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Really nice done bro. Looks fine and elegant.

Thanks…. :-)

Hey bro… :) looks perfect, flawlessy, one question, can you do the fade effect when you change the page? Instead of the scrolling…

Yes ofcourse,
That’s simple, just change effect on setting with effect do you like. For detail effect can you use visit here :

One other question ( i am a future purchaser :) I see there is no PHP files for the contact form, does it work? Could you help me eventually to make it work once bought? :)

Yes, the contact form is works. You can see detail to set email direction on “help-file”

Can the gallery have more than 12 images?

No, for now you can only display 12 images in gallery

I think it’s close to perfect but I know far too many brides that would not be satisfied with only 12 photos. Is it possible for you modify it to support more. I would greatly appreciate it :)

Yes, It’s possible to make the gallery more than 12 pictures Thanks for your sugestion, I’ll consider it

This is seriously HOT

I’ll buy it if you add option for more photos in gallery. Any chance for fast upgrade?

Ok, I will update on next week please be patient….. :-)

Demo links are sending me to a some spam page called ‘mybookface’. What’s up with that?

is it possible to make the interface bigger or is it just size?

You can’t resize, I made it fix for this measure (since this is the wedding “card”)

unless you want to change all the HTML , CSS, and PSD

Thanks, Indonez

My favorite designer and coder on Theme Forest !

Thanks philip_newzealand, you are my favorite buyer too ;)


I love this theme it was perfect for what i needed, i changed the contact us page to an RSVP page, i’m new to this whole web page making malarky.

can someone tell me how to get it so when an e mail gets sent it gets sent to a particular address like a hot mail account or something?



to set email direction you just change 4 variable on file “contact.php” and “xmlHttpRequest.php” on folder “scripts”, or for detail please read help-file


I look forward for the update where you can add more photos to it, btw great template and I bought it. :)

Batik updated, you can add more photos …. ;-)
please redownload

Can you please give credit to the owner of batik pattern vector who has make the vector. at least, ask for his permission

Mohon maaf ya bro, saya kelupaan kasih credit
sekarang udah saya kasih link ke situsnya bro, and saya juga udah contact bro via situs bro..

Love this template….have purchased it and used it for my wedding website.

Thanks for making your work available to those of us who are not quite as skilled as we would like to be :-)


I’m very glad you used “Batik” for your wedding website, and congrats for your wedding ;-)


This one is the bomb.. But i cant seem to get the picture to work?!? Is the limit 24 now and where can i edit them in the config file?! There is no info in the help file.. Please help.. :)

Bedst Regards

Nice design dude. Will set up the site for a friend tonight.

I’ve got some important info reg designs for you. Please contact me at ekalaivan at gmail

Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for purchase my theme

If you get some important info, let me know that
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This is very nice and original. The only thing I think is missing is some kind of guestbook / comments area. Brides love it when people leave comments that everybody else can see.

Hi, How to make ‘Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved’ to be at the bottom of the menu part if I got only 4 menu items? Take look a here:

thanks for your help tom

Very good work. I’ve purchased it! :D Will you help me adding some more photos in the gallery, please? I’ve copy/pasted code but I can’t get third page of the photos.. Thank you so much in advance. :)