Discussion on Baxel - Minimal Blog Theme for WordPress

Discussion on Baxel - Minimal Blog Theme for WordPress

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How do I create my main menu on Baxel? Do I need to delete the menu from my previous theme first and create a new one? Thanks

Hi there, no, you don’t have to delete your existing menu. Just go to “Appearance > Menus” and choose “Primary Menu” from “Display location”.

I figured it out, thank you. I do have another question. The Slider seems to only work on my website when using Chrome. Is there a reason for that?

My featured images on archived posts are displaying as thumbnails 140×140. Can they be displayed as full sized images and not thumbnails?

Hi, thanks for your question!

You can use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to make all of your image sizes fit to our theme: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Thank you for the reply! I ran the regenerate thumbnails plugin and that made them much larger, but now they are cut off. Is there a way to make them proportional height to a static width?? Thank you!!

You’re very welcome!

Image proportions are set to “center” and “top” by default when they are needed to be cut off. If you’d like to change this setting, you have to edit functions.php file.

You can search for the term add_image_size in functions.php file. You’ll see 4 of them. For example, if you want to change the proportions of small thumbnails, you need to edit the following line:

add_image_size( 'baxel-small-thumbnail-image', 150, 100, array( 'center', 'top' ) ); // Small Thumbnail Image

Possible values are:

First part (horizontal): ‘left’, ‘center’, or ‘right’. Second part (vertical): top’, ‘center’, or ‘bottom’.

Please don’t forget to save the file if you do any changes. And note that you’ll need to run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin again if you change these values.

Find more information over here: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_image_size/

Hope this helps!

Hello – I am still having some trouble getting my video to show properly in a video type post. I made sure not to use the standard YouTube code you get when embedding a video but despite that, it just appears as a black square at the top of my post and when I try to play it it – I get an error code. Where should I copy the YouTube link from to avoid this issue? I do have video post selected and in section 1.5 “show video” is selected.

Hi again,

This issue seems to be related to YouTube. Do you see any issues when you try this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QqQ0aZD2Nk

Hi there – how can I find the Instagram Widget Shortcode? I am trying to get it setup in the footer.

Just replied your email.

Hello, I can’t see how to install the demo content in https://theburnhambox.com/help/baxel/ can you direct me to the correct guide?

Hi there :) Thanks for asking!

You can follow the steps over here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YQTB7FG-9c-5h1vRJXFgdPtX1T4buuK5GihE7XtG3dg

Hi there I am unable to import the demo content?

Could I get some assistance please. It does not load all the pages and content properly as shown in the demo.


Hi there :)

You can follow the steps over here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YQTB7FG-9c-5h1vRJXFgdPtX1T4buuK5GihE7XtG3dg/

All the layout options are controlled by the theme customizer. Please go to Appearance > Customize > Layout Options after importing the demo content.

Is it possible to have a left sidebar instead of a right sidebar?

Hi there, thanks for asking!

For now, Baxel hasn’t got the left sidebar feature. You can use a sidebar on the right or completely disable it.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello. I have a problem loading demo content. The file contains links to a non-existent site address.

Hey there :)

You can set a different layout for your archive pages. Just go to “Appearance > Customize > 6. Layout Options > 6.2. Archive Layout” and choose a proper layout.

The fact is that I have already customized the “3 columns” layout and I need this display of posts for all pages. When I make the same number of posts on the posts page and the post archive page, everything is fine. As soon as I change the number of entries, the archive styles change … Can I somehow fix it and make it so that the same styles are applied everywhere?

What’s your site address please? I will understand better if I can see it visually. Or maybe screenshots?

body width is very low. can we make it full width? also the slider need to be full width. is it possible?

Hi there, downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of support. Thanks for your understanding!

This theme is so stunningly beautiful – it is one of the absolute BEST MINIMALIST THEMES ever!! We downloaded it from Envato Elements. It is seriously beautifully constructed, and easy to layout. Great work Brunhambox xx Us

Thank you very much!

Hi, how do i install and activate the baxel slider??


If I am using the free version and I get an error message because the theme code is no longer compatible With the new updated Wordpress version how do I fix it?

Hi, please buy our theme on ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of support and free lifetime updates.

I have purchased this theme I have it installed and imported the demo content but I cannot get the home page to look like it does in the demo. There are several issue.

1) The slider is not showing anywhere on the home page or any other page.

2) The posts are not showing on the page.

3) There is no “home” page that imports with the demo content.

4) I cannot find where to hide the page title on the pages.

I downloaded the theme for free from my envato elements account but then purchased it here for the support, PLEASE HELP me with this ASAP.

Hi there,

Please go to “Settings > Reading” and choose “Your latest posts” from “Your homepage displays” section.

For the usage of slider: https://www.wpselected.com/baxel/help/#slider

All of the layout options can be found on the customizer. (Appearance > Customize > 6. Layout Options”

To hide the page titles, go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the following CSS:

article.page h1.article-title { display: none !important; }

Hi, I’m really happy with this theme. But I have a problem, when I try to share a post, the featured image doesn’t appear. Only a broken logo image. Can you Help me please ? Thanks a lot !

Hi there :) What’s your site address please?



I try to install a contact form on my Baxel site but I can’t.

Can you tell me how I can do that.


Hi, paste the shortcode below into the page you want to see the contact form:

[contact-form-7 id="837" title="Contact"]


First: I want the same home page …like this one: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/baxel-minimal-blog-theme-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/19822209?_ga=2.2967088.1088117228.1575470598-1462026815.1575223487

But, I can’t.

Second: When people do rechearch on web for my site the home page should be https://www.michelinelanthier-organisation.ca/accueil/ but the first one appear is :https://www.michelinelanthier-organisation.ca/

I want to combine both of this.

Can you help me because I don’t have this information in your documentation.


Hi, please send an e-mail to burnhambox@gmail.com including your WordPress login address, username and password to let us do it for you.

Hi, I purshase Baxel theme but I did not received any documentation and demos.

Can you send me?

Thank you

Hi there :)

From your Downloads section on ThemeForest, click “Download” button and then choose “All files and documentation”. You can also use this link for documentation: http://burnhambox.com/baxel/help/

Additionaly, have a look at Baxel help repository: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1TB-OtNM1tEXaEGI794MdrH2PnmNqKGLM

Update: It works now! Thanks for this theme!

Hi, wordpress tells me to update my PHP, this still persits after upgrading to the latest Baxel Version. Any idea what I can do about this?

PHP Version: 5.6.40 is my current version.

Many thanks!

Hello good day, I copied the subject BAXEL and I have a question about the layout, in the BAXEL theme the whole layout can be compressed according to the publications in the footnote, as I do that happens in my blog. I need help please

Hi there :)

Downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our theme on ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of support.

Kind regards


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