Discussion on Bateaux - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Bateaux - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hi there. I’m still using your great theme after many years ;-) I noticed in my error log a persistent issue with the breadcrumb template which coincides switching over to php 8.1.10 in July 2022. Not sure why but I’m moving all my sites over to php 8+ due to my host regularly retiring older versions of php – v7 is next for retirement.Here’s the error and can you advise on a fix please. Thanks in advance… [20-Sep-2022 09:22:15 UTC] PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “parent” on null in /home/customer/www/reeskenyondesign.co.uk/public_html/wp-content/themes/bateaux/templates/bateaux/breadcrumbs.php on line 31

It is so sad that this theme is not being updated and supported anymore :( It came with the best site builder. Did anyone find something similar?

If u have a problem with Wordpress > 5.6, u need to install “Classic Editor” plugin.


cs5000 Purchased

Sadly I can confirm this, the products development will not continue

I’ve reached out to the Envato team in order to contact the author and it seems he has abandoned this and his other themes. Too bad since this is still one of the best themes and blueprint builder is such a great and intuitive tool ..

When is this theme going to be updated for word press version 5.9? There are many comments asking the same question with no response from the developers. What’s going on? C’mon twisttheme … Your customers deserve an answer.


swbbn Purchased

Hi, and thanks for that great Theme. And I think, Blueprint is the most usable page builder on market. ;)

I have one short question: the banner-text is a fantastic eye catcher. But I don’t idea, how I can change the text in the animated version. I wrote one word, made the animation with “type”. And now: what’s to do, when I have 5 words. Where should I write the other words? I have not found anything about this in the documentation.

Thanks a lot!

hello, I would like to know if the Theme is compatible with Wordpress 5.9 Thank you very much

Hey – any update on this theme?

Hi there, are you guys still active with this theme and the Gastro theme? I noticed that you are quite absent in the comments section, you take a long time to react to questions, and there has not been any theme updates since February… Thanks!


​When will this theme rollout an update so that is compatible with wordpress 5.8?

Hey! If I try to update the footer content I get the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘builder’) at new t (redacted/wp-content/plugins/bateaux-core//assets/js/twistcore-gutenberg.js?ver=1.2.6:1:2779)

I was trying to check if there is a ticket open but the ticket server seems to be down.

Update: Activated Classic Widget Plugin which seems to work.

Is compatible with Wordpress 5.8?

I have downloaded the files, but the Documentation Folders are empty. Please advise.

There is actually nothing in documentation, you can see the documentation online from this site http://www.bateauxtheme.com/docs/

can you help me to change the logo url with a custom url?

Please submit ticket in our support forum.

Looks like Wordpress 5.8’s new widget UI doesn’t play nice with the Bateaux Theme ?

Hi, You can try activate classic widgets plugin to make it fully functional.

hi! i love this theme and this has never happened before, but the social links don’t seem to be saving in the customizer social tab. for example, the facebook icon only links to the general website, not the custom url that has been saved in the social tab in the customizer.

May be because of lacking of available memory. That might be the reason why customizer can’t be saved. Please submit ticket in our support forum for further inspection.

Hello, thank you for your nice template. I installed the “Split Slide” version and I need help to have the anchors on the home page as on your template: Our story / Feature / What people say… Thank you

Please submit ticket in our support forum

Hello, I noticed that canonical url in the “recent post” widget in the footer are not correct. http://www.bateauxtheme.com/bateaux/event-landing/ You can see the ?post_type kind of structure instead of the proper permalink of the post. Can you tell me how to solve this?

No it is not. I wouldn’t write to you… Permalinks are set ”/ category / postname / ” and still the widget for recet post is like that. Has been 27 days since i asked for this and you came up with this kind of answer? Just to be sure: can you change the permalink structure into YOUR installation and check that the issue is not the permalink structure of wordpress? http://www.bateauxtheme.com/bateaux/event-landing/


I honestly told you the truth, this is we use WordPress native function https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/get_post_permalink/ with the link URL, there is really nothing we can do to adjust this permalink. When you hover on the link, it will display like that but once you click, it will navigate you to that post with the real permalink that you’ve set in the permalink in WordPress.

What am I suppose to answer, there is nothing we can do with that since it’s really native function of WordPress.

Best regards.

Hi, here it is a basic installation of your theme: https://srgl.it/tst1/ watch the footer: there is your recent post (with the “bad url”) and the native WP recent post (with the normal url). I don’t know the function you should use but is existent and is there.

FYI having the wrong link makes us to fail the audit from third part checks which is very relevant for my client.

So, since is a feasible thing I would have expected a different answer that “you can google it”.. after 27 days of waiting.

I’ll fix it in a different way, don’t worry. I’ve already adviced the client not to use this theme anymore.

Just a question about the accordion. Once built can I add and remove elements from the accordion? If so how would I remove an element? Thanks!!

Please submit ticket in our support forum http://twisttheme.ticksy.com/, we only answer pre-sale question here.


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