Discussion on BAUEN - Architecture & Interior Elementor WordPress Theme

Discussion on BAUEN - Architecture & Interior Elementor WordPress Theme

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Coming Soon page still have navigation menu showing up. Please help

New update will be avilabale within tomorrow.


rudtek Purchased

Is there a way to have a different logo on specific pages? (esp. the homepage?)

You can display sticky logo as a main logo for specific page. Please check this https://youtu.be/C1z4W4Zll7M?si=Dci_znfyFltlHKCn


rudtek Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply! I need the homepage to have it’s own logo because it has a dark bg while the other pages (and sticky menu) all have light menus, so in this case setting it to the sticky menu wouldn’t work.

Hello, may I please have the email address to contact customer support?

Hi, you can email from here https://themeforest.net/user/webredox

Fiirst of all; some of your demo themes are broken; fullscreen multipage dark – services page the menu bleeds over the content… After loading the demo theme I noticed the issue and tried to load another demo theme to see if the problem continues… things got worse = now the menu was completely broken = 2 home pages, 2 portfolio, 2 contact etc… but the menu did not work at all. I spent about 2 hours trouble shooting your theme. - deleted menu - deleted pages - reinstalled baunen theme 3 times yet it is still broken. Please help, help me fix your theme or refund.

Thank you,

Please send us a mail by using our item support form with your site address.

You imported the demo data multiple time without deleting the previous content. You must need to reset database or delete previous content before importing a demo.

Note for user bekiie

Your Email address is unable to receive any email.

Can I disable Gutenberg and WPBakery for this them using the Elementor theme version?

WPBakery plugin is not required with the Elementor version. You can deactivate it. Gutenberg is disabled by default.


Is there a problem with the latest theme update? It seems to ignore custom css (I use a child theme and I put the custom css in the child style.css) and also does not show the Font Awesome icons. I tried updates with or without updating to Wordpress 6.3 and the result was the same. Cleared server cache.. dunno, has anyone else complained about it?


I just doesnt work. It seems like it keeps using your original theme header colors and styles, no matter if I disable the custom css and use your theme options to change the menu fonts color. I could try any color for the menu from your options, but It keeps using the one that came with the theme. I cleared both browsers cache.. I cleared server cache.. I tried with no custom css at all… nothing.. I dunno what to do. And Font awesome keeps not appearing.

Please check this https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/20824463?key=77743954ec5e7c4c621a937c5b9cb208

Theme options and Font Awesome working perfectly.

yes, they do, cause I have restored the site to its previous condition. I can’t leave it broken… the problem will appear again the moment I will update the theme.


... we noticed in the/your widget “Bauen Clients Logo” that the “Custom URL target” > “Blank (HTML: _blank)” option lacks – the long-known – security add/tag (rel=”noopener noreferrer”).

Infos – e.g. here: https://www.jitbit.com/alexblog/256-targetblank---the-most-underestimated-vulnerability-ever/

Possibly you can check all other “Bauen”-widgets that have a target=”_blank” option also – in this ride/flow?!?

Thx, for quickly reaction.

It’s already available.

it seems that I can’t change the body text size and color: when i make the changes in the theme settings, they are saved. But they are being overwritten by style-multipage-light.css. How can I fix this? I tried to add the change to my child theme style.css, but then I have to add !important which then rewrites my “p” tags. Is there any way to set my child theme as the priority so I don’t have to use !important after everything?


body p{color:#000;}

Is it possible to display the logo on the mobile display on https://webredox.net/demo/wp/bauen/dark/multi/demo2/ the same as it’s displayed on the mobile version of https://webredox.net/demo/wp/bauen/dark/multi/demo1. Thanks in advance!


Try to add below css to the additional css option.

@media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
body .bauen-header .bauen-logo-wrap .bauen-logo h2, body .navbar .logo-wrapper .logo h2, body .logo-wrapper .logo h2 {
    display: block!important;

gjamka Purchased

Hello, I haven’t received any responses from support regarding my inquiries. This is the last place where I can get an answer. I would like to know where the issue lies and get a resolution.


Our support team replied to your all support request. https://tinyurl.com/2dxk4x9s

I think it’s your email issue.

Thank You

I’m build bauen on my website about 2 month, it’s run normally, but today, it’s show this message when i’m access my web. “There has been a fatal error on your website.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.” Link error showing photo>>>> https://ibb.co/zPn2j01 I had try to fix this problem by searching in internet how to fix, and I had found the problems come from plugin name “Redux Framework”. When i disable this plugin, my website can run normally again, but the display is slightly different when it’s active. Any recommend? Thank you

i had update all plugins and theme but it’s still show the error: “There has been a fatal error on your website.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”

My website back to running when i deactive Redux Framework plugin, but it’s not show something like logo, footer….etc. Btw, i do not receive any email for error details

You should need to give me full error details. Please enable debug mode or check your admin email address and give me full error details.

Please try to update the theme again. New version is 8.6.

Hi where I can find how create blog style 2 in elementor bauen post grid haven’t option

Hi, You need to use “Blog Page Template” for that layout. https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/41615651?key=b2f7dab20883e59656235bc3ddc2d209


m2p Purchased

That’s great! Thanks for the fast reply!


m2p Purchased

The theme is being updated quite often recently…new features added or some bugs we should know about it. Where can we see a list of the new updated changes? Do we need to update every time? Cheers!


You can check the change log from the bottom of the item details page https://themeforest.net/item/bauen-architecture-interior-wordpress-theme/34326026

Recently users requested many features. That’s why updates are coming very often.

If you want you can ignore the update.

Thank You.

How to keep portfolio projects in ascending and descending order, I want to keep my old projects first in my project page? my client purchased BAUEN theme I’m working for them, pls help

Thank you, it worked

Important: If you are using the theme version 7.8-8.0 and child theme, then activate the parent theme before updating to the new version of the theme.


rudtek Purchased

is there a way to use custom SVG icons for the bauen processes widget? In the same way that i can for the bauen Services widget? (this is with the elementor builder)


rudtek Purchased

NVM I figured it out


rudtek Purchased

all my pages have the page title in an h2 with a class of section title. How can i set page titles to h1?

Hello Guys! I recommended you theme for my client, based on the apperiance and the compatibality with Elementor. We have already purchased your theme. The problem is that, when we donwloaded the ZIP file, we could not upload it to our Wordpress platfrom. It say it is invalid file in folder. Please can u help me how could we fix the problem? Maybe if you could provde the file in JSON not ZIP, it could be a solution. Please Contact me as soon as possible.

Please make sure you are uploading bauen.zip file. https://youtu.be/mAGEX_x0SDc


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