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Nice work! Kindly advise on the lines of HTML and CSS to modify if I want to make the interface/wedding card larger. Thanks in advance.

Contact form doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else with luck on this?

I am not able to get the contact us page working.

I get the below error in IE 8

Message: Object required Line: 23 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI : websirtename/js/xmlHttp.js

I have changed the 4 variables mentioned in the documentation.

Anybody managed to get the contact page working please let me know


The contact form doesnt work. When I click “Send”, nothing happens. Please fix this.

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Salam kenal, Nusaweb Indonesia

Website Pernikahan

Already reply on mail
Thanks :-)

For compatibility in IE9 update cufon-yui.js to 1.09i

Thanks rtcouture for the tip!


I am unable to install this theme, the message I receive is that the stylesheet is missing.

Oh, never mind. I thought this was a wordpress theme.

Looks great in Firefox, Safari. In IE7 the navigation just doesn’t show up. Anybody got a clue what to do?



Can we add Vimeo and youtube videos in lightbox? Under gallery i want to create some thumbnails for video portfolio,


Contact form doesn’t seem to work.

Hi Indonez,

This theme is excellent. It works well on Safari & Chrome but doesn’t work on IE 9 (only works in compatibility mode). Please suggest as many of my office colleagues are using IE 9 as their default browser. I need to sent the invite of my wedding. You can visit the website @

Further the Contact form seems to work fine some time but I am not recieving 2 messages out of every 10. Do I need to change the referring page also, and if yes then what should I change it too.

I have more than 2 pages of photos for the Gallery. However, the next link won’t navigate past 2 pages. What adjustments do I need to do?

Hello there! How can i have more gallery page? I need around 10 page more… How can i do it?


Hi Indonez,

Please, Can you show me how to add more gallery photo page?

Thank you!

I sent you an email and no response. The navigation is not being displayed in IE 7 , IE8, or IE9 . Could you help?


I have check in IE7 and IE8 the navigation is normaly display except in IE9 , I give you the fix files for navigation issue in IE9

Please download the fix files here :

Extract first and replace your old “cufon-yui.js” in js folder with fix file version


I can’t get more than 2 pages for gallery to work? Please help. Thanks. Max


How config smtp send mail?