theme..thank you

Sorry. it’s an error

On the verticle-slide.html page, after writing my own name and create my own logo, the blue X of bateaux still appears. How do I remove it? Thanks.

hi, go to style-customabae.css line i476 u’ll see this:
.btx-navbar-logo--text:after { content:'x'; color:#01a2dd; } 
make content: none; and your x will be removed… cheers

Hi friend, I have any problems with VERTICLE SLIDE page.

When you double-click on the same point on the vertical slide, some of the content disappears, such as titles, icons or buttons. On the other hand when I reduce the size of the window and after I maximize it, the scroll stops working. ¿How can I solve this problems?

hi, i see now, its not maybe a big a deal because rare people would click the bullet twice but try to remove the animation of the buttons… remove this class “anmt-fadeinu” and i think it will not appear again…

ps. you did great job with your site..looks very relaxing :D

Thanks for you compliment.

I would want not remove the effect, but it’s ok, Thanks. On the other hand when I reduce the size of the window from corner and after I maximize it, the scroll stops working. ¿Do you have any idea for fix it’s?

hi, no i actually dont have but that would never occur if the window is full…if u reduce the size of the window and then refresh it , i believe it will work again right?

Hi guys, you did a very great job. I like the theme, until I find the problem with html content. Every time I put a new html content (embed instagram code), it’s gone after I click update. Why?


hi, can i see the live demo pls… also did u buy the theme with this account or another one?


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