Discussion on Bauman - Creative Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Bauman - Creative Portfolio Theme

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hello dear! first of all again a big compliment … bauman is again a real hit. thanks for that. it is now my third theme that i bought from you. but unfortunately i have significant problems with it. probably it is easy for you to fix them. but in order:

1. when ajax loading is active, the complete page freezes when clicking on the logo (HOME LINK). I have tried everything possible. disabled all plugins, changed all possible php versions (8.0, 8.1, 8.2) php boost on and off. nothing helped.

2. i am currently still working with your democontent – in firefox i see background images in the portfolios…. in chrome unfortunately not. i can’t find the errors…. and have some time pressure with this project.

the customer wants ajax badly…. can you help me? THANKS A LOT

Hi there, looks like there is a temporary glitch with the Ticksy system. We are working with their support system to fix it asap. We will let you know when you are able to submit the ticket. Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.

hi again…sorry to reply here again…i sent you a mail via your mailform on clapat.com… ticksy still not works. i really need help with the ajax problem… is it possible to correspond this way for this one problem….? thanx

Can you plz try again logging the ticket on ticksy? We do support only on clapat.ticksy.com Thank you for understanding We will try to reply as soon as possible

This this site have sticky menu? I’ve been trying to add it.

Hi there, did you buy the WordPress theme or the HTML template?

Hey there! I’ve had these theme a while now and it looks like my Theme Options has disappeared. The website is still functioning as the theme is there, but I don’t see where I’m able to make changes. Can you help with this?

Hey, yes, absolutely. if you can provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com so we can investigate the source of the problem? Thanks

hi guys, do I understand correctly that it’s based on one day, and COLEGA and BAUMAN page or another from this series. they differ only in setting settings and elements in WP BAKERY? I’m asking because on both of these web pages, I like some of the solutions and it would be perfect to put it together as it tells me, and I need to be sure I understand it correctly before I buy.

Hi there, they are different themes entirely. They may have common look-and-feel for some elements but the basic layouts are different (both CSS and dynamic effects). Thanks

ok thanks, is the layout of the blog GRID, ’’stories’’ as in the BAUMAN topic, can I set the setting in the COLEGA topic? and I like the system from the BAUMAN portfolio. Or reverse the situation in COLEGA I like the animation on the fonts in the header, i.e. outline and hoover in white. is it possible to set it in BAUMAN? that would be great too and then I would buy BAUMAN.

Hello, although it may seam that we can transfer features between themes easily, it’s not – because we need to code in every effect from one to the other and it’s not just copy-and-paste. You can also buy them both :) . However, if you prefer Bauman just want to let you know we have a 14 days return policy. Thanks

Hi why is it with this theme, Smart Slider no Responsive Slider work only on the 1st load and then if you go back to the page, they won’t load and shows blank screen, unless you ciick reload the page again.

I bought this theme and wrote to support no answer. I am getting really disappointed here. Such a nice theme and something like this is not creating a good impression on the client.

For those that have the same issue, It got resolved by disabling AJAX on Preload in Customizer / General Settings


Ajax page transitions will load the target page content container within the original pagetherefore the <head> and elements will stay the same.

Since a lot of plugins are using javascript initialisation in the head (or the footer) of the page they don’t get called in the target page.

With ajax off any third party plugin should work as intended.


Hi I am planning to buy this theme but I have one question. is this theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress 6.0?

Hi, it is compatible. We can also install the demo data free of charge, if you open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

Thanks for the quick reply, purchase done

Hello, sorry if I ask here for help but can you please tell me if there is a way to remove bauman_portfolio form the URL of the portfolio pages? It’s possible to leave only portfolio or something similar?


You can go to customizer -> portfolio settings to change the custom slug. Just enter your own and after saving the changes go to Settings -> Permalinks and press ‘Save’ to refresh them.

In order to completely remove it you may want to use a plugin:


Great, thank you so much for your help.

hey ClaPat,

sorry for the dumb question but even though I’ve killed MonsterInsights, still my site – based on your theme – injects the Google Tag Manager code

Any ideas if and where I can disable it? Can’t recall if there was an option to, and it’s been years now :)

Thanks for your kindness, if you might I’d appreciate your input

Hi there, The theme does not have a specific code to inject Google Tag Manager check if: - there is caching enabled on your site and you still see some cached code - there is another plugin responsible such as Google analytics - you manually modified header.php and added the code there Thanks

You’re awesome as always – yeah that was it :)

hope you’re well, thanks again for your kindness which is always appreciated.

Hello, can you please tell me how to translate the copyright text displayed in the footer via WPML? Thank you so much, your theme is really great.

Hello, The copyright text: can be set in customizer -> footer settings and it has a default value therefore you must change it and save it so that it will be saved in database. The text should appear in WPML>>String Translation and it can be translated there. Useful link: https://wpml.org/forums/topic/translate-customizer-strings/


Thank you so much, problem solved!

Is it me? Or does none of the Blocks work? Not user friendly, Hard time mapping Portfolio Items to a page. None of the Image Carousels work. Trying to get my portfolio looking like the demo on themeforest. But literally nothing works.

Send us wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and we can help you import demo data free of charge. Or at least to provide guidance about the demo content. Thanks

Outstandingly fantastic. There is no better way to put it into words. I ask a simple question to the support and the guys basically rebuild the theme so that my customer is enthusiastic. Absolutely fantastic!!!

Thank you Micha!

Hello, On my Ipad and phone there is still a little bit of space to scroll with the fullscreen carousel. I guess its the image counter on the bottom. In stead of sliding from left to right, you can also go a up and down.


Hello, Are you reporting this for your site only – if yes plz send us the site URL. Thanks

I want to buy your theme but i need a link to return to portfolio main page when i’m in the detail page of an portolio item. Is it possible to add a button or link such as “back to portfolio” in portfolio detail page. Thank you.

Hello, you can use the logo link that goes back to the home page, would that work? Let us know. Thanks

I bought the theme. I mean returning to the project main screen from project detail page.

Hello, and welcome onboard you can use the logo link (the logo is being displayed in all pages, including portfolio pages) or you can add the back to portfolio link to the page content (at the beginning and/or end) Thanks

Hello, is there an easy way to allow video to play on mobile view? Specifically, on the portfolio pages. Currently videos do not play and a large empty space is displayed on mobile.


It is not recommended, as a general practice, videos autoplaying on mobile (different data mobile plans and different networks streaming speeds). Also, the problem with ios devices is they interpret the HTML 5 videos as videos without player so they will embed it it in a popup player. You should provide a poster image (hero image) for mobile in video portfolio options.

However, to enable video on mobile try the following:

1. add @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px){ .hero-video-wrapper { display: block; visibility: visible; } } in customizer -> additional CSS 2. open/js.scripts.js and remove the following lines: var viewportWidth = $(window).width(); if (viewportWidth < 1024) { $('.hero-video-wrapper').remove(); } hard refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) when you are done. 3. go to showcase-page.php and change the following line <video loop muted class="bgvid"> to <video loop muted playsinline class="bgvid"> same thing for /sections/hero_section_container.php line 46

Thanks ​

Hi guys,

just a short question. Is it possible to have a light instead of the dark version? I mean white backgrounds. Thx and great theme, Micha

Opps …

“Sorry, this system isn’t ready for ticket submissions yet. Please come back later!”

So let me ask ühere :-)

You wrote on Envato that the theme is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder 5.7.x. So, in your image „…/theme/documentation/images/doc-img2.png“ you recommend to install a “Baumann Gutenberg Blocks“ plugin.

I always work with the WPBakery Page Builder only and disable Gutenberg :-)

The question is: do I really need the “Baumann Gutenberg Blocks“ plugin?

Best, Micha

Hi Micha, You should try again, maybe the system has not been updated yet with your purchase. code. To answer your question: if you are planning to use WPBakery you can ignore Bauman Gutenberg Blocks. But you should use the child provided in the main archive that provides compatibility between basic WPBakery elements and AJAX page transitions. Thanks

It works. And I create a ticket with an additional question :-) Thank you!

Hi ClaPat! Very sorry for repeating, not sure if you miss my earlier msg. Currently I’m using creative carousel, If a project has Hero Video, on mobile it shows Hero Image as thumbnail in gallery which is what I want, how do I set Desktop to show Hero Image instead of first frame of the video? Hope for your help, thank you!!

Pardon the formatting…

It works! Thank you so much for your help ClaPat, you’re the best!


Hello, awesome template! Is there a way to sort the portfolio on the backend so I can control the order in which projects are shown? Right now it sorts in order of created, but I can’t find a way to control the order.

I also applied a video hero to a portfolio project and it works on the preview hover/thumb, but does not display on the full portfolio detail page view.

2. How can I adjust the testimonial styles; I’d like to increase font size, reduce width of container, and center.

If you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access so we can have a look. Thanks

Hi there ClaPat!

For projects with videos, on the slider/gallery view it will show 1st frame of the video, can I show the featured image instead like mobile which works perfect for me…

Thanks for your help, have a nice day!

Hi Clapat! Thanks for your reply. Yes I know the first frame of video is the display thumbnail but I want it to display Featured Image or Image on the carousel gallery instead of the first frame of video. May I know how to do this?

Hi, just to clarify: you can set any image as hero image in portfolio item options. The hero image is similar to the featured image. This hero image is the video poster image that is displayed on mobile instead of the video.

Hi Clapat! Yup the hero image is the video poster that is displayed on Mobile, I also want it on Desktop also because now Desktop is showing first frame of video, I want to show hero image instead. Thanks!

Hi, Does this theme support RTL?

Hi there, we have not tested it with RTL content. Thanks

If I purchase the theme and I found some issue with RTL, am I eligible for refund?

Hi, yes, we have 14 days refund policy.

Hey guys. I think there may be a little bug with the menus. I’m trying to make a sub menu, that has more options. if I do it the usual Wordpress way, some of the options don’t work AND one of the options not related to the sub menu doesn’t work either. All links work if I take out all sub menus. If you click here https://future-charge.co.uk and looks at the ‘ev charging’ menu you’ll see what I mean and the heating& Havac manu option below doesn’t work. hope all that makes sense. Many thanks

Hi, Please add this in Aditional CSS:

.flexnav li ul li .touch-button { height:32px; }

Hi, thanks for the code, that hasn’t made any difference :(

Hello, if you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access, thanks


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