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Awesome theme PS, glws! ;)


Thanks Tristan!


Wow I was going to start designing something really similar to this today, I guess I’ll do something else haha :) Good job.

Cheers Dany. Glad to hear you like the design concept.


Can you show 300×250 ads instead of the 250×250? As well as 728×90 ads in Widgets?

You can easily display banner ads like 728×90 (This would go above the content posts at the top). The only reason we use 250×250 advertisements is that the container widths are only 275 pixels wide by default.

There is a simple option in the Theme Options to adjust the container width to a larger size though. This would allow you to fit a 300 pixel wide advertisement without any issues :-). See screen-shot to increase container width (Any width is possible):

The Facebook Share buttons do not have a counter to show to how many people shared a post? Is that for a reason?

We are using a custom version of for the sharing. We thought the Facebook/Twitter counters didn’t match our design so we made our own custom icons. If you prefer a counter with the social icons, you can easily add a third party plugin as there are a ton on for free. We are using standard posts, so any plugin for social sharing will work with our theme.

Just Great!!! Good luck ;)

Thanks for the kind words!


Great looking theme! What if you don’t have a featured image or any image at all. Does it look silly?

Nevermind I found my answer!

Looks great, thanks.

:-) Glad you found it. Let me know if you need any other questions.


Thanks for the nice theme. Can the sidebar be placed on right and can you help me make the sidebar width 300 px?

You could increase the width of the sidebar with some minor CSS tweaks. It would only be a few lines of CSS that we could help you with in our support forums. Moving the sidebar to the right would take a little more CSS tweaking but we could give you basic directions on how to do that if you were comfortable making that modification.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Two questions:

1) If I were to use this theme on a site with hundreds of posts, would performance degrade if a user kept scrolling down the home page until entries for all the posts were displayed?

2) Is it possible to put a sidebar on the right? Screenshot?


Okay, I went ahead and put together some css to enable buyers to move the sidebar to the right. It was pretty simple so I posted directions on our support forums (Just Copy/Paste the CSS):

Here is a screen-shot of the sidebar on the right side:

Seriously cool support. I’m still not 100% sure I’ll be using this theme for a project, but I just bought it anyway.

I hope post-sale support is as good as pre-sale support!

Awesome, glad to hear you ended up purchasing the theme. We are always happy to help.


I installed the theme, no problems, except for a duplicate search box in the sidebar. When I dragged the search box widget out of the sidebar, the theme displayed a single search box, as it should – even without the widget.

Everything else looks pretty good, though I wish I knew how to delete the “Hello World!” page title on the homepage. It’s not in your demo, and I wish it weren’t on my site, either.

Sorry about the support forums. Let me know your username and I will manually approve it. Sometimes the confirmation e-mail gets lost but I can approve your account right now.

This covers the blog/homepage:

This covers the sidebar and explains the search. It’s not a bug, WordPress just fills the sidebar full of widgets. You just pull that widget out real quick:

My username is the same as the one I use here: pulphero. Thanks for the help!

I manually approved your support forum account. You can feel free to post any questions you have :-):

It’s AWESOME…!!!!! But the grid is not taking the full space, please make it work in the next update… :) Anyway it’s a GREAT THEME..!!! I loved the concept… :)

Check the screenshot here to know what i was telling about….:-)
That’s not a bug :-). The column count of the boxes will adjust based on the width of your browser. If you want the columns to display more often (Less of a gap at certain resolutions), you can easily adjust that in the Theme Options. Here is a screen-shot of that setting:

:O will buy it this week…:D

The best web gallery theme in all the history of themeforest. It’s nice to see something actually creative and well done compared with the .s.h.i.t. is now being cropped everywhere.

Good luck but I’m certainly a buyer.

Glad you like our latest theme. It’s always appreciated!


Thanks norfox!


Hi there, fantastic theme! A couple of quick questions:

1. I presume there is an easy interface for integrating adsense into the ad boxes?

2. Is it possible for there to be a Tumblr shortcut at the top right social media icons?

3. Is there any way to include advertising in the sidebars (to the right or left) of post pages via widgets or other means? It’s not immediately apparent if this is an option.


1) The ad boxes demoed in the live preview are just an open text box. You can add in your adsense code as needed. This allows you to use adsense or any other advertising product.

2) Yeah, you can have a Tumblr icon on the top right. We don’t list out all of the social icons because there are too many :-).

3) Yeah, you can easily include advertising into the sidebar on the left. That would just be a simple widget. You could add a third column if you wanted an advertisement space on the right but that isn’t currently supported. Also, we are using standard WordPress posts so you could also add additional advertisements to posts with plugins.

Thanks for the prompt response. As with the user below, an image thumbnail only for video posts would be preferable so users have to click through. In the post page for videos, is it possible for the video to be embedded in the page, rather than popping out? Or is this custom fix?

And last question: would it be possible to fix the left sidebar on the homepage so it doesn’t scroll with the posts?


1) Yeah, it would be super simple to have the image click through to the video. When the other user posts the question on the support forums, it will be answered with simple directions.
2) The sidebar by default won’t scroll with the posts. If you want it to slide down with the posts, that would require a few bits of Custom CSS as shown on the fixed navigation page (Same bit of code applied to the sidebar):
Let me know if that answers your second question or if I wasn’t clear.

Amazing theme. Truly gorgeous. I just have one request: can you make it so the thumbnail image of a video post is NOT the embedded video? As you can see in the screenshot here ( ) you can’t even click the play button anyway. I’d rather be able to have a static image as the thumbnail rather than the embedded video itself. Hope this is possible as the rest of the theme is perfect!

NOTE: I know you can add a lightbox URL which is great but I’d rather have the option to just have a static featured image on the homepage so people have to click through to the actual post and embedded full-size video. Thanks!

Yeah, go ahead and post that question on our support forums. We can help you out with that:

If you have trouble getting the confirmation e-mail for our support forums; just post your username here and I can manually confirm your account.

Okay thanks! Impressed with the follow-up speed. You are the best!

Hey there, I just bought and installed the theme and I am loving it. One thing though: I dont want the title of the most recent post to be at the top of the homepage. By default there is a large copy of the latest headline and I’m not sure how to turn it off.

Thanks, this template is perfect otherwise.

Check out the documentation under Setting up your homepage. It will go over how you can edit your homepage title and remove it if you want like in the live preview. Feel free to join our support forums if you have any other questions:

Checking it out right now. Thanks for a perfect template and such quick replies.

Right on, thanks Contempo!


Feature request: a ‘related posts’ area where you can see a thumbnail and title of posts that similar. That’d be amazing!

Check out these great free plugins for that functionality (Tons of them on

It shuld be a form to fill out header color.. how can I change it?

Hey, you can adjust the header color using the Theme Customizer:

Here is a video demoing this:

If you have any other questions, feel free to jump onto our support forums:

Thanks, managed to fix it :-)

Hello, can you have auto load of more posts as you reach the bottom of the category page / home page?

Yeah, that is built-in to the theme. You can see a demo of this here:

WOW! I am getting it tonight :) Thank you.

Awesome, let me know if you have any other questions.



Great looking theme!

Two questions please:

(1) I see that, on the homepage, the posts show a single category, even if a post has multiple categories attributed to it. How does that work? On what basis is one of the categories selected? Does it pick a parent category, with the categories I’m seeing on the post page being either child categories or tags?

(2) Instead of having ‘time since posting’ and comments icons at the bottom of each item on the homepage, how easy would it be please to include Likes (not Facebook) and Views icons, ala Zilla style?

Cheers Richard

1) The homepage can pull in a single category OR multiple categories (Tons of choices). The live preview for example pulls in most of the categories. If a post is posted in multiple categories, it will be pulled into the homepage if one or more categories is listed under the Homepage to be pulled.

2) Yeah, you could easily add a Like or Views icon. We could give you directions for that in our support forums.

Let me know if that clears it up for you or if you have any other questions.